List of medieval European scientists
  • Anthemius of Tralles (ca. 474 – ca. 534): a professor of geometry and architecture, authored many influential works on mathematics and was one of the architects of the famed Hagia Sophia, the largest building in the world at its time. His works were among the most important source texts in the Arab world and Western Europe for centuries after.
  • John Philoponus (ca. 490–ca. 570): also known as John the Grammarian, a Christian Byzantine philosopher, launched a revolution in the understanding of physics by critiquing and correcting the earlier works of Aristotle. In the process he proposed important concepts such as a rudimentary notion of inertia and the invariant acceleration of falling objects. Although his works were repressed at various times in the Byzantine Empire, because of religious controversy, they would nevertheless become important to the understanding of physics throughout Europe and the Arab world.
  • Paul of Aegina (ca. 625–ca. 690): considered by some to be the greatest Christian Byzantine surgeon, developed many novel surgical techniques and authored the medical encyclopedia Medical Compendium in Seven Books. The book on surgery in particular was the definitive treatise in Europe and the Islamic world for hundreds of years.
  • The Venerable Bede (ca. 672–735): a Christian monk of the monasteries of Wearmouth and Jarrow who wrote a work On the Nature of Things, several books on the mathematical / astronomical subject of computus, the most influential entitled On the Reckoning of Time. He made original discoveries concerning the nature of the tides and his works on computus became required elements of the training of clergy, and thus greatly influenced early medieval knowledge of the natural world.
  • Rabanus Maurus (c. 780 – 856): a Christian monk and teacher, later archbishop of Mainz, who wrote a treatise on Computus and the encyclopedic work De universo. His teaching earned him the accolade of "Praeceptor Germaniae," or "the teacher of Germany."
  • Abbas Ibn Firnas (810 – 887): a polymath and inventor in Muslim Spain, made contributions in a variety of fields and is most known for his contributions to glass-making and aviation. He developed novel ways of manufacturing and using glass. He broke his back at an unsuccessful attempt at flying a primitive hang glider in 875.
  • Pope Sylvester II (c. 946–1003): a Christian scholar, teacher, mathematician, and later pope, reintroduced the abacus and armillary sphere to Western Europe after they had been lost for centuries following the Greco-Roman era. He was also responsible in part for the spread of the Hindu-Arabic numeral system in Western Europe.
  • Maslamah al-Majriti (died 1008): a mathematician, astronomer, and chemist in Muslim Spain, made contributions in many areas, from new techniques for surveying to updating and improving the astronomical tables of al-Khwarizmi and inventing a process for producing mercury oxide.[citation needed] He is most famous, though, for having helped transmit knowledge of mathematics and astronomy to Muslim Spain and Christian Western Europe.
  • Abulcasis (936-1013): a physician and scientist in Muslim Spain, is considered to be the father of modern surgery. He wrote numerous medical texts, developed many innovative surgical instruments, and developed a variety of new surgical techniques and practices. His texts were considered the definitive works on surgery in Europe until the Renaissance.
  • Constantine the African (c. 1020&–1087): a Christian native of Carthage, is best known for his translating of ancient Greek and Roman medical texts from Arabic into Latin while working at the Schola Medica Salernitana in Salerno, Italy. Among the works he translated were those of Hippocrates and Galen.
  • Arzachel (1028–1087): the foremost astronomer of the early second millennium, lived in Muslim Spain and greatly expanded the understanding and accuracy of planetary models and terrestrial measurements used for navigation. He developed key technologies including the equatorium and universal latitude-independent astrolabe.
  • Avempace (died 1138): a famous physicist from Muslim Spain who had an important influence on later physicists such as Galileo. He was the first to theorize the concept of a reaction force for every force exerted.
  • Adelard of Bath (c. 1080 – c. 1152): was a 12th-century English scholar, known for his work in astronomy, astrology, philosophy and mathematics.
  • Avenzoar (1091–1161): from Muslim Spain, introduced an experimental method in surgery, employing animal testing in order to experiment with surgical procedures before applying them to human patients.[4] He also performed the earliest dissections and postmortem autopsies on both humans as well as animals.
  • Robert Grosseteste (1168–1253): Bishop of Lincoln, was the central character of the English intellectual movement in the first half of the 13th century and is considered the founder of scientific thought in Oxford. He had a great interest in the natural world and wrote texts on the mathematical sciences of optics, astronomy and geometry. In his commentaries on Aristotle's scientific works, he affirmed that experiments should be used in order to verify a theory, testing its consequences. Roger Bacon was influenced by his work on optics and astronomy.
  • Albert the Great (1193–1280): Doctor Universalis, was one of the most prominent representatives of the philosophical tradition emerging from the Dominican Order. He is one of the thirty-three Saints of the Roman Catholic Church honored with the title of Doctor of the Church. He became famous for his vast knowledge and for his defence of the pacific coexistence between science and religion. Albert was an essential figure in introducing Greek and Islamic science into the medieval universities, although not without hesitation with regard to particular Aristotelian theses. In one of his most famous sayings he asserted: "Science does not consist in ratifying what others say, but of searching for the causes of phenomena." Thomas Aquinas was his most famous pupil.
  • John of Sacrobosco (c. 1195 – c. 1256): was a scholar, monk, and astronomer (probably English, but possibly Irish or Scottish) who taught at the University of Paris and wrote an authoritative and influential mediaeval astronomy text, the Tractatus de Sphaera; the Algorismus, which introduced calculations with Hindu-Arabic numerals into the European university curriculum; the Compotus ecclesiasticis on Easter reckoning; and the Tractatus de quadrante on the construction and use of the astronomical quadrant.
