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Alison is Courtney

What if Alison is the one who has a twin? In the books Alison and Courtney were twins. Maybe, the writes made Jessica and Mary twins so we would thought that Courtney doesn’t exist. But let’s get to the point. 

[Long post]

  • The Alison we saw on the flashbacks and the Alison we see now seem two different people, literally. The badass Ali would be the real Alison Dilaurentis while the boring Ali would be Courtney. 
  • Jessica Dilaurentis died minutes before Ali could have arrived to town. Coincidence? Coincidences don’t exist in Rosewood. Jessica was the only one capable of distinc them. 
  • Bitchy Ali was into boys, but the Ali we have now is bi (or so does it looks like). Maybe Courtney was the one kissing Emily whilst Ali was occupied with Ian, Noel, and company. 
  • If Alison do has a twin, she must have spent most of her life in Radley, otherwise, the liars would know about her existence. 
  • If Courtney was indeed in Radley, she would have met Cece. Both  put in Radley for the same woman, Jessica Dilaurentis. They must have hate her, at least a little bit. So Cece helped Court with a plan so she could replace Ali. 
  • They started threating Ali with, they were the ones sending the A messages to Ali before the liars would received them. 
  • Cece was Mary’s daughter, and she spent most of her life in Radley, too. And again, because of Jessica. Mary empathized with Courtney more than anyone could. 

Now, let’s get with what happened ThAt Night. 

  • Cece was planning on getting Ali unconscious and bringing her to Radley, so she and Courtney could switch places. Once in Radley, if she told the nurses she was Ali, she would be seen as a crazy girl trying to impersonate her twin. 
  • Ali and Court were wearing the same top, so she could switch places easly. Cece did her part, but Jessica saw it. Why would Jessica protect Cece over her daughter? Because it was Mary. She thought Ali was dead so she buried her. Luckly, Mrs Grunwald really rescued her. 
  • Ali was afraid of someone she didn’t knew, but her mother protected over her, as she didn’t know about Courney’s existence. So she ran away. And, as we saw on the flashback, she pushed Mona on to playing the game with the liars. Why? That’s immortality my darlings. (Mona didn’t know about Courtney, when she find out, she was put into the dollhouse as a warning)
  • Courtney was hitted ThAt Night too, by Mona. But Mrs Grunwald  rescued her, too.
  • But people thinking Ali was dead wasn’t a great option for Courtney. So she had to hide until Ali decided to came back. 
  • First of all, she needed to know if Ali was alive, so she could switch places once and for all. So, Court and Cece started blackmailing her friends for getting information. Yes, there’s been two A teams since season 3, Alison vs Courtney. (In season 3 is when the “plot holes” started, too). In the same season Cece introduced herself to the liars, with the purpose of getting information. 
  • But since the Liars didn’t know about Ali, the plan failed. So they though: why would Ali come back? Maybe, to protect her loved ones (aka the liars - they didn’t know she was playing with them, too). So they started putting them in danger, to make Ali come back. The Halloween Train, the Lodge Fire, Ravenswood, etc. (I think both Courtney and Ali were in the Halloween Train, that’s why there were too much costumes for too less people).
  • They succed in Ravenswood. When the liars saw Ali in Ravenswood, it was the best moment for switching places. The only problem? Jessica Dilaurentis would have noticed. So Mary helped them solve the problem, as it would benefit her, too. 
  • The Ali we see in the first episode of season 5 is Courtney. She and Cece were addicts to the game, so they couldn’t stop playing it. But they needed the liars to stop digging if Courtney wanted to keep her identity safe. So they decided to stop the game on season 6. Cece and Court planned a very convincing stage play. They fooled the liars! Cece revealed herself as A to protect Courtney. But, what about the Dollhouse? It was their last big game as A. 
  • And do you remember that A scene, at the final of an episode, when someone spinned the bottle, to see with which liar would they play with, but another person changed it? We’ve been wondering who was the second person, Courtney Dilaurentis. 

