Akwesasne creates first court in Canada for and by Indigenous people

The Mohawk band council of Akwesasne has introduced what is considered the first Indigenous legal system in Canada outside a federal framework.

While First Nations band councils have been passing and enforcing legislation on reserves across the country for decades, those bylaws are either tied to the Indian Act or within a self-governance agreement with the federal government.

What’s special about the new court law passed by the council of Akwesasne — a reserve that straddles the Quebec, Ontario and New York state borders — is that it was drafted by the community and independently of Ottawa.

“We did it and our community is behind us,” said Joyce King, director of justice in Akwesasne. “It’s a historical moment. It’s the first in Canada.”

Justices and prosecutors must enforce 32 laws that cover civil matters including tobacco regulations, sanitation, elections, property and wildlife conservation. Criminal matters are still settled outside the territory, in federal or provincial courts.

Canadian justice combined with Mohawk principles

Akwesasne’s council decided to mix aspects of Canada’s justice system with Mohawk values and principles such as considering the talents of the offending party and using them to benefit the community.

For example, if someone spraypaints graffiti on a school wall and the offender is a great lacrosse player, the law stipulates the person can be ordered to teach students how to play the sport.

“It’s not just looking at penalizing,” said Bonnie Cole, Akwesasne’s sole permanent prosecutor. “That’s old thinking — that’s outside thinking.”

"This law looks at the person, what offence they committed and how they can restore balance between the (offender), the victim, and the community as well.”

Women also play a big role: the director, public prosecutor and the territory’s two justices are women.

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if you’re up with the times with my tiny stackable husbands fics, this is from immediately after this

The plan had been to drive back to the apartment separately, and by the time Neil fights his way free of the stadium the Maserati is long gone. The second Neil shuts the door of the A5 behind himself he’s dialling Andrew’s number.

The first time it cuts directly to Andrew’s answer phone, which is still the factory-set robot. The same thing happens the second time.

The third time, it rings. On the second, Andrew answers just long enough to snarl, “fuck off,” before he hangs up.

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not to be rude but

stop saying my son neil abram josten is gay. he’s the embodiment of demisexual/demiromantic and i will fight seriously everyone on this. he literally doesn’t start to become attracted to andrew until the second book and doesn’t realize it until the third, when he completely trusts him and their relationship develops beyond “i hate you” and “andrew is a psycho”. also he’s clueless af when people flirt with him (bless), which i’m not saying happens with every demi but got yam it sure as hell says a lot. 

feysand17  asked:

Feysand 29 or 30 or both

Feysand + Bedroom

  • Every single corner and crevice of their room has been used for their sexual activities (I kid yOU NOT)
    • They have broken the headboard two times since they have moved into their own house. 
  • But speaking of the actual bedroom, it’s very elegant and serene.
    • Rhys likes it dark but then Feyre would add a painting or two every once in awhile.
    • Rhys’s favorite painting is the one of them she painted for their anniversary.
  • They have an en suite bathroom with an extremely large bathtub.
    • They use it almost everyday. They.
  • They have a shared closet, Feyre’s clothes being on one side and Rhys on the other.
    • Rhys always, always, buys Feyre all sorts of clothes.
  • Back to sexual activities, they have done it on the carpeted floor of their closet.
    • It was their favorite spot.
  • Occasionally, they have some handcuffs lying around.
    • Theyre both into it from time to time.
How We Feel About Tamlin the Tool:

Tamlin: *breathes*


anonymous asked:

cassian + 30 (bc i'm lowkey a perv)

Cassian + Sex

(A/N my time to SHINE)

  • Cassian is a moaner. Especially when it comes to Nesta touching him.
    • Literally anything that Nesta does can turn him on. 
  • He loves to take his time when it comes to sex. 
    • He would tease Nesta first, loving the fact that she’s writhing underneath him.
    • He likes to tease her with his fingers, circling her sensitive spots. 
    • When Nesta breaks and growls at him is only when he’d give in.
  • Other times he’s gentle, caressing Nesta like she’s the most precious thing in the world. 
    • She low key loves it. At first she was shy about it but the longer they were together, the more she demanded of it.
    • Cassian loves it everytime she asks him.
  • Cassian and Nesta has a lot of angry/fighting sex, in a healthy way.
    • I mean, they both agree to it and they had to vent. Plus they were most likely angry at each other because they were spiting each other for fun.
    • But at the end of the night they would always apologize and be all sweet and I CAN’T.
  • Cassian refuses to have sex unless you cuddle after (well, this only happened after he found out about Nesta and him being mates).
    • He usually want to be the big spoon but sometimes he lets Nesta do it. 
    • He would always leave kisses all over her neck and shoulder which lead to another round.
    • Sometimes he would caress Nesta’s hips and she would bury herself close to him.