  • Jordanus de Nemore (late 12th, early 13th century): was one of the major pure mathematicians of the Middle Ages. He wrote treatises on mechanics ("the science of weights"), on basic and advanced arithmetic, on algebra, on geometry, and on the mathematics of stereographic projection.
  • Villard de Honnecourt (fl. 13th century): a French engineer and architect who made sketches of mechanical devices such as automatons and perhaps drew a picture of an early escapement mechanism for clockworks.
  • Roger Bacon (1214–94): Doctor Admirabilis, joined the Franciscan Order around 1240 where, influenced by Grosseteste, Alhacen and others, he dedicated himself to studies where he implemented the observation of nature and experimentation as the foundation of natural knowledge. Bacon wrote in such areas as mechanics, astronomy, geography and, most of all, optics. The optical research of Grosseteste and Bacon established optics as an area of study at the medieval university and formed the basis for a continuous tradition of research into optics that went all the way up to the beginning of the 17th century and the foundation of modern optics by Kepler.[8]
  • Ibn al-Baitar (died 1248): a botanist and pharmacist in Muslim Spain, researched over 1400 types of plants, foods, and drugs and compiled pharmaceutical and medical encyclopedias documenting his research. These were used in the Islamic world and Europe until the 19th century.
  • Theodoric Borgognoni (1205-1296): was an Italian Dominican friar and Bishop of Cervia who promoted the uses of both antiseptics and anaesthetics in surgery. His written work had a deep impact on Henri de Mondeville, who studied under him while living in Italy and later became the court physician for King Philip IV of France.
  • William of Saliceto (1210-1277): was an Italian surgeon of Lombardy who advanced medical knowledge and even challenged the work of the renowned Greco-Roman surgeon Galen (129-216 AD) by arguing that allowing pus to form in wounds was detrimental to the health of he patient.
  • Thomas Aquinas (1227–74): Doctor Angelicus, was an Italian theologian and friar in the Dominican Order. As his mentor Albert the Great, he is a Catholic Saint and Doctor of the Church. In addition to his extensive commentaries on Aristotle's scientific treatises, he was also said to have written an important alchemical treatise titled Aurora Consurgens. However, his most lasting contribution to the scientific development of the period was his role in the incorporation of Aristotelianism into the Scholastic tradition.
  • Arnaldus de Villa Nova (1235-1313): was an alchemist, astrologer, and physician from the Crown of Aragon who translated various Arabic medical texts, including those of Avicenna, and performed optical experiments with camera obscura.
  • John Duns Scotus (1266–1308): Doctor Subtilis, was a member of the Franciscan Order, philosopher and theologian. Emerging from the academic environment of the University of Oxford. where the presence of Grosseteste and Bacon was still palpable, he had a different view on the relationship between reason and faith as that of Thomas Aquinas. For Duns Scotus, the truths of faith could not be comprehended through the use of reason. Philosophy, hence, should not be a servant to theology, but act independently. He was the mentor of one of the greatest names of philosophy in the Middle Ages: William of Ockham.
  • Mondino de Liuzzi (c. 1270-1326): was an Italian physician, surgeon, and anatomist from Bologna who was one of the first in Medieval Europe to advocate for the public dissection of cadavers for advancing the field of anatomy. This followed a long-held Christian ban on dissections performed by the Alexandrian school in the late Roman Empire.
  • William of Ockham (1285–1350): Doctor Invincibilis, was an English Franciscan friar, philosopher, logician and theologian. Ockham defended the principle of parsimony, which could already be seen in the works of his mentor Duns Scotus. His principle later became known as Occam's Razor and states that if there are various equally valid explanations for a fact, then the simplest one should be chosen. This became a foundation of what would come to be known as the scientific method and one of the pillars of reductionism in science. Ockham probably died of the Black Plague. Jean Buridan and Nicole Oresme were his followers.
  • Jacopo Dondi dell'Orologio (1290-1359): was an Italian doctor, clockmaker, and astronomer from Padua who wrote on a number of scientific subjects such as pharmacology, surgery, astrology, and natural sciences. He also designed an astronomical clock.
  • Richard of Wallingford (1292-1336): an English abbot, mathematician, astronomer, and horologist who designed an astronomical clock as well as an equatorium to calculate the lunar, solar and planetary longitudes, as well as predict eclipses.
  • Jean Buridan (1300–58): was a French philosopher and priest. Although he was one of the most famous and influent philosophers of the late Middle Ages, his work today is not renowned by people other than philosophers and historians. One of his most significant contributions to science was the development of the theory of impetus, that explained the movement of projectiles and objects in free-fall. This theory gave way to the dynamics of Galileo Galilei and for Isaac Newton's famous principle of Inertia.
  • Guy de Chauliac (1300-1368): was a French physician and surgeon who wrote the Chirurgia magna, a widely read publication throughout medieval Europe that became one of the standard textbooks for medical knowledge for the next three centuries. During the Black Death he clearly distinguished Bubonic Plague and Pneumonic Plague as separate diseases, that they were contagious from person to person, and offered advice such as quarantine to avoid their spread in the population. He also served as the personal physician for three successive popes of the Avignon Papacy.
  • John Arderne (1307-1392): was an English physician and surgeon who invented his own anesthetic that combined hemlock, henbane, and opium. In his writings, he also described how to properly excise and remove the abscess caused by anal fistula.
  • Nicole Oresme (c. 1323–82): was one of the most original thinkers of the 14th century. A theologian and bishop of Lisieux, he wrote influential treatises in both Latin and French on mathematics, physics, astronomy, and economics. In addition to these contributions, Oresme strongly opposed astrology and speculated about the possibility of a plurality of worlds.
  • Giovanni Dondi dell'Orologio (c. 1330-1388): was a clockmaker from Padua, Italy who designed the astarium, an astronomical clock and planetarium that utilized the escapement mechanism that had been recently invented in Europe. He also attempted to describe the mechanics of the solar system with mathematical precision.