But five years later…

  • I believe during this time the real Alison Dilaurentis was in Radley. The night Ali got out, she killed Cece
  • Alison Dilaurentis is AD. She had to stop her A game with the liars when they put her into Radley (in season 5). But five years later, she got out of Radley and she is back. 
  • She wants to punish the girls for not recognising Courtney, and being her friends, but mostly, whe wants to punish Courtney. Ali is planning and endgame where Courtney will end up murdered, and she would switch places with her again. 
  • But, why not show up now and tell everyone the truth? Because she did some ilegal things, maybe? Or maybe, because vengeance is a plate better served cold? Bitchy Ali is still here, and more bitchy than ever.
  • She is jealous that Emily loves Courtney more than she loved her, so she is getting vengance (if they love each other so much, let’s force them to start a weird family).
  • But, why haven’t we heard about Courtney? Yes, we have. Courtney is Bethany in the show. It would have been too obvius if they had named her Bethany. 
  • Bethany’s drawings calling Jessica a Liar, are because she put her in Radley, her own mother, and she lied to her everytime she visited her. Mary is the one getting her out to the stables, she felt sorry for the poor child. 

If you’ve read it all, I just hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. 

What do you think about it? Do you think it can happen? The actors keep telling us that there’s a big twist on the finale. Could it be that?

Honestly, I don’t think so. But i do think that the twin switch happened between Jessica and Mary (this theory will come another day). Because, why bring an IDENTICAL TWIN to the show if it’s not for switching them?

(I got some ideas from @spence66 )

anonymous asked:

I am curious about that ali theory!! Do you have a link?? And what are your fav theories??

Oh goodness, there are so many theories out there regarding Alison - whether it’s about her having a twin, being all knowing, being A.D. I’m gonna have to really comb through my likes to find them! But warning! Once you dive into this world, there really is no coming back. Like, I swear this whole idea literally messed me up for good because I can hardly see anything other but this.

1. A popular theory of Alison not being as ‘clueless’ as she seems and actually being super knowledgeable. 

Put together by @thebestplltheories (It’s a LONG read but incredibly detailed as to how Alison always knew of Charlotte and how things tie in with the mystery behind her).

2. A theory video of Alison having a twin - Courtney being the Alison you see now, whereas the real Alison we knew from flashbacks is still in hiding and is actually A.D.

This is also a long theory so you gotta really get some snacks, a drink, and dedicate being blown away by this video for a good hour.

3. A screenshot from a Reddit post of user EriCheri giving their thoughts about Alison being a twin.

There are many theories out there for you to drown yourself in! All in the same category of deception with slightly different ideas, falling into the theory pit of Alison being a twin/A.D./smarter than she gives on is like watching 9/11 conspiracy videos. There is TOO MUCH info and it really makes you stroke your chin.

And for your last question about my personal favorites right now, EzrA, Spencer’s twin, and all this Alison whirlwind mess are the main theories I’m just swimming in right now. They are the best ones out, in my opinion!

In The Eye Abides The HeArt

FINALLY a great PLL episode. I have so many thoughts and theories about this one! 

Make sure to enable pictures, they are critical to the theories. It gets better the further you read!!! Enjoy!


  • I’ve said it many times, but I would really hate if there was twin reveal. This was the case with Courtney DiLaurentis in the book version, and its been done with Jessica and Mary DiLaurentis. It would be a cop-out to do it again, so i sincerely hope it doesn’t happen; but lets explore all the twin hints in this episode, because there were so many.
  • ARIA- The first time AD FaceTimed Aria, it was just a hooded figure with a black face, but in this episode it was what looked to be Aria’s facial features on Paige’s face. Weird and off-putting
  • SPENCER- Everyone is thinking and writing about this- but the Spencer we see at the airport with Wren was acting very suspicious. She also is not wearing the white jacket or watch she had on in the previous scene, nor is it draped over her chair. There are also girls wearing matching shirts in the background.


