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A Fairly Odd Summer First Look [HQ]

I’m so excited to get to see my privileged southern white racist family tomorrow so I can hear them all talk about how Darren Wilson ‘did what he had to do’ and 'that nigger had it coming’. Literally cannot wait I’m just jumping with anticipation.

Fail my life...

just fail it right now.

I’ve got someone coming to view the house I rent to maybe live here with me next year in 5 minutes, and the flat mate who’s moving out - WHO KNEW! HE KNEW SHE WAS COMING TODAY! - hasn’t lifted a finger to tidy his room. It’s a tip. And it’s not even just messy, there’s food wrappers, and stuff. IT’S JUST FREAKIN’ DIRTY!!!


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Atlas Sound – Mona Lisa

In his latest solo effort, Bradford Cox aka Atlas Sound, goes cheerful and, incredibly enough, barely reverb-less. The sixth track off his latest record, Parallax, is miles away from last year’s Logos and its ghostly ambience. Instead of playing with amp effects and vocal tweaks, Cox decides to revert to basics by featuring a sweet acoustic intro. The piano, bluesy and chirpy, is played by MGMT frontman Andrew Vanwyngarden who crafts higher octave back-up vocals. In this three-minute poppy fest Cox lively evocates “how many poverties/were interrupted by/learning how to read/looking at the sky”: denoting the powerful tools of human observation and discovery as the true “saviors” of the curious mind. This insightful and approachable reflection on the importance of knowledge is welcoming enough to attract all kinds of alternative rock out-of-the-box seekers.

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“I’ve got one word for you: sing-along!” for Team GreedLing?

A/N: AAAAND here it is! just so you know, the nasty song is courtesy of moi.

Damn Greed’s inhuman alcohol intolerance. Damn it straight to Father’s giant lava vat. 

 And who in this dingy, God forsaken tavern decided to give Ed alcohol anyway? She stood atop the centermost two-seat table, her outerwear flung off, revealing mismatched arms, one toned and golden, the other gleaming metal, singing and dancing like a buffoon. Her voice hinted at innate singing ability, but she was much  too drunk and the song was much too raunchy for it to be even remotely pleasant.

Oh, in my youth I met a lass,

But her lovin’ left me quite abashed,

‘Till this day I can’t explain,

What it was she stuck up my-

Oh, how vulgar, Ling said from inside Greed’s head. Greed growled and massaged at his temples. Drunken men (and even women) hooted and hollered, lifting their mugs of cheap ale as she belted, her hands reaching toward the moldy ceiling. Darius and Heinkel-those fuckers-cackled over their own mugs, their own inhibitions too cloudy to do much about this… situation.

“Thank you!” Ed said, dropping into a wobbly curtsy. “Thank you very much! And for my next number,”-She extended her arm and extended her pointer finger- “ I’ve got one word for you: sing-along!”

The crowd’s haughty cheers slammed his headache into full force. Despite how loud they were being, Ed began her number. It was a risque one, bragging on her figure and…exploits. Greed swiveled around in his stool, only to find that the teenage girl was moving her hips and taking in stride the money being thrown at her as her audience sang along. Ling hummed in approval.

Beside him, the two chimera men choked on their drinks. “B-boss, you okay with that?” they said in unison.

Fuck no,” Greed snarled, shooting up and stalking over to where his possession was. He dragged her off the table, flung her over his shoulder and stalked out of the bar. Ed squealed and banged at his back, her ministrations doing nothing to slow him. Her audience cursed at him and tried to her her back, but were quickly silenced at a bearing of his razor-point teeth.

And for once in his life Greed the Avaricious did not regret disregarding the money that had once laid at his feet.