Okay so I saw this amazing fanart by @natvvalkers where Andrew is wearing a snapback and this happened (also I didn’t write this alone so credit also goes to @alecolightwood )

  • Andrew is not a guy who usually wears accessories other than his armbands which don’t count because he doesn’t wear them for an aesthetic purpose
  • One day Andrew finds a snapback that Matt left in their room
  • (Matt and Neil are best bros and ever since Neil moved in with Andrew Matt started spending more time in their room)
  • It´s cold and rainy outside and Andrew doesn’t want to deal with that right now so he´s just like whatever and puts it on
  • He decides that he quite likes it
  • Not only is it comfortable when it´s colder outside but it also looks cool
  • Andrew bought Neil a complete outfit when they first went to Eden´s Twilight so he won´t embarrass them
  • Nobody can tell me that Andrew doesn’t care at least a little bit about fashion
  • In the evening when Neil and Andrew are on the roof Andrew still wears his snapback
  • Neil tells him it looks good on him
  • Andrew rolls his eyes “idiot!”
  • But in reality he is pleased that Neil likes it
  • So he just keeps wearing them and Neil liking the snapback is definitely NOT one of the reasons why he does that
  • Whenever Andrew wears a snapback and Neil wants to kiss him he has to turn Andrew´s snapback backwards
  • “Yes or no?”
  • “Yes”
  • Cue for Neil to turn Andrew´s snapback backwards and kiss him
  • At first Andrew turns it back around after they stopped kissing
  • But after some time he just leaves it that way after their make out sessions
  • (Neil definitely didn´t say that it looked even better this way)
  • It makes Andrew look like a really scary frat boy
  • Nicky of course notices and makes a comment about it (this boy seriously has a death wish)
  • So long story short eventually Andrew just wears it backwards all the time and looks hot af
  • He even starts buying some for himself instead of stealing Matt´s
  • His favorite is the black studded snapback
  • Also Allison definitely buys Andrew a snapback with a rainbow on the front
  • Neil buys him snapbacks with cats on them
  • And he smiles so big when Andrew wears it
  • “Shut up Josten”
  • “I didn’t say anything”
  • “You were thinking to loud”
  • “267%”
  • But Neil just keeps smiling
  • They make out a lot and their aesthetic is on point
  • Just imagine how good they would look sitting on the roof together with their snapbacks
  • Andrew smoking and Neil with a cigarette in his hand
  • Sometimes Neil wears Andrew´s snapbacks on the roof
  • He starts doing this A LOT
  • Neil wearing a cat snapback (this boy just loves cats)
  • He looks so good
  • Andrew can’t deal with that
  • Also Nicky buys Andrew an orange snapback
  • Andrew just glares at him and almost burns it
  • But Neil starts wearing it
  • (Especially when he graduates from Palmetto)
  • And somehow he is able to pull it off
  • Even tho an orange snapback and red hair isn´t the best combination
  • (tbh I would look horrendous on anyone other than Neil)
  • But everything looks good on Neil so it works for him
  • Andrew secretly loves it
  • And Andrews like fuckkkkkkk
  • (Andrew dies ever time while trying to look completely indifferent)
  • And then they make out for like an hour
  • Somehow Dan is able to take pictures of Andreil in matching snapbacks
  • The foxes are like ooooOoooOOOOOHHHH
  • They just look really good together
  • Allison gives Matt like 100 dollars as thank you for making that happen
  • Nicky buys them both snapbacks every year for their birthday

things that god has done in gunnerkrigg court:

  • told an eldritch abomination to gtfo because he was being a whiny teenager
  • accidentally flirted with a cute girl causing her to attempt to prove that she’s straight by wearing a headband with a daisy on it
  • fallen asleep in class and subsequently dreamed about being in an episode of the x-files where mulder goes around shirtless
  • ineffectively punched a psychopomp in the abs because he upset her friend
  • used a bunsen burner as a romantic candle for a date
  • been distracted from a major plot development with baking
  • invented anti-gravity to study proteins aged 11
  • been surprised when people were more interested in the anti-gravity than the proteins
  • broken into a controlled habitat to steal cherries
  • put a demon in the washing machine
  • stuck harry potter to a flagpole with duct tape (although that was non-canon)
  • manifested a pigeon that speaks her real thoughts on her head without realising

okay but consider: the foxes on american ninja warrior (or sasuke, the original)

for those of you who don’t know, ANW is an obstacle course designed to test like every muscle you’ve ever got. it’s entertaining to watch tbh

idk man i just really want them on this show because i’m obsessed

this has been in my drafts forever shhhh

Dan Wilds

  • okay so she is the first woman to make it up the warped wall
  • but that was like 3 years ago
  • and every year since that, she’s made it up and everyone is a little bit in love with her because she’s nice and strong and record holder!!
  • she owns a gym with Matt and they are the Alpha Couple 

Allison Reynolds

  • okay so there was a year that like 6 different women made it up for the first time and allison and dan (and renee but i haven’t gotten there yet) were all in the same year
  • but allison hasn’t been as consistent, but she’s a fan fave so she always gets a wild card to the finals
  • she’s working hard af and trying to get back to her original best and everyone loves that
  • ((not to mention she could easily crush some of these male competitors))

Renee Walker

  • has made it up the wall once but she’s happier for the others because she’s a sweetheart
  • which makes a lot of people love her
  • she’s also the one that’s friends with like all the other competitors so she collects everyone else’s shirts and cheers them on from the sidelines
  • but let’s face it, renee works really frickin hard and the next year she comes back and she’s got this fierce determination

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