  • ALISON- Alison says something VERY interesting when Paige asked her if she loved Emily. Ali says this about Emily, “She looks at you and sees who you really are. Maybe that’s the scariest part-You want to be who she sees.”  The second she says this all I could think was WHAT IF IT IS SO SCARY BECAUSE YOU AREN’T THE REAL ALI BUT HER TWIN?! If this Alison that we have been seeing is in fact -lets call her Courtney- then maybe she is feeling remorseful because Emily has been so in love with Alison for so many years, and Courtney wishes she REALLY was Alison. Courtney has taken over Ali’s life but deep down she knows she isnt the real Alison DiLarentis. The title of this episode was “In The Eye Abides The Heart,” which could also connect to this theory. Emily is in love with Alison, and always has been. The person she is seeing now-looks like Alison, but it is really Courtney. But Emily doesn’t know this and believes its Ali because they are identical. Her EYES see who she believes is Alison, which causes her HEART to love her (even though its Courtney). IN THE EYE ABIDES THE HEART.



  • I think the biggest reveal of this episode was that Archer Dunhill is not the father of Emily’s baby. So who is it???
  • Charlotte- I am STILL holding out hope that CeCe is not the real Charles, but if she is, what if it was her sperm that she had frozen from before her sex change? She had her boyfriend Archer pretend to be a doctor, and had her cousin Alison implanted with Emily’s eggs and her own sperm. Her cousin gives birth to her baby as a surrogate- this would be the only way she could have a baby now because of her surgery. Even if she is dead now- Archer decided to continue with the plan even after her death so she could “live on.” Confusing and crazy but definitely possible in Rosewood.
  • AD- I have been praying that AD is male, so maybe it is AD’s sperm. Why? Maybe AD is impotent, which is common for sociopaths and people who have severe mental illnesses. If AD is a relative of Alison, he is having his sister give birth to his child, using Emily’s eggs (not Alison’s eggs because of incest). It’s also a way to psychologically torture Emily&Ali as well- which he loves doing.
  • Anonymous [Sperm] Donor (which is an AD anagram)- I also think it’s possible that Alison is still the manipulative bitch she has always been and stole Emily’s eggs and had someone implant them in her with a random sperm donor, as a way to bond her and Emily for life and get Paige out of the picture once and for all. 



  • So now we know that Lucas and Charles go WAY BACK. They attended the same camp together for troubled boys where Pastor Ted worked as a counselor since he is Charles’ father.
  • Remember how Alison used to call Lucas “Hermie,” and say that he had both girl and guy parts? Sometimes babies are born with both male and female sex organs. What if Lucas was sent to this camp because he really is a hermaphrodite. (I just want to say as a side note that Marlene has not done a good job of portraying these sensitive subjects before (Charles as transgender and Emily as a lesbian) so I hope if they go this route it is done in a respectful and tasteful way)
  • What if Lucas is Bethany Young??? Maybe that is his female persona. 



  • The A is very pronounced in Lucas’ signature.
  • Lucas and Charles wrote and illustrated a comic book. I LOVED this reveal; it was CRAZY and really cool.
  • Emily & Hanna summarize the comic book: “The hero is this boy who gets picked on by other kids and by his own family. He meets this alien woman in the woods and she becomes his protector. Shes this all powerful shape-shifter that helps get revenge for the boy- by torturing his enemies. And sometimes the boy turns into Arcturus, so he can experience the payback she gets for him.”
  • There is a heavy metal band which goes by Arcturus. In 1997 they released “Master of Disguise” and in 2015 they released a song titled “Game Over”. (PLL.wikia) 
  • Charles used elements of the comic book in the Dollhouse:
  • This obviously proves that Lucas is part of the A Team, and has been since (probably) the very beginning. But I dont think he is or has ever been Head A or AD.



