courtney love interview

“My goal keeps me alive and no personal issue is going to interfere with that. If people try to put me in the crazy box–'crazy fucking Courtney'–go ahead. But if you think you’re going to stop me from where I’m going, you’re not going to do it. I work my ass off. I deliver the goddamn goods. And I will deliver them again.“

- Courtney Love, interviewed in Rolling Stones Magazine,1994

“Kurt would’ve drowned [a lot earlier] without her. The way I explain Courtney to people is that she’s cast iron on the outside and porcelain on the inside. She’s like three walking, talking encyclopedias. She’s the sunshine of my life. The problem for a lot of people is that she’s outspoken-which in women can be threatening to men-and she can see through bullshit. People don’t like folks who can see through them. It really bothers me that people think they know Courtney by reading newspaper or magazine stories, which are highly mistaken and naïve. One of the tabloids has her insane, sleeping with Kurt’s ashes and her new man. Courtney is far from insane.”

- Kurt’s mother, Wendy O’Connor.

“We get attention for our relationship, but if we didn’t have bands, no one would care. I mean, the reason we’re doing this interview is girls have been trained to look up to rock star boys as these… objects. They grow up their whole lives with horses or rock stars on their walls. For me, I didn’t want to marry a rock star, I wanted to be one. I had a feminist hippie mom, and she told me I could do whatever I wanted to do. But a lot of girls think that to go out with somebody who’s cool or successful, they have to be pretty and submissive and quiet. They can’t be loud and obnoxious like me, and they can’t have their own thing.”

- Courtney in an interview in Sassy, by Christina Kelly (Kurt was there).