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plans for tomorrow (2/13/17)

-wake up at 5am

-drink some coffee/have some breakfast

-get ready

-leave at 7:30 am

-go to morning classes

-work on next chapter of tf (definitely going to bring my laptop for all this ;D)

-work on valentines day oneshot (its going to be based on the pizza making oneshot since its easier to build off of an idea that is already in my head…)

-work on reader insert oneshot (idea courtesty of @stardust-daydream ;D theres going to be a pg-13 version and a very alternative rated m version of it as well…)

-go to afternoon classes

-walk back to cousin’s house to get my car and drive home

-finish up anymore parts of the writing that i need to and post whichever ones that i get finished on @kissfanfiction and also on wattpad

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I’ve been testing out the new Galaxy S6 courtesty of Samsung Canada this week. It’s definitely a fun phone, what do you guys think of the pics?

instagram: @soteeoh


Meet Kunzite! After much delay, I finally got myself a gemsona, courtesty of Sylvaur! I had the design in my head for a long time but couldn’t get it out on paper, and he really realised my dream character! (His design is here!

The character in the last picture is Sylvaur’s ‘sona, Prehnite! WH, SHORT STACK?