court the cat art

“Kay,” you may be saying, “you only ever post about cats or The Foxhole Court nowadays. You should try for some variety.”

And you would be quite right. That’s why I have reverted back to posting Foxhole Court AND cats.

Aww yisss functional tablet is back in the game.


Here’s my @aftgexchange summer gift for @boydsten , who asked for Andreil with kids!

I hope you like it!

I’ve included some personal headcanons about this particular Minyard-Josten child under the cut, but I will also recommend these two amazing kidfics; A Legacy of Two by ninaalegre and Noah Minyard-Josten by Aleekae, if you haven’t read them yet. Admittedly a few of my headcanons are borrowed or inspired by them so.. Yeah.

Happy Summer! :D

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i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please


This is my contribution to the fandom

Based on this by @a-kingdom-of-foxes cause they asked nicely


Cassius Ft. Cat Power & Pharell Williams, “Go Up”

Director: Alexandre Courtes.


in which Wymack runs The Palmetto Rescue, and has a few regulars.

( while watching Oliver & Co. clips, well, uhh, yep, one stuck out. ) 

( with the exception of allison and kevin, they’re all cross-breeds or mutts. with no exceptions, they’re the noisiest blight ever to grace a neighborhood. what a pack of cuties. )