I have a couple of Team Little Britain drawings in the works, but for time being hear me out ….. AH BBC Merlin AU.. With -quick tempered and constantly done with his clumsy manservant- Prince Michael, Warlock -from a foreign land that makes up insults - Gavin, Court Physician -constantly done with everyone’s bs- Geoff and Knight Jeremy . I haven’t quite come up with the others roles, but I was considering making Ryan the Morgana equivalent with everyone else being knights too… let me know if you have an input :) 

Imagine a sterek Merlin AU where Stiles is a young warlock with incredible magic powers that he must keep secret from the world. Seeking guidance from the court physician, Deaton - a druid who keeps his magic a secret - Stiles moves out of his small home town in the country and into the glorious town that surrounds the castle: Beacon Hills.

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When he gets there, he gets in trouble with a young abrasive man who turns out to be the crowned prince, Derek Hale.

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Later that evening, Deaton has to attend a court dinner and Stiles has to join him becasue Deaton refuses to let him out of his sight or else he’ll get into trouble. While at the castle, Stiles uncovers the plot of a witch who is going to make an attempt on Derek’s life. Stiles stops her but has offended the court with accusations of an attempt to poison the crowned prince. Peter, the king, orders him to drink from the chalice; if he is so sure it is poisoned then he will save Derek’s life, if it is not then he he shall live to apologise.
Derek stands up for Stiles, saying it’s absurd and tells Stiles he doesn’t have to; he can just apologise. But Stiles is certain. He drinks from the chalice and collapses; poisoned and now dying.
Deaton rushes to Stiles’ side, but there isn’t anything he can do.

Derek, out of gratitude, seeks to find the one thing that could save Stiles’ life: a little yellow flower that only grows in one place and blooms for only one night a year. But little does he know that the witch who poisoned the chalice has followed him and intends to kill him and leave Stiles to die.
But Derek is not alone either; all the time, Stiles is unknowingly casting magic from his deathbed.

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Derek completes the quest and saves Stiles’ life and, when he recovers, Stiles is taken in as Derek’s personal servant. 

Stiles half expects Derek to make his life miserable and he refuses to be treated like a servant, but he soon finds that, behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, Derek is someone completely different: he’s an orphaned child who was taken in by his uncle and who grieves the death of his parents and his sisters. Stiles finds himself looking at a reflection of himself when he lost his mother.

Derek is secretive at first but he eventually opens up to Stiles and the two become close friends. Stiles now has to keep his powers secret, which is becoming increasingly difficult with the number of magic-based attacks that fall upon the city and the many attempts made against Prince Derek’s life and Derek’s attempts at being heroic by saving Stiles from those who try to kill him.

Slowly, the two grow closer until they’re more than friends.

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Stiles slowly grows into a confident, powerful warlock, helping Derek rise to the throne and rule the kingdom; building a legend.

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(and I just wanted to add this gif becasue it’s pretty)

Ma’a’seh Toviyah, Venice, 1708. Toviyah Kats (ca. 1652-1729)

This illustration from a Hebrew encyclopedia pairs the interior of a human interior with the interior of a house, a visual metaphor: the organs, like rooms in a house, have different functions. Kats, one of the first Jews to study medicine at a German university, completed his degree at Padua and served as court physician to the Ottoman Sultan.

From the Stairs to the Stars

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Character: Prince Adam

Prompt: (None)

“It happened again.” You heard the boisterous voice of your prince call as he entered the library.

You were currently sifting through the hundreds of titles and cleaning them of the dust, choosing which ones would stay and which ones would have to be replaced due to the wear.

“What’s happened?” You asked as you were seated upon the tall wooden ladder.

“My father.” Came his simple response, eliciting a long sigh to escape from you.

The young prince often found himself wrapped in conflicts where his father was concerned, wither it was arguing over the various new ways they planned to tax the town’s people or on the prospect of him finding a wife, despite his young age.

“What was it about this time?” You asked him, leaning over to find him already looking up at you.

You could faintly hear his tired groan as he perched himself on the lower steps. “It was the wife situation again this time, he insisted that I choose soon.”

“Perhaps he’s ill? That could explain why he’s in a hurry for you to find a wife and produce more heirs.” You said, running your finger along the swirly font of the book titles.

“Oh please, never mention my having children with a total stranger ever again,” Adam said as he looked back up at you. “And would you please come down? I feel rather silly talking like this.”

“If my prince commands.” You said with a faint laugh as you started to descend down the ladder.

Prince had stepped back a few paces so as to give you the space, but it was a high height and he kept his eye on you the whole time to make sure you weren’t in harms way.

He smiled whenever you turned around and held out his arms. “See? Isn’t that better.”

Your gazes met and you couldn’t help but laugh at the silly powdered wig he was wearing. “Blue ribbons and braids this time?” You said with a giggle as you lightly yanked on one of the pale curls at the back of the wig. “What’s next? A little sailboat?”

Even with the heavily applied rogue you could tell Adam was blushing as he yanked off the wig. You could see minuscule specs of powder flitter in the light of the libraries.

“Making fun of your crown prince? I could have you sent to prison.” He threatened, but you saw the teasing smile stretch across his painted face.

“Yes, you very well could,” You admitted, turning around and picking up on of the books from the tables. “But then who would you have as a companion?”

You father was the current court physician, he spent most of his days inside his chambers in the castle and developing his various cures and drafts to help with whatever the royal family needed.

Because of this and your mother’s position in the household as well, you were a permanent resident at the castle, and the Prince’s oldest friend.

You were there for Adam when his father denied him any form of comfort after his mother passed away, and for that he remained your loyal friend.

“Once again, you have managed to outwit me,” Adam mused as he plucked the book from your grasp, setting it aside and grabbing onto your hands. “Come along, I have something very special to show you.”