  • In comic books there is always a superhero and an alter ego. 
  • Batman is Bruce Wayne. Spider-Man is Peter Parker. When that character wakes up in the morning, he’s Peter Parker. He has to put on a costume to become Spider-Man. 
  • Superman didn’t become Superman. Superman was born Superman. When Superman wakes up in the morning, he’s Superman. 
  • His alter ego is Clark Kent. His outfit with the big red “S”, that’s the blanket he was wrapped in as a baby when the Kents found him. Those are his clothes. What Kent wears - the glasses, the business suit - that’s the costume Superman wears to blend in with us.
  • Clark Kent is how Superman views us. And what are the characteristics of Clark Kent? He’s weak… he’s unsure of himself… he’s a coward. Clark Kent is Superman’s critique on the whole human race. (kill bill)
  • Look at how similar the boys comic book cover is to Superman’s comic book cover: 

  • They both have a yellow background and red lettering.
  • They both wear a RED CAPE. Which is quite obviously a RED COAT parallel. Maybe this is AD’s homage to his comic book- putting his female A team members in a RED COAT, since his comic book protector wore a RED CAPE.

Now….who wears GLASSES? 

Is TOBY our Clark Kent???? Is Toby AD?!

  • Remember the scene a few episodes back when Spencer visits Toby in the hospital (Remember AD forced her to go. Which makes a lot of sense if Toby is AD) Toby says: “Maybe this town needs to disappear before we can leave”

Maybe that is Toby’s goal. If Toby is AD, maybe he needs to destroy everyone in Rosewood before he can move on with his life.

Then Spencer says, “You should probably try PUTTING ON YOUR GLASSES”

I wrote about this in a previous post but- Spencer says “We beat on, boats against the current.” Which is a quote from The Great Gatsby, and the “all seeing eye” billboard is the most famous imagery and symbolism from that book. 

The title of the episode is “IN THE EYE ABIDES THE HEART.”

When Mona is studying the Board Game, she says that it was LOVINGLY HANDMADE with levers and pulleys. Its NOT a computer, its a construction project. Toby built the Game Board and the Dollhouse. 

I think its seriously possible that Toby is our Clark Kent…sees himself as Superman. He is AD, Lucas & Charles’ avenger.



So I know Marlene said they weren’t following the books BUT she also said she has lied on twitter before. I think that Ali has a twin and it’s either Courtney or Bethany. I’m leaning towards Bethany.

-Sasha said to look closely in the first secret- look at her wall. The two pictures of her with Jason in the middle AND the quote that translates as: It’s double the giggles and double the grins, and double the trouble if you’re blessed with twins.

-The story Ali tells on Halloween is similar to Ali/Courtney in the books.

-The doll in Alison’s box of hidden things is the same doll in her horror story at the beginning of the episode , over which the twins fought over but in a different outfit.

-The Radley Sanitarium car is spotted in The First Secret and i believe the night Ali was buried alive was when the twin escaped Radley and why Mrs D wanted her to stay inside.

-The two yellow dresses in the flashback, cough, twin.

-The genuine hatred for Ali could be because she put her in Radley. Marlene said we would feel sorry for big -A, this would make sense.

-Where Jason sees Cece in the top, I think it was actually Bethany but he was drugged out. I think Melissa is helping Bethany because she hates Ali.

*note: my other theory is Cece is the one with the twin because there are also clues for that, however these clues seem to make more sense.

-Mrs D took Bethany horse riding and was clearly trying to make her like her but Bethany was mad at her for making her stay there- hence the drawings.

It seems to be similar to the books and the clues actually match up. I think that we have been caught up in trying to find all these theories when the most obvious one is staring us in the face.

Plus all the twin halloween storylines make it seem real. 

I think it’s the person that is always seen with Mona [the blonde] and if they were originally in cahoots and she stole the game then that would be a betrayal. 

I think this person is Black Veil, the third red coat and the mysterious blonde that is always seen around. 

I want a PLL version that stay true to the book series with a darker tone, maybe on HBO or Netflix.

