School Officials Used Young Girl as “Bait” in Rape Sting, She Was Raped and they Covered it Up
A public school's plan to use a young girl as 'rape-bait' to catch an older boy, known for his sexual misconduct, backfired. The girl was raped, and a subsequent cover-up ensued.

The headline says it all:

In 2010, a 14-year-old Huntsville girl was approached by school officials who wanted to use her as bait in a “sting operation.” The plan was to use the young girl to catch a boy in the act who’d been accused of sexually harassing students. However, their asinine plan backfired, and this innocent young girl was anally raped by the older student.

The plan was for the girl not to do anything and teachers would burst in and catch the boy with a girl in the bathroom, but the boy changed bathroom locations. The girl, known in court records as BHJ, was not found by the incompetent school officials until after the student raped her.

After their plan had failed, school officials attempted to sweep the incident under the rug. The boy never went to jail. Instead, he was placed in an alternative school, and his records shredded.

Despite medical records indicating that BHJ had anal tearing, indicating that she was, in fact, raped, the incident was entered into school records as “inappropriate touching.”

After the rape, it was revealed that the 16-year-old who raped BHJ was on in-school-suspension for previous allegations of sexual misconduct. Despite being suspended, the boy was allowed to roam the hallways during class time, allowing him to rape BHJ.

“Somebody should have been supervising and not letting him roam the hallways,” said US Circuit Judge Frank Hull.

After the school had set her up to be sodomized, BHJ was left to her own devices. The school board offered no counselling, no help, and she remained a student at Sparkman Middle School for two months until she was moved to another foster home in a different state.

Following the 2010 incident, the officials involved, and the Madison County school board have attempted to defer liability for allowing this incident to happen.

Yay unaccountable, bureaucratic government education monopolies.


The Dai Gyakuten Saiban artbook was released yesterday in Japan, and in addition to a high-res version of the cover popping up on Amazon, DGS lead artist Kazuya Nuri provided this moderately meta image of the cast enjoying it!

Some other updates as we go into this week:

  • AA6 will be at Jump Festa this weekend (Dec. 19th-20th)! As previously reported, there will be both AA6 and AA anime stage shows.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like they’ll be streamed anywhere.
  • Also on the AA6 front: Famitsu will almost certainly have new info in advance of Jump Festa.  If they put out an official preview, expect that to pop up in about 29 hours from this post (1 AM PST on Tuesday); otherwise, leaks will probably arrive several hours later, with the magazine being released early Wednesday in US time.
  • Some Court-Records business: OC Contest voting should open in the next day or two.  Sorry for the delay!
  • More community stuff: on Tuesday, Nintendo is hosting the final Smash Brothers news stream at 2 PM PST (10 PM GMT).  While it’s not very likely there’ll be anything from AA involved (though never say never!) we’ll be hosting a communal viewing over on Cytube.

So yeah, busy week in AA-land.  We’ll keep you all posted!


Margaret Beaufort and Elizabeth of York

“If we look at what we can deduce about the King’s mother, she was clearly a dynamic, formidable, determined and energetic lady; just the sort of woman you would want to have on your side. If Elizabeth did find her at all “overbearing” -and this is a very modern reaction- she may well have accepted that, as it was balanced by the great assistance Margaret was able to offer. Having an experienced older woman at her side, particularly when she pregnant or in Henry’s absence, may well have been reassuring. As for being “close,” again, this is subjective and perhaps, a bit of a misnomer; in terms of the late medieval impulse for survival and the need to forge alliances, Elizabeth and Margaret found a sort of equilibrium that allowed them to be allies. Their mutual interest bound them together.”

–Amy Licence


Famitsu leaks are here, bringing us our first look at AA6 in action!

Details via Court-Records’ Ash:

This time, the game is set outside Japan. Naruhodo has come to the unnamed country for a reason, but luck has it he gets involved with some case. The people in this country seem to believe in the spirits of the dead. In their courtrooms, there’s a big Water Mirror (mizukagami) set in the floor. On the upper 3DS screen, we see images and words floating in the water, while in the lower screen we see what appears to be part of a testimony and the option to present something.

The boy is called Bokto Tsuani (bokuto tsuaani -> Boku to Tour ni -> On a Tour With Me) and he is a monk-in-training, who works as a tour guide to make some money. Once he starts his tour-guide-talk, he can’t be stopped.

There’s also a screenshot of a mysterious girl. According to the text, she is not a prosecutor, witness, nor the judge.

Full scans will be available tomorrow.

If you didn’t think 2016 could get any weirder, the South Korean president just came out and admitted that she was a puppet indoctrinated and molded by an Illuminati-like organization called the “8 Goddesses,” eight billionaire women including one that claims to be a psychic. 

Not only did she admit it, but after some digging people found court records for politicians that were jailed for mentioning the 8 Goddesses years back. 


In 2016, the Illuminati got confirmed. God help us.
Pa. woman fed baby nuts, berries; charged with endangerment
A Pennsylvania mother, who family members say was vegan obsessed, was charged with child endangerment after allegedly feeding her infant son small amounts of nuts and berries, causing him to be malnourished, news reports said.

“Court records indicate that Elizabeth Scarlett Hawk, 30, of Farmington, Fayette County, in the southwestern part of the state, was charged Tuesday with the misdemeanor count.

The boy’s father, Jerry Hawk, who is separated from his wife, brought the 11-month-old to the attention of child-welfare authorities. The father told them his estranged wife was diet-obsessed and only gave the boy fruits and nuts to eat, according to KDKA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Pittsburgh.

The father’s sister, Brandy Hawk, told the TV station that her nephew had a severe rash and developmental problems, including not being able to use his hands. She said the boy’s mother told her the child had allergies.

Elizabeth Hawk’s views on nutrition were extreme, her sister-in-law told the TV station. “She was going to live on water and sunlight.”

After the boy’s father took his son to the county Children & Youth Services, authorities rushed him to a West Virginia hospital, where the boy was deemed to be malnourished, news reports said. The boy, who is doing better, is now living with his father as are the couple’s two other children, the TV station reported.”

two things to take away from this.  Why are women the assumed caregivers still?   More importantly though.



Petition Filed by Marguerite Thompson Praying for Her Emancipation, 6/30/1863

From the series:  Case Files, 1863 - 1865. Records of District Courts of the United States, 1685 - 2009

This petition was filed by Marguerite Thompson, a “woman of color,” to secure her emancipation in 1863.  In 1851 she purchased her freedom from her master and received a receipt for the transaction.  She enjoyed her freedom, but still didn’t have full control of her affairs and property because she did not have an official degree from an authority.  On the final page of the document, the court declares her “henceforth and forever free.“

You can make this document more searchable and accessible by helping to transcribe it in the National Archives Catalog.