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Kevyn Aucoin was one of Hollywood’s top makeup artists, almost a celebrity on his own right (he even did a cameo in “Sex & The City” as himself), who had the power to not only beautify, but also, completely transform people. He died in 2001.
Gwyneth Paltrow as Faye Dunaway, Andie McDowall as Anna May Wong, Isabella Rossellini as Alla Nazimova, Demi Moore as Clara Bow, Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor, Courtney Love as Jean Harlow, Julia Roberts as Julie Christie, Christina Ricci as Edith Piaf and Julianne Moore as Twiggy.
















Ruby Jean Wilson, Nastya Kusakina, Courtney Shallcross, Jemma Baines, Karoline Bjornelykke, Magdalena Jasek, Tabea Weyrauch, Elena Bartels, Tilda Lindstam, Kasia Struss, Marie Piovesan, Simone Carvalho, Ming Xi, Gigi Jeon, Kel Markey, Agnes Nabuurs, Ondria Hardin, Kate Bogucharskaia, Yulia Saparniyazova, Grace Mahary, Anais Mali, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Maja Salamon, Jeneil Williams, Loulou Robert, Cara Delevingne, Meng Huang, Janice Seinen Alida, Tian Yi, Lili Ji, Marcele Dal Cortivo, Pauline Hoarau, Marta Dyks, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Anna Selezneva, Lin Kjerulf, Julia Frauche, Juliette Fazekas, Edie Campbell, Lindsey Wixson, Maria Loks, Magdalena Langrova, Hedvig Palm, Sigrid Agren, Stina Rapp Wastenson, Hollie May Saker, Mackenzie Drazan, Irina Kravchenko, Felien Bergman, Sasha Baldina, Morgane Warnier, Juliana Schurig, Julia Nobis, Grace Hartzel, Melissa Stasiuk & Annabelle Tsaboukas @ Louis Vuitton S/S 2013, Paris

Kennedy Family portrait at Caroline’s wedding, 1986

The cast of Les Mis London singing “Let the Sunshine In” in their warm up (x)

Just the Game We're In- Chapter 6 (Ortega)

A/N: Hello lovely people! It’s been a bit of a long time, but here we finally have chapter 6! In this chapter, Willam starts back at Dosac after the Christmas holidays and, as Sharon makes her trip to Brussels, has to deal with an immediately hectic day as well as the consequences of Alyssa’s charity ball. As always: sorry for how long you have had to wait for this, rip in peace to mobile users who have to scroll past this, and a big thanks to the angels who cheered me on writing this chapter.

((Oh also!! I think this is the first time I’ve submitted since the fic awards , and even though they were fucking ages ago, I just wanted to say thank you to anyone that voted for me to win something or nominated me for a category. It felt really special and really made my day!))

Plot Summary: Willam is a senior political advisor to the government’s minister for social affairs and citizenship, Sharon Needles. Throw in a crush on co-worker Courtney, Sharon acting weird around Willam’s colleague Alaska, an incompetent press department headed by Actual Living Zombie Jinkx Monsoon, and Willam’s job couldn’t get much more stressful. No wonder spin doctor Bianca Del Rio is permanently at the end of her tether…

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Courtney Love Covers PJ Harvey’s “To Bring You My Love”

One of the first new HD shots of the new cast (x)