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Hey, I don’t mind when people ask me to check out their blog/writing…unless there’s no sign that they’ve read any of mine. And don’t come to me and tell me you love my stuff when my activity feed says otherwise. I would think this should be common courtesy and common sense at this point. I know how hard it is to start getting your stuff out there, but some of the people who do this get as many (or way more) notes as I do on posts. Just don’t expect me to shower your blog with love if you can’t be bothered to send so much as a heart my way.

is the Mars/Venus ship called “heartburn”

is the Mercury/Jupiter ship called “brainstorm”

is the Uranus/Neptune/Pluto ship called “timeshare”

I have a humble request.  Let me preface this by saying this isn’t an attack on anyone, but if you are someone who posts (just as an example) 8-12 (or more) posts in a single sitting, whether it’s mostly aesthetics, reblogs, art, or just general shitposts, I ask that you please consider the following:

1. Your followers follow you because we want to see your content.

2. We follow a lot of other people because we also want to see their content.

3. Making massive amounts of posts in one sitting in rapid succession means one of two things:  We have to skim over/bypass your content when we would probably rather take the time to enjoy it because we also want to see other peoples’ posts, or we end up taking the time to enjoy yours and missing things other people are putting out there. If we’re on break at work, we simply don’t have the kind of time to do both.

4. It effectively drowns out other content we are looking for in favor of your own.  Remember the “Best Stuff First” thing Tumblr just put in and people are in a tizzy about?  What you’re doing is not much different.

5. When you follow multiple people who do this, it makes it very difficult, and tedious to see anything else.

6. We don’t want to unfollow you.  Again, we follow you because we enjoy your content, whether it’s art, writing, aesthetics, or general shitposting, but as far as I’m aware, options to blacklist specific tags are very limited on mobile.

7. Please take the people following you into consideration so you can keep them following you, and so they can enjoy your posts and everyone else’s.  The image at the top of this post gives you your options on both PC (top) and mobile (bottom) for putting your posts in queue, and alternatively scheduling them to go up at specific times. That way you can still submit all of your posts at once, but the rest of us get it a little bit at a time instead of getting flooded.

8. We love you.  Please love us back by remembering this.

I would love to spin a technicolor homage to Latin Heritage, the likes of which would conjure the kind of imagery reminiscent of old MGM musicals. After all, we can do pageantry and parades in our sleep. But I can’t, because it wasn’t pageantry that got my parents through language barriers, racist employers and cold New York winters.

They left a pre-Castro Cuba, because they saw a future in a country they believed in, never expecting the door would be slammed shut behind them for more than two decades. And so it was. They worked hard and sacrificed and thrived! They pieced together family, created their own and passed on their customs, language, history and of course, that precious blood, in which there is all the stuff you won’t find in a book.

A lot has happened in the 34 years since my first visit to Cuba. I lost my mother to cancer, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down, and I grew up and left that magnificent Cuban cocoon of my parents’ making — and became an actress (my father still doesn’t know where he went wrong). Nevertheless, I happily became a willing participant in an industry that has a really hard time seeing me as a Latina woman. This Business of Show that has an incredibly unapologetic history of eradicating ethnicity, changing names and hairlines and, well… history.

The Moment I Understood What My Mother Meant By ‘La Sangre Llama’ – Gina Torres for Latino Voices

Dog Days

“Oh dear – Lightning!”

Victor races down the street, chasing the tiny corgi puppy sporting a bright yellow collar and matching leash. “Lightning! Lightning, sit! Sit, boy! Sit!

But it appears Lightning thinks this is a fine game of chase and isn’t willing to stop it anytime soon. “Oh dear…excuse me! Please! Catch that dog!”

How Doctor Who Ruins Academic Careers!

A) In the discussion of an introductory psychology course the subject matter of the Hindbrain, the Midbrain, and the Forebrain comes across the power point. 

Most students nod and copy the locations down, noting their functions in test preparation. 

In the back row a Whovian sits, staring at the hairless and aged professor intently as if he will suddenly turn into an Ood. A part of the Whovian hopes he does, merely for the sake of proclaiming their friendship for the Ood or their alliance with the Doctor Donna. 

The rest of the class is spent imagining the possibilities, no further notes are taken even as the professor moves onto the next subject.

B) A poetry course which includes the intensive study of Shakespeare’s Sonnets and other Elizabethan Era works. The sonnet of The Dark Lady comes up in the classroom discussion.

The professor asks the question, “Who is this Dark Lady who Shakespeare admires so?”

The Whovian bites their lip, fighting the urge to scream out, “Obviously! It’s none other the Martha Jones!”

Spends the rest of the class digging through the sonnets, looking for description or indications of The Doctor and Martha Jones in Shakespeare’s works.