courtney cosplays


Me as Steven Stone at Katsucon 2017 aka Steven Stone wears a FitBit?! (whoops) Many thanks to the friends who took photos for me! (@abookhouseboy, @comradecourt, @lemonpaperfingers, and @christylouwhoo)

Great time all around, really want to continue working on improving this costume for future fun!

BONUS Gen 3 team-up! We were all vastly outnumbered by Team Skull this weekend….


Darth Moros’ newest version of her headpiece is holding up great and I am super pleased with it. It was raining during our most recent shoot and i was splashing around in a river and everything was great! I am so happy. I would love to be able to reproduce this for people!

Photos by CourteX Studios


“Everyone else is relying on ugly, why can’t I rely on pretty?!”

Me cosplaying as the astonishing, brilliant, amazingly sweet, ultra-talented, wise and absolutely stunning Miss Courtney Act! It was such an honor to pay homage to her… She is truly an inspiration to me and I really look up to her.

And also, this is one of my favorite looks of hers and so it was so much fun to shoot! She really had some of the BEST looks on Drag Race!

All photos taken by Miss Missy Photography!

(SPECIAL THANKS to Courtney for letting me borrow her sparkly hair cap and fishy!)

anonymous asked:

I was really wanting to do a Team Magma Admin Courtney (Pokemon Omega Ruby) cosplay, and I really loved how yours turned out. How did you go about making her cut-out blazer-like criss-crossy hoodie thing (sorry, best description I could come up with :P)?

I patterned the costume by draping newspaper over my dressform and cutting&taping it to get the correct shape.

From there, I cut it out of decor bond(a really thick interfacing)

After that, I basted it down to the backside of the fabric, and this is what it looked like(mind you, I added seam allowance to the fabric, so you can see it’s a little bigger than the decor bond)

From there, I just sewed it all together! :) I hope this has helped.