Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice releases September 8th

For a few months now the only word we’ve gotten on AA6’s release date is “September”, and now September is just around the corner… so it was about time for an update, eh?

Capcom confirmed today that Spirit of Justice will be released September 8th in English, with an eShop demo available on August 25th.  A new trailer was also released showing off the characters’ abilities:

…And to round out the news, we got a few new names! Mimi Nanano is now Bonny de Famme, Mr. Menyou is now Mr. Reus, and while we don’t have a full name yet, Saara Aatam’s got “Beh'leeb” somewhere in there.

The anti-Narumayo sentiment reeally came out of the woodwork this week, goddamn. I saw a post that said since Maya’s underage in the anime, shipping her at this point is inherently bad. First of all, the age of consent in Japan is 13. Am I saying that in itself makes it okay? No. Honestly I believe the age of consent in Japan is too young. But I AM saying that the people who made the anime don’t think the same way we do. In their eyes, Maya’s been of age for four years.

Also, from a personal standpoint, when I saw Phoenix and Maya’s scenes, I didn’t enjoy them because I want them to get together. I enjoyed their scenes because I know where it goes- that at the very damned least, there’s going to be a really sweet, beautiful friendship. And I’m sure I’m not the only Narumayo fan that thinks this way.

Look, it should be obvious to everyone that Phoenix isn’t going to get together with anybody in this anime- there’s too many fans of different ships, and if he gets with anybody, the fans of the ‘losing’ ships are going to get pissed off.

But more importantly: ship hate is not okay. Ship wars are not okay. I don’t care what ship you ship, but don’t hate on ships you don’t agree with. Do not bully the fans of ships you don’t agree with it. It’s childish and petty. We are all fans of the same thing. We really shouldn’t be having fights over how to best enjoy it.

  • The Honourable Justine Courtney:and now I've concluded that Bill Cipher's trollsona is named Dapper Dorito
  • sexy trash monster:good
  • sexy trash monster:any relation to the megidorito
  • The Honourable Justine Courtney:could be, could be
  • sexy trash monster:does this mean aradia is actually bill cipher
  • sexy trash monster:does this mean hoenn is confirmed
  • The Honourable Justine Courtney:everyone is bill cipher
  • sexy trash monster:spades slick is bill cipher because everyone is spades slick
  • The Honourable Justine Courtney:and spades slick? he's joseph fink creator of welcome to night vale
  • sexy trash monster:i knew it

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lads-laddylads tumblr com/post/149513848008/i-know-i-know-that-you-absolutely-need-to-believe what do you think?

What I think is that there’s a HUGE difference between “participating in a stunt for PR” or “being pressured to behave a certain way”, which is what actually happens, and “being forced, completely against your will because of a ‘contract’, to live a lie for years despite it making you miserable and being desperate to end it, up to an including filing a fraudulent birth certificate for a baby that doesn’t exist.” Which is what Larries say is happening, and they pretend that it is somehow the same as your run of the mill PR stunts, or vulnerable artists being told their career will suffer or that they’ll be dropped if they come out. And when we say, no this extreme, ridiculous thing isn’t happening, they go “HAHAHA THEY THINK STUNTS DON’T HAPPEN AND NO ONE IS CLOSETED.” Because all they can do is battle strawmen, because they don’t have any argument against what we are actually saying and what is actually happening.

Harry and Louis are too powerful and successful to be pressured into behaving a certain way if it was truly a problem for them (like if it involved their family, for example). And that’s not what Larries say is happening, anyway. They explicitly say that it is contracts that prevent them from just coming out, contracts that force Louis to appear at beaches with Danielle and Freddie, contracts that force Jay to post pictures on facebook of a fake grandchild. Stunts are not part of a contract. If there were contracts that were requiring artists to do these things, we would have heard about it because someone would have sued, just like they’ve sued over other unjust, unconscionable aspects of contracts. (Or, more likely, just refused to obey the terms of the contract and dared the label to sue them, or to penalize them and then sued over that.)

Stunts are things that artists are convinced to participate in because they’re afraid not to, or because they think it’ll be helpful. The promotional responsibilities of a contract, the rights to use someone’s face and bio for promotional purposes, these do not somehow translate to “the artist must do everything they are told at all times in every aspect of their life.” If Louis and Harry didn’t want to do these things, they would be able to just not do them. They’re too valuable a property to drop, and would easily be able to find new representation. They have friends and supporters in the music industry. If they were in a situation as nightmarish as what Larries describe, they would absolutely be able to take steps to change it. Before they were forced to fake the existence of a baby.