“How ominous, should I be worried?” You asked, letting his lead you out of the library and down the absolute maze of hallways that made up the castle interior.

“I shouldn’t think so, after all you are in very capable hands.” Adam said, looking over his shoulder and giving you a short smile.

“Am I allowed to ask where the Prince is taking me?” You inquired as the two of you walked on, you had lost count of the amount of turns you had made.

“No you way not, it’s supposed to be a surprise,” He said, taking a few more steps before he stopped and looked around. “Just through here.”

You watched him pull pack a tan linen sheet to reveal a marble stairway. “I’ve never seen this before?” You thought aloud, ducking under his arm to gaze up at the spiraling steps.

“That’s because it’s a new renovation to the castle,” Prince Adam told you, taking the lead once again and reaching back to grasp onto your hand. “You’ll understand once you see it.”

Without much to go on you simply hummed in agreement and started up the steps, keeping your gaze forward.

You didn’t realize how far ahead you had gone from Adam until you heard him calling out for you. “Now hold on a moment! You’re going far to fast for me.”

You smiled and waited for him. “Can’t keep up with me? And I thought all the dances you attend would help with your fitness.”

Adam attempted to look offended, but you could tell by the look in his eyes that you had him bested again. “Hush now, we’re close to the surprise.”

The stairs ended and revealed a tall wooden door, you watched as Adam took a key from inside his coat and unlatch the door, holding it open for you to go in first.

Upon entering you were greeting with a large empty room shaped in a circle, large marble pillars lined the sides of wall and you could see small golden decorations placed throughout. But what could your eye the most was the glass dome letting in all of the afternoon sunlight, making the painting on the floor stand out.

“What is this place?” You asked him, venturing to the room’s center and leaning down on the ground to gaze at the painting.

“Well for now it’s not really much of anything,” Adam answered, and you could hear is heeled shoes clack against the floor as he walked towards you. “But I hope to make it an astronomy tower, take my studies a bit more in depth if you will”

Your ears perked up at the mention of astronomy and Prince Adam could help but smile, he was most keen to see your reaction to his plans.

“You’re being serious?”

Adam held out his hands for you take, still keeping his large grin. “Of course, most of it was inspired by you though,” He explained, tracing small patterns in the palm of your hand as he kept his gaze off you. “I know how much you love the stars and I hoped this could become a place for the two of us to share.”

“That’s wonderful!” You said, removing your hand from his grasp only to pull him into a hug.

He pulled back enough to get a look at your face. “So you like it?”

“You must be joking? I love it!” You said, bursting out in another fit of laughs as you pulled him in again. “This is one of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

Adam looked at you and brushed a stay hair from your face. “Well I am most pleased that you like it so much.”

The little prince wasn’t sure when it happened, but long ago he had stopped seeing you merely as the friend who was there for him after his mother, and instead as the only companion he could ever desire to share his life with.

He had planned to tell you of his feelings after showing you the tower he made specifically for you, but seeing your eyes shine from the happiness you felt and how you seemed fixated on the room made him hold back telling you.

At least for now.

You know what I want? I want Lancelot, Arthur, Gwen, Merlin and Morgana all in a happy polyamourous relationship. 

Arthur and Morgana are both the King of Camelot, because fuck gender roles. Gwen is the queen in title, but she’s more like the chief of justice and she does most of the trials and sentencing. Merlin is the the court magician and takes on the role of court physician after Gaius’ passing. Lancelot and Arthur take alternate weeks in leading the army. Lancelot, Merlin and Gwen take turns looking after Arthur and Gwen’s (but actually everybody’s because love makes a family) kid. Merlin and Morgana control magical affairs but they often clash on important points so obviously sometimes they just have to lock themselves in a unused room for a day and ‘have it out.’ 

Merlin always goes with Arthur when he has to go protect the people of Albion or go on quests. He makes sure the king eats and sleep, and he holds his hand a lot, which makes Arthur feel braver. Whenever Arthur’s gone, Morgana brings Gwen fresh flowers every morning to cheer her up, because she knows she worries. 

Morgana wasn’t sure about Lancelot at first, but eventually they develop a sort of easy cameraderie. She realises that they’re a lot more similar than she originally thought, and when Lancelot’s depression gets especially bad, it’s usually Morgana who’s able to talk him off the ledge. 

Merlin and Gwen never really get ‘romantic’ with each other, but they have a sort of qpp relationship. Whenever Morgana’s nightmares get especially bad, they cuddle up on either side of her in her bed and sing to her until she falls asleep. Arthur brings Morgana breakfast in bed the next morning looking sheepish. 

Gwen’s the only one who has a baby, a little girl. When she tells everybody that she’s pregnant, they all pile on for a group hug until Morgana shrieks out that they’ll squash the baby. Morgana and Lancelot are each holding of Gwen’s hands when she gives birth (Arthur is at the end of the bed, catching the baby). Merlin’s the only one who’s not there which is only because he’s walking around casting a protection charm over the entire castle because nothing, absolutely nothing, is going to hurt this child and her mama. Nobody ever lets him forget that he, the official court physician, was the only one to miss Gwen’s childbirth. 

This little girl grows up with so much love. She’s magical, of course, and Merlin and Morgana teach her how to use her powers as soon as she’s old enough to sit up. Every time he catches them Arthur mutters something about Uther rolling over in his grave, which Morgana promptly follows with a swift kick to his shin and a hi-five for Merlin. They also teach her to slow dance, but only because she demands that they do after she walks in on them in a fog of potion and magic, turning slowly in time with an enchanted harp. Morgana’s also the best at stories, but she’s also volatile, and as the child grows up she becomes adept at comforting her and keeping her in the light. The little girl never feels happier than when she’s squashed between her two mamas, giggling and playing dress up with pretty scarves and the royal jewels and watching from under soft fabric while Gwen strokes Morgana’s soft hand and Morgana runs her hands through Gwen’s curls. Gwen is the stable parent, the one who brushes her daughter’s hair every morning and teaches her to read, but she’s also a pretty badass mum and she takes the baby to trials with her in a sling. Arthur usually comes to her room after supper and tucks her in bed, and she can’t sleep without a tickly forehead kiss. Lancelot teaches his baby girl to fight and he shows her that it’s okay not to be okay all the time. Sometimes Arthur tries to help, but he and Lancelot usually end up sword fighting and then snogging, and their daughter just tiptoes away grinning, because, like, those are her dads and they make each other so happy. Arthur has been known to lock up schoolyard bullies when they make his girl cry. 