I want Dianna Agron to play Spencer Hastings.

Nina Dobrev to play Hanna Marin.

Taissa Farmiga to play Emily Fields.

Kaya Scodelario to play Aria Montgomery.

And Chloe Morezt to play Alison and Courtney DiLaurentis (can’t find a gif of Chloe in hoodie).

Courtney Dilaurentis

Uma possibilidade que não podemos descartar é sobre a gêmea de Alison: Courtney.  Para quem não sabe nos livros de pretty little liars, Alison tem uma irmã gêmea,  e a história é um pouco confusa, Courtney era uma “psicopata” e se passa por Alison, que é mandada por engano a uma clinica psiquiátrica, estando lá, Courtney faz amizade com as liars e anota tudo  (inclusive os segredos contados) em um diário ainda se passando por Alison. Na noite do celeiro, Alison sai da clinica e volta para Rosewood querendo se vingar da irmã, por isso a enterra viva e Courtney morre, mas certamente todos pensaram que Alison morreu. Mona pega o diário onde Courtney tinha escrito tudo e se passa por –A, depois Alison se passa pela segunda –A, então as liars descobrem e são presas em um quarto, onde Alison coloca fogo, as liars conseguem fugir porém Alison não, e é ai que ela morre. Essa é basicamente a história do livro…

Ok, e o que essa história toda tem a ver com a série? Vamos lá, em alguns episódios, pistas deixaram bem claro que pode sim haver uma gêmea. E pra mim, a série tem bastante dos livros, e vou comentando o que eu acho ao longo da teoria.

No primeiro episódio da série, Spencer vê “Alison” em seu quarto quando olha pela janela, e isso nunca foi muito bem explicado e ficou meio esquecido na série, mas que alguma loira estava ali, estava, e eu aposto em ser Alison.

Mas o que Alison fazia ali, se a família de Maya já tinha se mudado? Lembram do “Maya Knew”, que mesmo com o site de Maya e os vídeos nunca ficou claro o que era? Maya sabia exatamente o que? Eu acho que poderia saber muito bem que Ali está viva, e inclusive pode ter ajudado-a se esconder.

Um pouco lá pra frente, Toby entrega um papel para Spencer, que achou nas coisas de Jenna.

É alguma coisa escrita em braile, e então Spencer vai atrás de saber o que e descreve como “BAD” mas depois descobre que números e letras são escritos iguais, então seriam os números 214, onde eles até vão em um hotel e visitam o quarto com esse número e não descobrem NADA. Eu acho, que o que poderia estar realmente escrito era “2AD” duas Alison Dilaurents.

No episódio 1x9 quando Emily está na biblioteca sozinha, ela vê Alison atrás dos livros, e quando tira-os do lugar, Alison está perfeitamente lá, quando de repente some. Logo depois Emily tem uma lembrança, mas a questão é? Alison estava ou não ali?

Quando Hanna está no hospital e Alison aparece, reparem nesses diálogos:

External image

Juntando esses diálogos, na minha cabeça, montasse a teoria, de que, na noite do celeiro, Alison voltou para Rosewood para se vingar da irmã e drogou as meninas e fez elas ajudarem-a matar Courtney, logo depois desapareceu, fazendo pensar que ela tinha morrido, e agora anda se escondendo do mundo.  Enfim, pra mim, foi isso o que aconteceu, e as meninas ainda vão se lembrar.

Agora vem o episódio que mais trouxe suspeitas e pistas para a história das gêmeas. O famoso 2x13. O episódio começa com a Alison contando a história das gêmeas, que brigaram por uma boneca, e uma acabou machucando a outra e sendo levada para uma clinica psiquiátrica.

External image

Depois as meninas estão andando pela rua e passam por uma casa “mal assombrada”  e percebem que tem alguém lá dentro… Reparem que em frente, está um carro do “Radley  Sanitarium”, que concidentemente é um manicômio , lugar onde a gêmea “má” foi internada pós esfaquear a outra.

