character posters rhysand’s inner circle, a court of thorns and roses.

“the court of dreams.
the people who knew that there was a price, and one worth paying, for that dream. the bastard-born warriors, the illyrian half breed, the monster trapped in a beautiful body, the dreamer born into a court of nightmares… and the huntress with an artist’s soul.” 

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Fav andreil hcs?

i have so many headcanons you don’t even know. also i know this took forever im so sorry i tried to make it long to make it up to you aah

  • first is that the two of them definitely get in andrew’s car and drive to columbia by themselves at least once a month
    • they both want to spend a calm, stress and exy free weekend with each other
  • (i saw a hc about this but since i can’t find/link it, i’ll summarize) they never use pet names for each other in english, but they use endearments in russian
    • neil starts to call andrew sunshine in russian (solnishko) as a joke, but it slowly begins to develop into a name that neil and andrew both associate with him
    • andrew calls neil another common russian endearment, little fox (lisichka) for obvious reasons
      • it’s also the best phrase to use when calming neil down from a panic attack
  • speaking of panic attacks
  • andrew can calm neil down anytime
  • it may take minutes or hours, but it always happens
    • when he’s away for neil’s 5th year, andrew calmed neil down from a panic attack just by talking to him on the phone
    • but the hand on the back of the neck technique always works best
  • also andrew likes to to touch neil’s scars
  • usually during intimate moments, but also sometimes he just rolls over on their couch in the evening and sticks his hand up neil’s shirt
    • the scars identify neil as neil, because they’re so completely unique to him
    • they remind andrew that he is living with neil josten, and he is safe
  • also the cats. neil loVES those cats. no one is allowed to lay a finger on those cats or talk bad about the cats. he loves the cats as much as the foxes
    • kevin tried to insult the cats. neil shut him down so fast no one saw it coming
  • they have the most soft and domestic mornings this is a fact
  • they have a habit of wearing each other’s clothes
    • neil loves andrew’s shirts and hoodies, he loves the way they hang loose on his shoulders
    • andrew prefers neil’s sweatpants to his own because they’re somehow softer and warmer and they flop around his feet
  • they’re the power babysitting couple for the foxes’ kids
    • andrew oddly enough has one of those calming baby personalities
    • he’s one of those people that when he picks up a baby, their head instantly falls to his shoulder before they fall fast asleep
    • and neil is just so good at playing with them
    • once he gets used to the tiny humans he participates in tea parties, chases them around pretending to be a monster, and laughs at every single terrible joke they make
  • they never get married, but the day andrew is finally able to admit to both himself and neil that this is a something is the day they both know
    • that they’ll be together until death do them apart

this is just about babies (and andrew minyard): 

Aaron maintains that their move is a fluke. Katelyn’s curve of a smile indicates that perhaps it isn’t. Either way, the result is the same: for the first time since they graduated, the Minyard twins are living in the same city.

Andrew seems to regard the change with the same bored equanimity that he applies to most things, but when Katelyn texts Neil to invite them to their housewarming party he doesn’t say no. So on Saturday night

They’ve bought a place out in the suburbs, across town from Andrew and Neil’s apartment. Andrew has to park down the street because there are cars everywhere centred around the driveway.

“Busy,” Neil observes, grabbing the bottle of wine off of the backseat. Neither of them are exactly connoisseurs, so they’d asked the shop assistant for a recommendation of a suitable housewarming present. Neil had, anyway - Andrew had paid.

“Ex-cheerleader,” Andrew replies, which is kind of rude considering that Katelyn is also a qualified and successful doctor, but also true. 

When they knock Aaron is the one to the door for them, though not the whole way. “Careful. She’ll make a break for it.”

That’s a familiar concept for Neil as the owner of two inside cats. He looks down expecting a pet, and instead sees a very small arm worming through the gap at knee height.

It’s a little bit like something out of a horror film. Neil manfully doesn’t step back, mostly because Andrew is right there.

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andreil - the foxhole court

we promised the world we’d tame it, what were we hoping for?