“ Now a man is said to be sufficiently attached to a woman when his love is disinterested; when he has the same object in view as his beloved one; when he is quite free from any suspicions on her account; and when he is indifferent to money with regard to her. ” - The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, #sacredtext #courtesean #handbook ☆☆☆☆☆

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Okay these lyrics are weird but.. "Elephants, arabians, India, and courteseans, acrobats and juggling bears, exotic girls, fire eaters, muscle men, contortionists, intrigue, danger, and romance, electric lights, machinery, all charged with electricity!" Yes, I kid you not, this is a real song, and ppl who know what its from can back me up?

what are you on can I have some I need this song wtf

Aquarius tf

No more for right now please!

The Courtesean. Part of the @diadetroit’s #VeryImportantPuppets exhibit. Total stunner. #VictorianDolls #35mm #DetroitCityIsThePlaceToBe #TheDetroitInstituteOfArts #VintageDoll #DestroyedFilm #MintRoll #DyedFilm #FilmsNotDead #HonestTribe #AnalougeLife #Keep35Alive #AnalogDetroit #FilmForever #FilmFeed #AnalogShooters #BoiledFilm #Detroit #FineArt #CreepyCreative by amberaudra

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There's a courtesean. The most beautiful courtesean in all the world... but her kingdom's invaded by an EVIL maharaja. Now to save her kingdom, she has to seduce the evil maharaja. But, on the night of the seduction, she mistakes a penniless sitar player for the evil maharaja, and she falls in love with him! He wasn't trying to trick her or anything, but he was dressed as a maharaja because he's appearing in a play. (Thats all the backstory you get, sorry.)

Still confused but intrigued 😳