Mais tarde, quando todas estão na festa, Alison somem e as liars recebem uma sms da mesma.

Elas vão até a casa mal assombrada vista anteriormente, por que Alison estaria lá, e é ai que acontece um fato muito estranho, primeiro vemos Alison desesperada, gritando e sendo atingida e depois aparece sorrindo dizendo só estar brincando.

Primeiro as meninas acham a Alison, e ela desesperada conta o que está acontecendo.

External image

Logo após isso, sai do quarto que estavam, e alguém consegue pega-la e eles começam uma “luta” por que o cara fantasiado estava tentando pegar Ali, ela escapa, e sai correndo. Depois, as meninas voltam até a casa e encontram Alison, muito bem, rindo, e fingindo ser uma brincadeira. Obs: Ela ainda está com uma cara de psicopata e com uma faca na mão, semelhante a faca que aparece na história das gêmeas!

External image

Pra mim, o que aconteceu foi que o carro que parou em frente a casa mais cedo, trazia Courtney, que ficou escondida na casa pelo dia todo, e com a ajuda de outras pessoas pegou Ali, para que elas trocassem de lugar, e foi isso, elas trocaram, e depois disso quem voltou para Radley ficar internada foi Alison, e foi esse o motivo de ela voltar e matar a irmã querendo se vingar.  Talvez isso seja só uma teoria maluca, que não faz muito sentido, por causa de algumas teorias que tenho sobre a noite do celeiro, mas isso vou comentar mais pra frente em um post separado.

No mesmo episódio, um pouco antes, quando Alison aparece em seu quarto em uma conversa com Jason, podemos ver na parede, um quadro, onde tem, duas fotos da Alison e uma de Jason no meio. Mas por que duas Alison’s? Seria Courtney?

E no quadro abaixo, está escrito em francês “C’est le double du rire et de doubler le sourire, et double la peine si vous êtes bénis avec des jumeaux”, segundo o google tradutor, a frase significa: “Isso é o dobro de risadas e sorrisos dobrados, e o dobro dos problema se você foi abençoada com gêmeos”.

Agora, indo lá pro ep 2x25, vimos o tempo todo uma menina loira de vermelho no baile de mascarás, o misterioso é ela estar observando tanto as meninas.

Vocês lembram no episódio 3x07, Hanna tem um flashback de quando estava com Mona, e resolveram perguntar ao tabuleiro Ouija (pra quem não sabe, é aqueles que usam para se comunicar com espíritos, enfim)  sobre Alison, e ele diz “Live”, ou seja, Viva!. Tudo bem que Mona estava com a mão também, e tudo pode não passar de uma armação para assustar Hanna, porém, e a imagem de Alison que Hanna vê na janela? Muito real pra ser só uma armação, não é? Mas se Alison está viva, quem estaria morta? Courtney?

Alguns episódios depois, trouxe para nós muitas pistas, talvez. O 3x13 ficou marcado, pelo flashback de Alison bem diferente de antes, e pela garotinha “gêmea” que apareceu no 2x13.

Primeiro o fantasma, ou sei la o que era aquilo, de alguma das gêmeas da história do 2x13 aparece para Ashley, e observem algumas partes do dialogo:

Garotinha: Posso ligar para a minha mãe? Eu quero ir para casa.
Ashley: Está sozinha?
Garotinha: Eu estou com frio, e quero ir para casa. Minha mãe disse que se eu ficar com medo, perdida ou cansada, eu devo ligar para ela.
Ashley: É claro que pode. O telefone está aqui. Pode ficar até ela chegar. 
Garotinha: Obrigada.
Ashley: Não há nada a temer, é tudo de faz de conta.
Garotinha: As pessoas não deveriam fazer coisas assustadoras.
Ashley: Coisas assustadoras as vezes podem ser divertidas. 
Garotinha: Eu não acho. Não mais.