Gwaine and Percival are happily married (to each other, of course) but they usually come over for dinner at the round table. Lancelot is almost always seated between Merlin and Gwen because he still needs help feeling happy and they’re the best at cheering him up. Gwaine and Percival always have to sit next to each other, because they hold hands under the table. Morgana and Arthur sword fight in the dining room over who gets to sit next to Merlin (Morgana usually wins. She doesn’t mind when she doesn’t, because Gwen lets her sit on her lap). Arthur likes to escort Gwen into the dining room and pull out her chair, because chivalry isn’t dead, and Gwen really loves it when he shows some humility. 

Also Kilgarrah refuses to attend the wedding because he’s pissed off that they’re now five sides to the same coin. The final straw comes when Gwained turns up drunk and argues that he and Percival should be included, because they pretty much live with the others anyway, and the dragon flies away in a huff complaining about ‘seven fucking sides to the same fucking coin. He always comes back to give the princess joy rides, though. 

Royals pt2

Reader x Jimin

Genre: Fluff, maybe some angst?

Anonymous said: “Could you write a Jimin x reader story where Jimin is royalty?”

Short synopsis: All you want is to protect him, all he wants is freedom. After disguising yourself as a boy to join the royal guard, the prince might be more of a handful than you could have ever imagined.

Disclaimer: This takes place in a land far, far away. You know, like Shrek, but I promise Jimin isn’t going to turn into an ogre. Nothing that happens is remotely historically accurate, because it does not take place in the past.

Part 1

The second time you saw the prince, you were ten years old. You had accompanied your mother to the castle so she could beg the court physician to see your father, who had fallen from a horse and injured his back. You had slipped away from her, not liking the smell of strange herbs and medicines that surrounded the physicians rooms.

Several other children were playing tag outside, and it wasn’t log before you were running at full-speed through the marketplace. You were faster than the other kids, but as you looked over you shoulder to see where they were, you missed the rock that was directly in your path.

You fell face-first into the mud of the beaten path where horses and carts passed though, and scrambled to your feet just in time to see a horse headed directly towards you.

It felt as though your feet were glued to the ground, you couldn’t move, or hardly even breathe. “This is it,” You thought distantly. “This is how I’m going to die.”

But a hand grabbed your arm and pulled you to the side, un-gluing your feet so you could get out of the way. The wheels of the cart that the horse was pulling splashed more mud onto both you and the boy who had dragged you to safety, but was such a small price to pay.

“Are you alright?” He asked, and you looked up to see the prince.

You didn’t trust yourself to talk, too scared and too embarrassed, so you just nodded as you heard shouts of “Your highness!” as guards swarmed. There was mud on his perfect boots, you noticed as they ushered him away. A strict looking woman scolded him as they left, but he didn’t seem to mind, just turned and gave you an apologetic wave.


You didn’t see much other choice other than to follow Jimin to the castle, so that’s what you did. He walked fast, as though he had things to do, and a time frame to get them done. The doormen had to scramble to get the heavy double-doors out of his way in time, but he hardly seemed to notice.

“All due respect, Your Highness.” You started, jogging to keep up with him. His legs were slightly longer than yours, and he showed no sign of slowing down. “But perhaps Captain Namjoon has a point–you don’t know anything about me, I could be–”

You were cut off as the prince spun on his heal, walking backwards so he could face you. “Dangerous?” He guessed. “Here’s the thing. Namjoon forgets that I’m not a baby. I can take care of myself–and I have, many times. Do you know how many assassins have gotten past the guard? Of course you don’t.” This didn’t seem to be a jab at you, so much as he remembered that you were new, and wouldn’t have access to that kind of information. “Anyway, every single one of them was more skilled than you, and I handled everything just fine. No offence.”

You weren’t sure if you were offended or not, but you were concerned that the prince was so trusting. “None taken, but–”

“Why do you keep arguing?” He stopped moving so abruptly that you nearly ran into him. As it was, you were far closer to him than you had intended.

“My apologies, your highness.” You looked down at your shoes.

“Is your goal to make me distrust you?” He asked.

“No, your highness.”

“Call me ‘your highness’ again and I’ll puke.”

“What?” You glanced up to see him watching you with an eyebrow raised.

“Do you know how tiresome it is to be called that all day? Every. Single. Day.” He shook his head as he turned back around and kept walking. “If I didn’t know better, I’d think people had forgotten my name, no one ever uses it.”

“What would you have people call you then, your high–” You caught yourself just as he looked over his shoulder in warning. “Sir.” You finished lamely.

“Jimin.” He said simply. “You should call me Jimin.” He turned down a hall suddenly, and then took a sharp right down a flight of stairs.

“Where are we going, your high–Jimin?” You corrected yourself quickly, but it felt wrong. The prince wasn’t someone to be referred to so informally.

“Somewhere.” He replied, reaching the bottom of the steps. It seemed that was as much of an answer as you were going to get for the moment. “So tell me,” He said as you trailed after him down another corridor. You had no idea how you were ever going to find your way out again. “What made you want to join the royal guard?”

You caught a door before it shut on your face, and you could hear voices from not far off. “Like I said earlier, I want to protect you.” You said, confused that he was asking the same thing again.

