court era meme: (¾) four scenes.that broke my heart

“you want to be respected!? then make a choice. figure out what you want, and stand up for it.”

“i’ve tried to make a choice, i can’t! i can’t. i can’t simply choose between my family, my friends, my home, everything and everyone i’ve grown up around and…you. what did you think would happen!? you think i can just tell them all to piss off and walk away forever?! what would i do, lucy? that life is all i’ve ever known–and i’m proud! what else could i do? come here, whisk you away, marry you and live a mediocre and penniless life?!”

“what were you planning on doing, my lord? did you think i would just wait for you to come forever–live as your mistress when you get married to some pureblood wench you actually deserves you? i may only be good enough for your bastards, but i won’t be treated that way. and i meant choose between being the man who could say those things and mean then, versus the man you’ve been with me. chivalrous…hilarious…kind.”

“being kind is the quickest way to get yourself killed at that court, luce. i can’t afford that. and kind or not… …my family would never approve.

“i didn’t ask about your family, rick. i asked about you. i asked if you approve.”

“i don’t. i never have. i just…i just couldn’t stop myself.”

“i don’t believe you. don’t do this. don’t give up on us, don’t give up on you! ”


“you’re frederick’s father, aren’t you?”

“i am.”
“i’m sorry..lord brackner? while you’re here, i wonder if i could ask a question about frederick? you don’t know who i am, and i know that. and so you could say this is none of my business, and you’d be right to, and i know that too, but the truth is sir. your son made it my business a long time ago. and i haven’t seen him and i want to make sure he’s all right.”

“he is well. but i will have to ask you, miss harte, not to inquire about him again. i do not know the nature of your business with my son, frankly, i do not care. it is improper and more importantly, at this moment it is illegal.”

“oh it is, improper. and illegal, that’s very true, as you seem to have guessed i wasn’t giving frederick horseback lessons. and if those were truly his reason, i could stop caring too–well, not stop caring about his well-being, because at least someone does but – actually! that’s my point. rick’s afraid of letting you down, lord brackner. he doesn’t believe, he doesn’t know, that you love him. i say know, because he’s wrong isn’t he? you do love your son? you just don’t show it to him. i know i don’t know you and i don’t presume to, but i know how you’ve acted around rick, and i know how it’s made him feel. and he is so petrified of letting you down, the thought of your disappointment offends him so much, he will not let himself be happy.”

“who are you to tell me, how i treat my son? you have no idea what i do for them, what i’ve done from them the moment they were born, what i will continue to do for them until the day i last draw breath from this world. oh, i’m sure my son has informed you on many things, i have no doubt, but you’ve not seen my family with your own eyes. and yet you speak of my conduct. and there you stand, throwing judgments my way for not being a "good enough” father–there you stand upon a false pedestal, you. what do you know of children, miss harte? what do you know of such a love bigger and more unselfish than anything else? no, do not presume to tell me what i’ve done wrong. do not presume to tell me it has not been enough. you might have been part of my son’s life, but you are not a part of this family, my family, and you have no right.“

"i couldn’t possibly understand that love, you’re right. i don’t even doubt you do. it’s ironic, really, because rick is so sure he’s a disappointment? you disappoint me. i know i do not know how you love them, because i couldn’t possibly. but neither does rick, my lord. you should tell him. you should tell him everything you’ve told me.”


the courtera guys
(in seriously no order at all)

  • malcolm stuart
  • alec stone
  • eli west
  • frederick brackner
  • charles brackner
  • leigh faye
  • evan roswell
  • joseph culpeper
  • owen stuart
  • rhett stenrosa
  • garrett brackner
  • jesse peterson
  • mitchell stone
  • vladimir faye
  • jasper dayne
  • damocles faye
  • ronald faye
  • ulrich
  • george stuart
  • thomas randall
  • liam stuart
  • arthur bridges
  • joffrey cox
  • timothy smallwood
  • hector stone
  • kenneth lally
  • virgil brackner

the courtera girls
(in seriously no order at all)

  • jane brackner
  • adelina stuart
  • esther hall
  • ariadne hardy
  • blair stone
  • arabella brackner
  • sofya faye
  • abira faye
  • kitty weston
  • lucy harte
  • maeve faye/li>
  • lorraine brackner
  • leah weston
  • sonja amir
  • alysa stuart
  • karyn bridges
  • flora tissar
  • camellia tissar
  • sid price
  • evelyn brackner
  • diana west
  • marietta brackner
  • valeria cox
  • lucille estbury
  • helena faye
  • ellen stuart
  • rosie stuart

