courtney brims


“Of her six brother-princes, Ruslana was the most frightening, the most powerful. She seemed human enough, until closer inspection. Dark eyes sewn in deeply, like pebbles fetched from the bottom of the ocean. Talons in place of fingernails. Coarse black hair she never combed , perched in a high braid. Eyes lined heavily in black, and faintly tattooed forearms. Berry-black lips, razor-edged, capable of severing a limb.”

From ‘Fairytales for Wilde Girls’

Portrait by Courtney Brims

ZOMFG! Just got season 1 and 2 of misfits from jb-hifi, and i got these collectors edition cards that have been painted by local artists.

This one is of one of the main characters Alisha (Admitedly not my favorite character but, definately my favorite card) painted by Brisbane artist Courtney Brims, and as you can see, it’s FUCKING AMAZING!

the Nathan one is also awesome but the interwebs don’t have a copy of the picture yet and i don’t think my camera could do it justice XD


Courtney Brims is a Brisbane-based, self-taught artist influenced by Victoriana, ghost stories, old photographs, daydreams and nightmares. She creates dreamy worlds of lost girls and bewildering creatures, focusing on the beauty of nature and its dominance over time.