“No, I mean really.” One more door, and you found yourself in the kitchen, with servers and maids hurrying to get out of Jimins way, and bumping into you in the process. Jimin tossed you a roll before taking one for himself. “What’s your real reason? It’s okay, you can tell me.” He was out the other end of the kitchen quickly, and you ran to keep up. Several people stood in your way, and you were worried you’d lose him for a second.

“That is my reason.” You said, when you found him waiting for you on the other side of the door. He tilted his head to one side.

“That isn’t anyone’s reason. Now be honest. Is it money? Or power? Or something else? It isn’t a good idea to lie to me.” He took a step forward, and you took a step back. But there wasn’t much room in the corridor; it was made for the workers of the castle, not the royalty that lived there, and you bumped your head against the wall.

“I’m not lying to you.” You said. “Your safety is very important to me.”

Jimin blinked at you slowly, and somehow you knew it was a warning. He didn’t look mad, or even mildly annoyed, but you had heard things about royalty. They were taught how to mask emotions from birth.

“You saved my sisters life.” You blurted. It was a lie, but close enough to the truth. “She was reckless and nearly got herself run over by a horse and cart eleven years ago. You risked yourself to save her. I want to repay you, somehow.”

Jimin looked slightly taken aback by this. “You were there?” He asked. Did that mean he  remembered? The thought made your heart race.

“No. But she told me of your bravery. This kingdom is going to need someone like you to lead it. Someone not only brave, but kind. That is why I want to join the royal guard. Because you need to be surrounded by people who believe in you, and would die for you.”

Jimin watched you for another moment before laughing. “Well, that was dramatic. Jeeze. I would have taken ‘my family needs the money’ as an answer.” He patted your shoulder. “Don’t look so serious, I was only messing with you anyway.”

He shook his head as he stared off down the hallway once more, taking a bite out of the roll he had taken from the kitchen. You took a deep breath before following him, looking at the roll he had tossed to you. You had a feeling something had changed since the day he saved your life–a lot could in eleven years–but you weren’t sure quite what.

A/N I know this is short, but I just wanted to say that I haven’t forgotten or abandoned this! Thank you for reading, and hopefully I can update again soon. <3 <3 <3

Morgana/You Fic Part One

Morgana/You Fic

Part One: The Dragon’s Call


Words: 6200+

Originally posted by missmysteriousm

This chapter won’t have a lot of Morgana until closer to the end because I’m going by the flow of the show. There will be more Morgana action in the later part because of what happens at the end of this one. These parts for this fic will be long most of the time because like I said I’m going by the show.

I didn’t change a lot from what happens in the show in this part because there really wasn’t any need to. For most of the dialog in the beginning I went straight from the transcripts so if you haven’t seen Merlin you can still read this.

One last thing, should (Y/N) have she/her pronouns and such or stay neutral? It might be harder to stay neutral in later chapters, but if that’s what you guys want I can make it work.

- Admin Cam

No young man or woman, no matter how great, can know their destiny. They cannot glimpse their part in the great story that is about to unfold. Like everyone, they must live and learn, and so it will be for the young warlocks arriving at the gates of Camelot. Two siblings that will, in time, create the legend. Their names: Merlin and (Y/N).

Your brother, Merlin, and you enter Camelot as King Uther addresses a crowd of people in the square. You both curiously continue towards the crowd.

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anonymous asked:

Fic title thingy. Because I have one more. "Men of Ice." Also, you're amazing and I'm very intimidated by your amazingness.

Men of Ice.  

Okay, so I read this and I immediately went “Men of Ice…and Fire.”  

So this would def be a GoT fusion fic.  

You’d have Steve going up to the wall to chase after Bucky, only for the both of them to get frozen in some mystical pond on the other side of the wall and unthawed on accident decades later.  

Peggy could be the wife Steve leaves behind, who through some kind of ice magic, slows down the progression of her aging.  She never gives up on her quest to find Steve. She’s the leader of a tribe of warrior women, who make their homes in the forests of the frozen north, forever searching for Steve Rogers.   

Darcy is the ward of Lord Anthony Stark. (Eh?  Starks in Winterfell, ehhh?).  She doesn’t know her true parentage, and is thus raised as a bastard. She runs away to the capital to become a handmaid to the queen.  She finds out through careful perusal of the library that her true father was none other than Bruce Banner, former court physician, who was banished in disgrace for experimentation, and rumored to have done the worst of the experimenting on himself.  Her mother, Lady Elizabeth of House Ross is since remarried and refuses to meet with Darcy for months.  

When she finally meets her mother, Darcy discovers the plot of the king to eradicate her father’s line from existance. The experiments Banner had done might not have been as bad as the records made them seem, and there is the small matter of the prophecy.  If Darcy were to marry a man of ice, a man out of his time, their children would bring about the fall of the king’s rule.  And bring peace to their lands.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to find a man of ice and out of time.  

Meanwhile, Steve and Bucky emerge from the frozen pond.  Bucky is carted away by the brotherhood of the Hydra, and Steve is left for dead, only to be found by a group of people living north of the wall. He is soon reunited with Peggy, and together with his newfound army, they march on the brotherhood of the Hydra to save Bucky from their clutches.   

Darcy escapes in the dead of night back to House Stark in the north, only to come face to face with the famed Steve Rogers of legend, once thought dead, but alive again.  And seated to his left?  James Barnes, a man with blue eyes like ice, an arm made of metal, freshly thawed from ice and completely out of his time.  

And you know.  Wintershock ensues.  ;)   

Lostcauses Fic: Aftermath

I posted the start of this last year as part of @birbwin​‘s #releasethedrafts thing, and it’s taken me this long to get round to finishing it.  Think it might have been better if I’d left it alone, but whatever, here it is. Set after the Uprising Arc. 