Adelina: Still, you should call it what it is, which is an attempt to pacify and concede to the nobles with whom you have been arguing with and fighting for years.
Damocles: *He waits a moment and then says through pursed lips, but equally quiet* Do you think I should not try to serve those I rely on to serve me, that I shouldn’t try to at least do part of what’s best for them too?
Adelina: I don’t think you should concede to cowardice and abandon your principles, no.

read: libation
court era, book the second.
The Greek verb spendō (σπένδω), “pour a libation,” also “conclude a pact,” derives from the Indo-European root *spend-, “make an offering, perform a rite, engage oneself by a ritual act.” The noun is spondē or spondai, “libation.” In the middle voice, the verb means “enter into an agreement,” in the sense that the gods are called to guarantee an action.

Blood sacrifice was performed to begin a war. Sophocles described as performed as atonement in the grove of the Eumenides:

First, water is fetched from a freshly flowing spring; cauldrons which stand in the sanctuary are garlanded with wool and filled with water and honey. Turning towards the east, the sacrificer tips the vessels towards the west; the olive branches which he has been holding in his hand he now strews on the ground at the place where the earth has drunk in the libation.

And with a silent prayer he departs, not looking back.

…my LOML is flawless. I legit don’t know what I’d do without here. I’m waking up at this ungodly hour after really unsuccessfully napping for 3 hours because I wasn’t tired and of course just after falling asleep for real cannons go off in my room and blast me awake again (fine, upon closer inspection its actually the 4 alarms I set, but Jesus they were loud, I could’ve sworn it was a cannon), and really I just have to walk outside for the cab in a half hour so I’m sitting here aggravated, tired, in pain because oh sureee lets add on top of it that damn time of the month, bleery-eyed because my Dad refused to drive at 1 pm. SO I’m playing Willas Can Go to keep awake and satisfy annoyance, only to randomly check tumblr. And there’s Aria’s beautiful face on my dash and before I can reblog I realize it’s -onnn- fuckyeahepic, one minute ago, and it’s part of a spam. I just got this riiiidiculous smile on my face. So exactly what I needed. Ily.

LOML, bb, I don’t know why you’re awake, but I love you so bloody much. So, I thought you should know. You’re flawless. And guys if you want flawless, follow robinofthewood. Though I don’t know why you’d be following me and not her already, only merlin knows how much more quality she is.

Also, as a complete side note, during the half in and half out daydreaming napping, I basically ¾ths figured out how Damocles reacts/his role to the whole Arthur thing, since he has no intention of hanging their father, nor of permitting torture. So he’ll stop the torture, but Arthur won’t believe him–he’ll think it’s a “Good cop bad cop” thing, so he won’t tell him aaaabsolutely anything. And the father: Damocles would tell him privately in the jail cell he intends on pardoning him if the scaffold, since if he did it earlier privately the council could claim he’d said no such thing: this way it was public and the councils hands were tied. Only Willas overhears. And this(!) Is part 2 of the reason the execution is moved up, and Mitchell is too late.

Yesyes? XD Afterwards Dami would be furious with Benedict, but the damage is done. PLUS that lends to why Benedict/council starts plotting Dami’s assassination: before Dami replaces them all. (Only reason he hasn’t honestly is because he knows none of the others are anymore in favor of the law/him than Claudius/Benedick/Octavius. But he’s close to naming Cyrus in Benedict’s spot lmao).

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…I would keep going but I have a flight home to catch tomorrow, so. In the interest of not missing my flight cause I pulled an all nighter vidding :)

Basically I have utterly given up on hitting every plotline/char/ship in a single video (i think i could do it, it would just be a crappy vid, cause it’d be like .4 second flash of each face/kiss lmao) – but instead i’m just finding songs that relate to parts of CE and going with the lyrics.

..please ignore the massive joffrey x valeria influx…icannothelpiti have no regrets; plus the line “it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t get done/when i feel so cold, they’re like the fucking sun” is perfect for them okay?! because it’s like, they can both be really cold, but with each other they’re..warm; they’re the warmth and light in each other’s lives. sigh. somanydamnmixedfeelingswiththem. also: jaquen.