When you’re reading a fanfic in public and a smutty scene that you weren’t expecting comes up

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Yo @highfaelucien this is what I was talking about… still not sure I’ll finish it though!

I’m also going to take this time to say that I will be tagging my drawings with “acowar spoilers” until June, then it’s on you guys! Also don’t tell me anything, I already know more than I should

I was rereading the scene when one of the Vixens is flirting with Neil and I have to change my mind on Neil being completely obvious to people flirting with him or being attracted to him. For most of the interaction he’s vaguely annoyed/uncomfortable and thinking about Andrew. But when it comes to heads, he completely shoots her down. He knows exactly what was going on and his only surprise is that Nicky expected him to be more gentle about it. The thing with Andrew is that he’s more subtle with his actions. While Neil occasionally sees the significance of Andrew’s actions, he doesn’t automatically assume that they’re romantic but rather a growing sign of trust. He spends most of the first two books thinking that Andrew and Kevin are involved which is why he doesn’t view any of Andrew’s actions as romantic. It isn’t until Renee shoots down the idea that Andrew and Kevin are romantically involved that Neil even begins to reassess both of their feelings and interactions. Which is why by TKM, Neil is at least able to recognize the physical attraction and level of trust between them, but it’s his lack of sense of permanency that makes him purposely ignore the romantic aspect of both their feelings. It really isn’t until Baltimore that he actually has to acknowledge that what’s going on between them is more than just physical. So yeah, Neil can tell when people have the hots for him.

Morrigan the Dreamer

Ballpoint pen and pencil sketch

Temporarily off hiatus, and in celebration of reaching 2000+ followers, here’s a quick sketch of darling Morrigan; the dreamer born into a court of nightmares.

I’m continuing to try out different techniques, and slowly seeing improvements in my work.

You know what pisses me off?
Tamlin saying
“I don’t give a shit of you think you’re entitled to her, she’s mine.” To Rhys.

It pisses me off because Rhys doesn’t feel entitled to Feyre. TAMLIN DOES.
Rhys had proven that he is willing to let Feyre live her life as she chooses, with who she chooses. He stood back and let her almost get married to Tamlin, all the while, knowing that she was his mate. If that doesn’t prove he doesn’t feel entitled to Feyre, I don’t know what will.
The next thing is that Tamlin literally says that Feyre belongs to him! He doesn’t consult Feyre and thinks of her as an object. THAT is entitlement. I’ve never heard anything so hypocritical in my life.

If his head wasn’t so far up his own arse, he might be able to see how stupid he looks.

Amren: Feyre sees the glass as half full. I see it as half empty. That’s why we make a great team. Cassian, on the other hand, just drinks right out of the bottle. Mor wonders why it has to be glass. And Rhys usually breaks the glass by putting his feet up on the table.

ACOWAR Exchange: Tethered Wings

This smutty and fluffy fic is a gift for the wonderful, the very talented, @blogtealdeal! I had so much fun participating in this exchange, hosted by @squaddreamcourt, and writing the Nessian fic you requested. This is my first real ACOMAF fic so I hope you enjoy it (and that there is plenty of wingsin in it for your liking)!!


I was fuming.

That was putting it lightly. I held wrath in my palm and the promise of murder in my eyes. Anger and disbelief bubbled from deep inside me. My chest was on fire and my hands were clenched in balls of fury. My golden hair whipped behind me in wake of the tornado that was about to hit. I was livid.

The only coherent thought that raced through my mind as I pushed past Rhysand and Feyre, who were not-so-subtly making out in the corridor, was this:

Cassian should be fucking terrified.

I remembered the last time Cassian had pissed me off. It had been last night. He took it upon himself to whoop my ass instead of bidding me good night like a sane human. When I’d pinned him against the wall, he claimed my butt needed more attention, and that he was merely obliging it.

Before that, it was the discovery of my Illyrian wings, in which Cassian teased me about endlessly in the following weeks. After that, the fake dating incident. Then, the time he took me flying and all but dropped me in the fucking sky because I was being “too stubborn.” Add to that all of the overt flirting in between. There was always something.

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ACOWAR Fandom Pre-Release

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Ok everyone. We are already going to have to deal with a war in the books so let’s not start some sort of war on Tumblr. The amount of anger and disappointment going around in concern to spoilers is quite honestly getting out of hand. (Now give me a second ‘cause I’m going to play neutral here and show both sides even though there shouldn’t be sides to begin with.)

To those that WANT spoilers: ENJOY THEM! Be happy knowing little teasers of the book and read the hell out them to you heart’s content. Honestly if that’s what you want then feel free to do so and share them with other’s who would love to know about them! It’s great knowing that people can share this information and be happy and/or emotional wrecks together when they read a spoiler. 

BUT also be courteous to those that don’t want spoilers. I for one GREATLY appreciate the lengths you are all going toward in tagging, “read more” and etc. to make sure spoilers are not revealed to the rest of the fandom. Except some people do not do this which is a tad irritating. Even posting your reactions to spoilers and tagging the character involved is a spoiler to some degree. So please for those who are not tagging “acowar spoilers” or such then PLEASE DO SO. Have mercy on your fellow readers who want to read this book with an “innocent” mind. (Though I’m sure our minds aren’t that innocent since we are looking forward to some smut in the book *wink wink*)

To those who DON’T want spoilers: That’s fine if you want to be in the dark. It’s ok to leave Tumblr or other social media that could potentially give away parts of the book you don’t want to see. Or if you stay on Tumblr and block tags/words/users temporarily. I understand. You are being diligent and hey that’s incredible if you are able to avoid those spoilers like Neo in the Matrix dodging bullets!

BUT please don’t bash people that want spoilers. That’s not cool. And if for some reason they reveal a spoiler to you then remain calm and either block them for the time being or try to block more tags. Throwing hate isn’t going to help erase that spoiler from your mind. But your words will leave a lasting impression that can’t be taken back.

As a fan who has read a spoiler and enjoyed it AND has accidentally stumbled across a spoiler and was upset about it let me just say I understand both sides in some way. No one side is better or worse. But the fandom as a WHOLE is disappointing right now. I’m not blaming one person, but to those who are pouring gasoline on a fire about that’s about to combust, please be considerate to other fans. (AND THAT GOES FOR BOTH SIDES THAT ARE INSTIGATING IT.)

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In the end we are one fandom who loves the world of Prythian and can’t wait to be immersed in the emotional roller coaster we are preparing for. And I am honored to be reading alongside the fans who have helped me expand my love for this series. If anything from this post please remember that.