It takes three full days of briefings before they are able to put the pieces together and have a complete picture of the events that unfolded on all the different battle fronts; in Mitras, at the Central Military Police base, the Reiss chapel, the outer wall in Orvud district.  And then there are plans to discuss, Historia’s ascension to the throne, where they go from here, how to act on the new intelligence they have gained; that takes another two days.   But eventually the talking stops, the other military commanders and squad leaders leave, and Hanji shuts the door behind them, the last to leave as always.  And then it’s just Levi and Erwin, alone in a grand suite of rooms commandeered for military purposes in a convenient wing of the palace.

It’s the first time they’ve been alone together for… how long?  It could be days or weeks or months. So much has happened that Levi’s lost track of time, it ceased to mean anything the moment they parted ways.  All that mattered was surviving.  And somehow they have.  Somehow, against all the odds, they are both still alive.  

Erwin had listened to Levi’s report on the ambushes by Kenny’s men, the collapse of the cavern, expression impassive, betraying not a flicker of emotion, though his knuckles were white where he gripped the arm of the chair. Erwin’s briefing on his detention by the Military Police and subsequent court martial was terse and succinct, but one look at the vicious bruises discolouring his face told them all that his report omitted more that it revealed.  Levi didn’t need to listen to know what he’d been through; he had seen the scaffold with his own eyes.  It was still standing in the main plaza when they rode through Mitras on their way to the capitol.  Levi had reined his horse to a stop, dismounted, and looked up at the gallows.  Cold anger and bitter fear welling up in his chest, threatening to choke him as he threw his guts up on the flagstones.  

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anonymous asked:

Can I request a MerlinxReader HC were you've been kidnapped and Merlin lets loose with his magic on the guys that took you? And can it be all fluffy when he finds you? Than you! :)

Okkkkkay. Get to try my hand at another Merlin request. ❤️

This turned out longer than I expected lol

-You tagged along on Arthur’s adventures often, somewhere along the lines some of Camelot’s enemies must have assumed a romantic link between you two. And thus, here you were, bound and gagged behind a carriage as a bunch of ruffians kidnapped you in hopes of gaining the Prince’s attention.
-Another servant had seen everything, and as soon as Merlin found out he ran down the castle halls, not even apologizing to the people he bumped into or threw to the ground.
-“Merlin!!!” Arthur called out, frustrated that the secret warlock would run off without any proper safety.
-Merlin didn’t care though. He had to get to you.
-“Merlin, this is madness. You can’t-”
-“Gaius, please don’t stop me.” Merlin, finished packing his bag, giving his father figure a disappointed look.
-The court physician only looked on as the warlock ran off, concern on his face.
-Merlin stole a horse from the stables, his eyes set on the forest just beyond he castle walls.
-“Why are you doing this?!” You spoke as they removed the cloth from your mouth.
-“Shut up, girl.” One of the men kicked you, making you squeak in pain.
-“You’re making a huge mistake!”
-“Oh, are we? Listen, once Arthur realizes your gone, the young prince will be riding out to save and we’ll finally have our revenge on Camelot!”
-“Arthur?…” You looked puzzled, until you realized what they meant. “I mean nothing to the prince, you’re all fools.”
-Arthur was a close friend, yes, but you’d doubt he’d betray his Father’s wishes and coke to your rescue. Now Merlin…Merlin was a different story.
-You looked back at the hills, hoping he’d be here soon.
-“To think the young prince shacks up with a serving girl…” The men laughed, eating around their fire as you sat silently in the corner bound to a tree.
-“I’m telling you, I mean nothing to Arthur!”
-“Pretty thing like you? I get the Prince doesn’t even care for you upbringing.”
-One of the men rose up, throwing his half eaten apple to the ground as he strode over to you. He pulled his blade out, holding it to your throat.
-“Why don’t we ruin that beautiful face, eh?”
-You tried to shrink back into the tree, heart pounding wildly.
-As the man moved closer, you suddenly heard a loud scream, and you looked up to see him flying back into the air.
-He hit a tree hard, knocking him out.
-The other 3 men got up in a panic, pulling out their swords as they looked around in the dark.
-You watched as a tree root came from the ground, binding one of them and slamming him to the forest floor.
-The other two met their end as their swords impaled them each.
-The warlock came from the foliage, hand up in the air as his usual blue eyes were glowing gold.
-His usual grin wasn’t their, and he looked at the men with such anger.
-As soon as his eyes turned to you though, his lips stretched into a wide smile. He rushed to your side, untying the ropes that held you.
-“I almost thought I lost you.”
-You felt tears in your eyes, and you hugged him tightly as soon as the last thread of rope came off. “Oh thank heavens, Merlin!”
-He blinked stupidly at the sign of affection, his heart racing at your close proximity. But, he smiled and returned the gesture.
-“Are you alright, did they hurt you?” He pulled away, looking you over.
-“I’m fine, nothing I couldn’t handle. Thank you.”
-You leaned forward, cupping his cheeks tightly and kissing him.
-Merlin looked surprised, and he blushed a bit as you pulled away shyly. “Sorry…I’m just really happy to see you.”
-His usual grin came back, and he shook his head. “ that’s alright.”
-The sound of horses galloping made you both pull away, and you stood up just as the Prince and his guards rode up.
-Arthur looked around the campfire, clearly confused. “What…happened?”
-You gave Merlin a worried look, not wanting Arthur to find out about his Magic. “Oh…um, well I stopped them…yes, that’s right. Me..”
-Arthur sheathed his sword, giving you an incredulous look before scowling at Merlin.
-“Really, Merlin…think twice before riding off to be a hero, and then having to be saved by a girl!”
-Arthur scoffed, turning on his horse and helping you up it before he started to trot off.
-“Wait, where’s my horse?”
-Arthur smirked at Merlin, waving his hand casually around. “Probably ran off, enjoy walking back to Camelot, Merlin.”

