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Crazy Pant's Mile-High Club

Word count: 1, 643

Summary: Adventure stirs when your trapped on a plane with the Suicide Squad.

Pairing: Reader x Captain Boomerang

“Ye, ya wanna ground me, luv?” Boomerang asked with a lazy smirk. He’s sat on a lazy lounge at the back of the government’s private jet. His body takes up the entirety of its space; jittery limbs, he’s always moving.

“Fuck off.” You puffed out. Head flicks in his direction before it shifted back, your eyes locked on the back of Diablo’s chair in front of you. It’s a danger to have this many prisoners on board, but what perhaps nerved you most was the Australian.

Harley bounced up on her chair. As much as you had tried to sit next to Katana, at least the plane ride would’ve been fairly quiet; the amped up blonde had urged you to sit right beside her. Legs bending, she sat in the most uncomfortable position you’d ever seen. Hands whipped out her mobile from her shorts pocket, discretely. Before getting onto the plane, Flag had thrown tracked iPhone’s at the merry villains. It was his not so secret way of Waller keeping an eye on all of you and for Harley, it seemed, a way for her to start yet another conversation.

[ text to: Boomey ] I want y’ to give me an Aussie kiss!

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