Here’s what Larries cite to support their theories:

He had a jazz singer girlfriend, Eileen, and it was decided their engagement would be a good publicity wheeze. “They wanted us to fake getting engaged when we weren’t ready to make that commitment,” he says. “It was a set-up photoshoot. They told us it was just going to be taken from outside the jewellers but when we got there they had champagne and engagement rings out.” This was “embarrassing”, says Brookstein, although there was a happy ending: they married and now live near Mitcham Common in south London with their young son, Hamish.

I’ve cited this story myself before, here’s a different telling:

Taking part in the X Factor, he says, almost derailed that relationship, too. ‘Shortly after I won, I was told that it would be good publicity if we got engaged.

‘We weren’t anywhere near ­discussing that, but under pressure we agreed to do some stunt pictures looking in a jewellery shop window as a compromise.’

But, when he got there, the shop had got the engagement rings out and poured champagne. Steve and Eileen were engaged — ready or not.

Pressured into getting engaged to his actual girlfriend, right after he won the X-Factor. In what universe is this even relevant at all to what Larries say is happening to Louis even if he wasn’t already a millionaire and with his contract already over when half of this has happened? How is this even related to Louis being forced to date Eleanor in the way that Larries say - a woman he supposedly didn’t even like, hired to pretend to be his girlfriend. And they’re citing “they pushed me into getting engaged faster than I wanted” to show that this is plausible?? Brookstein says exactly how this happened - he agreed to look at rings, and they created an engagement scenario and took pictures he did not expect. Where is the explanation like that for every single “stunt” Louis and Harry have supposedly participated in? I really really want to know how Larries justify this stuff, but whenever you ask they just say “LOOK STUNTS ARE A THING.”

And I can’t even fathom what they think “Clay Aiken’s press cycle a month before he came out” will do to prove their point. They are presumably talking about Aiken having a child right before he came out. With a woman consistently identified as a friend and never as a romantic link. He came out about a month and a half later. If we don’t deny LGBTQ+ celebs the right to voice their own stories, here’s what he said about coming out: “It was the first decision I made as a father. I cannot raise a child to lie or to hide things. I wasn’t raised that way, and I’m not going to raise a child to do that.” Does that sound like someone forced to fake a baby as part of malicious closeting? The baby still exists, and the media has not forgotten.

Are they bringing up Aiken to point out that gay men can have babies? Because that’s never been the question here, given that most of them think Freddie doesn’t even exist and that Briana was never pregnant.

Larries were told “the idea of the promotional obligations part of a contract - or any part, period - actually being enforceable to make someone lead an entire fake life, fake a baby, fake relationships, consistently for years is utterly absurd.” And they responded by saying “PR STUNTS EXIST.”

That is not the question. Going on a couple dates with your costar, spreading a rumor, getting publicly engaged before you’re ready - even staging a fight in public… these are all things that happen. Antis are not denying they happen. I have no problem getting my mind around the idea of someone doing these things, and I have no problem believing that management or a record label would apply pressure to vulnerable artists to make them participate even if they were reluctant. I know musicians are exploited and mistreated.

But as we have said over and over, none of that explains any of the things that make Larry impossible. These “stunts” are a million times more long-reaching and wide-ranging than any other example. There would be no reason for anyone to force them to go so far, to take so many risks. Absolutely no reason. And 1D are not without leverage, and have not been powerless for some time. Liam has an entire new team, and most of them appear to have some new contracts. They could not be pressured into doing these stunts, and they absolutely could not be forced. And Larries’ only answer when these issues are raised is to say “celebrities sometimes fake relationships you know!!!” or “contracts are shitty.” These things are true, but they are just completely irrelevant to the actual problems that antis point out.

Prediction for the next (main series) Ace Attorney game: Maya Fey will return.

This is not a headcanon or me being hopeful- it’s a straight-up prediction; I truly, honestly believe this is GOING to happen in the next game. Why? Because of this line from Pearl during Dual Destinies’ ending credits:

Now, maybe you’re thinking “well, just because it’s alluded to at the end doesn’t mean it’s really going to happen.” But, this wouldn’t be the first time the end credits have foreshadowed a plot point of the next game.

Remember this line from Phoenix during Apollo Justice’s ending credits?

Now, what happened in Dual Destinies again? Oh, yeah:

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I rest my case.

facebook shenanigans
  • Me (while waiting in line for TMBG):So guys I don't mean to alarm you but John Linnell just passed by and said hi???
  • Courtney:@Ingrid same
  • Mom:Passed away would be sad. Passed away and said hi would be sad, but also kinda cool, to be honest. "Dude...I just said hello to John Linnell's GHOST!"
  • Courtney:tbh if anyone is summoning John Linnell's ghost without him even being dead it would be Anna

((This is fantastic!! Thanks so much everyone! I’ve gotten some great evidence and characters sent in, but of course you’re free to send more in! As a reminder, I have decided to use the stuff sent in from the reblogged Examine meme to write a court case! Anything relevant will be under the “Court Record” tag, so please check there for updates!))