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Ianto: He collapsed, just like the others. Now he’s in this trance, like he’s dead with his eyes open.
Stella: Well, Jack isn’t dead.
Gwen: And he can’t die.
Ianto: But if we can’t reverse it, if we can’t find out what did this, and stop it, and bring Jack back, he’ll be like this for eternity. Can you imagine what that’s like?
—  Torchwood: The Dead Line by Phil Ford

How well does Faking It face stereotypes head-on only to smash them by being self-consciously ridiculous and using it as fodder for comedic and ironic ‘hey-look-at-these-stereotypes-based-in-reality-but-aren’t-REAL-REAL-but-can-still-be-funny’. 

SUBVERTED TROPE 1: Oliver being bitter/angry/annoyed at Amy and trying to out her and Karma/break them apart by bringing up their kiss/spreading rumours that all is not well for Hester High’s hottest couple/big BUT YOU KISSED ME AND I LIKE YOU COME WITH ME drama.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Oliver makes her a little paper crane, and while it’s clear he’s still massively crushing on her, Amy isn’t leading him on, and with her bit of accidental rudeness, perhaps his crush will diminish and their relationship can go on its way to being  friendship instead of a one-sided crush. 

SUBVERTED TROPE 2: The selfish teenage girl who is ignorant of real-life problems, and is so extremely self-obsessed with her image that she doesn’t care what happens to those around her.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Karma (perhaps justifiably to an extent) freaked out that her parents were at her school doing embarrassing things. However, once she realised that money was actually an issue, she became more understanding, even proudly introducing her parents to everyone there to make sure her parents realise she’s not embarrassed of them (I mean she is, but she’s going to pretend she’s not, and don’t try to tell me that’s not a little bit sweet).
*What’s notable here is she doesn’t do it for anyone else. Not so that Liam thinks she’s nice, or because Amy said be nice to your parents, but she chose to do it. And that’s why we still like Karma despite all the drama. 

SUBVERTED TROPE 3: Lauren’s posse friends being complete followers.

“Wowwww, they’re being so discreet, you can’t even tell.”

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: Leila got some SASS. Also these little glimpses we get of their actions actually show personality, and it’s fabulous, even if they’re not the main characters.

SUBVERTED TROPE 4 (?): Lauren’s entire subplot about nudes/sexts

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: I mean, it was kind of odd overall and I’m not really sure about it, but even though Lauren is kind of the joke of the entire show, I’m glad she and Shane have a frenemy relationship and he helped her take a 'fashion-shoot’ vibe sexy picture that allowed her to keep clothes on in case she ever regrets it. 

SUBVERTED TROPE 5: Tommy & his jocks

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: They were looking and cheering about a cat picture. Mr Squiggles. Also Tommy deleting the actual sext she sent because he was sensitive to the troubles of having those kinds of photos being sent around. So surprising. So pleasantly surprising. This show just keeps bringing the hilarity. 


subtle diversity in each group

just slays me

it’s the bomb-diggity 

keep it up. (It’s stereotyped but not because butchness and femmeness etc are identified but as a vibe and it’s not caricatured and they are all clearly  individuals and it’s fabbbb) 

SUBVERTED TROPE 7: Shane claims that lesbians want big fluffy relationships and not “just hook up” and it’s only gay men who go for “lewd and aggressive and overly sexual”.

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED: This comes immediately after a cute lesbian has obviously shown interest in Amy and asked her to come to her car. Once again, this show takes stereotypes about sexuality that it brings up and smushes it against the floor. 


I really hope she returns just because honestly, it’s great seeing more diversity. The things she’s said  makes it sound like she could make reappearances and so I live in hope.