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When author Colson Whitehead first heard about the Underground Railroad as a child he imagined a subway beneath the earth that escaped slaves could ride to freedom. He tells Fresh Air’s Terry Gross that when he found out that it was not a literal train, he felt “a bit upset.”

Now, in his new novel, The Underground Railroad, Whitehead returns to his childhood vision of an actual locomotive that carries escaped slaves through tunnels.

Find their full conversation here.

– Petra

see i know my mom loves me and all but how the hell did she love me enough to let me go out like that i mean look here we got:

  • the “i learned to draw from christopher hart” manga tshirt
  • hair straightened and tied into “anime” ponytails
  • the akatsuki headband, which i dont know why i owned since ive never seen a single episode of naruto???
  • the fishnet gloves courtesy of torontonian preteen hottopic: claire’s
  • the MULTIPLE lead-based necklaces around my neck with various anime emblems
  • for some bizzarre reason i decided it wasnt “anime” for me to wear my glasses??? so im clearly struggling to see what the fuck is happening