No trecho que a garotinha diz não gostar mais de coisas assustadoras, logo veio uma cena do começo do episódio em minha cabeça, essa aqui:

External image

Onde Mona diz para –A sobre o Halloween ter “efeito negativo” sobre alguns pacientes. O que mais uma vez, condiz com a história sobre as gêmeas, afinal, quando uma assassinou a outra e foi mandada para o Radley era Halloween.

Depois da menina ligar para mãe e aparecer misteriosamente no quarto de Hanna, ela diz que sua mãe chorou e ficou chateada, ainda pergunta para Ashley “Por que ela tem raiva de mim? Aposto que a minha irmã disse que eu fugi. Ela sempre mente, me metendo em problemas, Somos irmãs mas brigamos sempre, por tudo. Até por bonecas. Acho que ela gosta de brigar. Acha que ela disse algo de mal sobre mim?”. Essa irmã me lembra Alison, que mente sempre, e mete em problemas… hm…  e da onde a menina teria fugido? Radley? “[…] brigamos sempre, por tudo. Até por bonecas.” Sobre esse trecho não preciso dizer muita coisa.

Agora, a parte mais suspeita de todas, o flashback, onde Alison aparece de cabelo liso e sem alguns acessórios que usava no pilot. Pra mim, isso foi pista pequena para deixar claro que não eram a mesma pessoa. Reparem, nessas imagens:

A primeira, é no pilot, e podemos ver Alison com o cabelo bem cacheado, e o colar que vemos na blusa, seu pulso direito está sem nada, observem.  Já na segunda, foi a Alison do flashback, com o cabelo muito mais liso, não dá pra perceber colar nenhum, e ela usa a pulseira na mão direita. Tudo bem que passou muito tempo de uma gravação para a outra, mas a produção de PLL não falharia assim “sem querer”.  São características pequenas mas percebíveis.

E para quem ainda acha que foi só um errinho repare na abertura da série, não é só as Liars com cara de culpadas que chamam atenção.

External image

Esse trecho, do babyliss no cabelo, na minha cabeça quer dizer que a gêmea de cabelo liso foi morta e enrolaram seu cabelo para se passar pela outra? Enfim…

Outra coisa que temos que prestar atenção, são as fotos que Marlene já postou no twitter.

Primeira essa, onde esta escrito “redrum” que de trás para frente fica “murder” e traduzindo essa palavra temos ASSASSINATO.

E depois, essa, onde duas garotinhas loiras aparecem de vermelho (cor da big-A). Como eu já disse, não acredito que existam coincidências em rosewood.

Ufa, teoria e evidencias grandes mas acabou, espero que vocês tenham gostado, e mandem-nos sugestões ou pistas. 


Na imagem promocional de PLL, Alison aparece duas vezes, uma escrito “Liar” e a outra psychotic (psicótica).  Psicótica me lembra radley que me lembra história da gêmeas no começo do 2x13.

External image


Really want another pll show like maybe a Netflix original or something but one that copies the book, I think the plots in the books are so good like the whole thing with Ali and her twin, the preserve, Hanna and Mike(omg!!!) and just the fact that they knew who A was all through it and was just the problem of catching Ali, amazing

Is this Bethany Young Or Sara Harvey?

since Bethany was set up probably by Alison and or Cece or even someone else I think its safe to say that this may be the face of Bethany Young. Ever since I saw the picture to the right I never thought it was Alison, if it isn’t then Jason must know alot more about that night (but he spend it high or drunk so…) cause the photo was taken from his room. its interesting to note that the barn door is open. what do you guys think Bethany or Sara?

Might sound crazy but...

What if Mary actually IS Jessica? What if Mary was the one killed, but they thought it was Jessica? And maybe Jessica killed her and is now coming back. It happened with Alison and Courtney in the books. In the books, Alison killed Courtney, but everyone thought it was Alison that had died. Then Ali came back and pretended to be Courtney. Maybe that’s what’s going on.