Hope you liked lol I had way too much fun writing this…..

Originally posted by brolins

adraughtofamortentia  asked:

Hello! 24 Fairy tale and either U bedsharing (a fav trope tbh) or E arranged marriage. Whatever maybe works better for you if you do this one. Happy writing~

In a mythical land and magical time, Prince Merlin of the Druids was arranged to married. He was uncertain about the engagement, feeling that one should marry for love, but he had been raised by his father and mother to put his people before his own needs. Indeed the arrangement with the King of Camelot was a beneficial arrangement for their peoples. King Arthur had been vastly different from his father. Where his father had been cruel and unyielding, his son had been just and compassionate. Or that was what Merlin had been told. Evidence was weighing in Arthur’s favor, as he had returned magic to the kingdom of Camelot after 20 years of exile. The Druids and the magic people of Camelot would find it beneficial to see the two kingdoms joined in matrimony.

Prince Merlin arrived with his small entourage but was surprised to find that they were not greeted by the King. A servant quickly bowed to him. “His majesty wishes to make his apologies. He has been suddenly detained by an…illness. He hopes that you would find yourself comfortable in the guest chambers.”

“Illness?” Merlin asked, “I hope it’s not serious?”

The servant seemed hesitant. “He…er…His majesty is in good hands with the Court Physician Gaius.”

“Please take me to him.” Merlin said, knowing that it was not good manners but he had hardly ever paid mind to that. “We are to be married after all.”

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Westallen Royal!AU as requested by @the-fanciful-fangirl

Do not repost on any social media; all individual pictures taken from Pinterest

A coup led by the nefarious Count Eobard leaves both of Prince Bartholomew’s parents dead and his kingdom in shambles. Armed with nothing but an ancient sword, Prince Bartholomew flees to the Western Kingdom to seek asylum with his kingdom’s allies. He expects diplomatic courtesy, not to be treated like one of the family.

When Bartholomew stumbles into her court, Princess Iris sees pain in the young man’s eyes - the same pain that filled Wallace’s eyes when he returned with news of their mother’s death. With her father King Joseph away defending the kingdom’s southern border from the Rogues, Iris must decide on Bartholomew’s fate. Moved by his story and his kindness, she grants him asylum.

For several years, Bartholomew resides within the royal court, acting as an advisor to Princess Iris. As the pair spends more time together, they find themselves inexplicably drawn to each other. The court gossips whisper about an engagement in the works, but nothing has been confirmed or denied.

One day during training with Prince Wallace, Bartholomew’s sword is struck by lightning. The incident imbues Bartholomew with abilities that baffle Lady Snow, the court physician, and Sorcerer Ramon, a local mage. His skin is impenetrable and he can run faster than every knight in the kingdom.

Together with Princess Iris, the quartet devises a plan to take back Bartholomew’s kingdom using his newfound abilities. Leaving Prince Wallace in charge of the kingdom, they set out on a perilous quest. The journey will be arduous, but with Princess Iris’ steadfast courage and Prince Bartholomew’s abilities, Count Eobard doesn’t stand a chance.

If the Stars Align - Chapter V

Summary: The Musketeers AU. Danger lurks around every corner in the French court and as a Musketeer in service of the royal family, Killian’s duty is to protect them from any and all threats. As his relationship with Queen Emma develops into something more than just friendship, threats against the queen escalate and put everything they hold dear into jeopardy.

Rating: M

Content warning for the story: violence, mature themes, minor character death.

Art by @hook-and-star-ink​ , @acaptainswaneternity and @seastarved. Follow this to check all the pieces currently published and give them some love!  

Catch Up on tumblr: ch1, ch2, ch3ch4

AO3: ch5

It had taken several hours to get the situation at the Bastille under control. After making sure Emma was safe at the Louvre, escorted by palace guards to the court physician to check for any injuries even against her protests that she was fine, Killian and David returned to help out the others. City guards were there too by the time they had arrived, aiding the Bastille guards and the Musketeers, but it had still taken a long time for the situation to settle. Somehow, some of the prisoners had been let out of their cells too, and it took a long time to round them all back up, with some still on the loose and nowhere to be found. All the deserting guards (those still alive, at least) were arrested for treason, housed in the very prison cells they had once guarded.

By the time everything was said and done, it was late in the day and all the Musketeers were exhausted. Captain Humbert had visited the Louvre to update the king on what had happened, but the next day, all of the Musketeers were summoned for a meeting.

Captain Humbert leads them to the palace, and worried rumours and whispered theories trail their steps all the way to the palace, the news of the attack having circulated around Paris overnight.

“I heard the Queen was the one to shoot the ringleader!”

“Those guards deserve to hang alongside the other murderers in that place!”

“If even the Bastille guards aren’t happy with the monarchy …”

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King Jungjong’s love confession from Jewel in the Palace a.k.a. Great Jang-Geum 대장금 大長今 (2003 MBC).

After watching Queen for 7 days (2017 KBS), I just wanted to rewatch this scene which was my all-time favorite Sageuk romance for a long time. 

He is the king and she is his court lady (royal physician), so he can do anything to her. But he doesn’t make her his concubine because he loves her so much and respects her free will.

In episode 1~3 of Jewel in the Palace, the little heroine (Jang-Guem) is deeply involved with King Yeonsan and Prince Jinseong (King Jungjong). If you are wondering about King Yeonsan, his mother’s tragic death, and the upcoming coup against the king, I recommend you to watch the first 3 episodes.

It was written by one of Six Flying Dragons (2015 SBS) writers.  I think it’s worth watching the whole series because it is one of the highest-grossing TV drama series in the Korean television history (It was exported to about 100 countries in the world) as well as it is the pioneer and the role model for every fusion Sageuk drama genre.