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#442: “You gotta admit, King Randolph being a single father raising 12 daughters is pretty good." 

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Lance McClain x merperson reader

Lance McLain x Merperson Reader

“Relax guys, since we have a bit of spare time where we aren’t being chased around by Zarkon, we can at least check on the merpeople hunk and I saved.” Lance called to the other Paladins. Hunk rolled his eyes, “You just want to see if there are any single merpeople for the pickings!” Hunk laughed. Shiro looked around at the deep, icy caverns, “Are you sure this is the right place. This village looks… Abandoned.” He said quietly. Lance shook off Shiro’s comment and landed his lion off the ocean floor outside the city. “It’s probably nothing!” He called, while the rest of them got out of their lions.

In the tall grass, there lay a silent figure, ‘They came back…’ the figure thought. “Hey guys, who’s that? In the weeds over there?” Pidge questioned, pointing over. The hidden person gasped and fled to better cover. “Wait! We are voltron, the ones that saved your people from the Baku!” Hunk called, swimming over. They peaked back out, “It is not I that I worry about, but you!” They whispered before hearing the guards coming for perimeter check. They quickly swam over, their (F/C) tail whipping behind them. They grabbed Lance by the waist, “There will be time for the introducings later, but for now we must go to the hiding! You can stay with my clan!” The frightened mer said before leading them into a maze of underground tunnels, before finally stopping in a dimly lit cavern of refugees.

Lance stared at the being, ‘Oh my god they’re so beautiful…’ he thought. Shiro swam over to the startled fish person, “What’s going on here? Why are you all in hiding?” He asked, gesturing to the rundown camp around them. “We are the lucky ones that escaped the dictators clutches. We never thought we’d see the day that the Galra would find us in the icy depths, but we have been found, and many captured.”

Pidge looked around, not seeing many others, “How many of you are left surviving down here?” She asked. “There are thirteen. I am the eldest in this court, so I make most of the runs for supplies. I am (Y/N), and I was the scullery maid and watchful eye of the daughters of the late queen.” They said before whistling for the girls to come out of hiding. “Eldest to youngest of the royal daughters. Ashlyn, Blair, Courtney, Delia, Edeline, Fallon, Genevieve, Hadley, Isla, Janessa, Kathleen, and Lacey.” Lacey was being cradled in (Y/N)’s arms, while Ashlyn was almost of age to become queen. Kieth looked at all the girls before looking back at his team, “Is there a plan or are we just gonna kick butt and then jet out?”

Shiro looked at the other paladins, “Well we definitely wont need voltron for this, this is more of a stealth mission.” (Y/N) quickly went over to the group, “Please, you must rest for the night. It is too dangerous to go out and fight now.” They whispered, as to not disturb the youngest children, who were already swimming into bed. Lance smirked to himself before shrugging toward the others, “One night wouldn’t hurt.”

After all the princesses were put to sleep and in bed, the only ones left awake were Lance and (Y/N), “So, you never got around to telling me your name. I need a name to help me picture that beautiful face.” (Y/N) blushed a bit before clearing their throat. “I am (Y/N), I have heard much about you, Lance of Voltron. Mostly that you ‘hit on’ many merfolk during your last visit.” The young maid said with a small laugh. Lance blushed and rubbed his arm, “Well that was more teasing, this time feels different.” He mumbled. (Y/N) looked down and fiddled with their fingernails, a nervous tick they had. Lance placed a hand over theirs. “It’s getting late, you should get some rest.” He said before swimming over to his place of rest. (Y/N) smiled to themselves before occupying themselves in making sure the children were covered and away from hiding. What lance didn’t realize was that he was sleeping in (Y/N)’s bed, as there weren’t enough beds for everyone. But that didn’t matter. Tomorrow was full swing in trying to bring peace back to their people.

Once everyone awoke, (Y/N) bowed to the paladins, “For now paladins, I must leave and find the princesses somewhere safe to hide, we are no longer safe this close to the city.” They said, making sure each princess was paired. Shiro held up his hand and nodded, “It’s alright, we understand, the plan will go correctly, and the merpeople will have a new ruler.” He said. (Y/N) nodded and started to usher the princesses out. Lance quickly caught up, “Wait!” He called out, making the shy mermaid turn, “Well its just that… I had a lot of fun talking to you last night, you made me feel like I was back home again.” He mumbled, blushing a bit. “If we win, and you’re people are safe. Come with us, we could find a way! I know its silly to ask you to come to the surface but-“ he was silenced by a quick kiss to the helmet, “Come back to me alive, then we shall see…”

Hunk floated over and nudged the blue paladin with a smirk, “You are in love with a half fish…” he snorted. Lance blushed and crossed his arms, “S-So? You love a balmerian!” Hunk shrugged, “At least I’m not afraid to admit it…”

(I tried to stay as gender neutral as possible so idk how that went, I’m used to writing with feminine pronouns XD but i hope you enjoy!)

“Attention date rapists, wife beaters, child molesters, abusive mothers, abusive fathers, boyfriends who take no for an answer, husbands who try to control their wives. Any relative, partner, family friend, priest, teacher, coach, who thinks its ok to assault, hit, molest, humilate, verbally, physically, sexually or emotionally abuse another person. We see you, we all see you and we will put an end to your violence. You’ve come to expect us to be silent about what you’re doing. You’ve relied on us to look the other way. We’re not going to do that any longer. No More.”