court robe

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr is such a trip. Like he’s an absolute ball of angst for a majority of his life in the 19th century, but then at some point he snaps and just… doesn’t give a shit anymore. He just literally loses all of his fucks to give. Wendy by the 20th century is so much… happier. And I love it.

- After decades of affairs and a somewhat distant marriage, he and his wife begin pranking each other. They banter incessantly. They act like five year olds and tickle and kick each other playfully while sitting in the carriage. I think, in a way, they actually do grow to love each other.

- Wendy decides to force all the other judges in the Massachusetts Supreme Court to wear robes, despite having no idea how to put one on. He literally chose robes purely for the aesthetic.

- He then almost bought a red robe just to fuck with them.

- Whenever he gets a phone call he pretends he cant hear the other person purely because he hates talking on the phone.

- Drinks alcohol and is friends with bootleggers…. during prohibition…. while on the US Supreme Court….

- Surrounded himself with hot young paralegal twinks who worshipped the ground he walked on.

- His dating advice to his adopted daughter was essentially “Don’t be a whore, because though I don’t care, my wife will make my life a hell so…. for my sake…. please… behave.”

- Actually smiles. This is the era of actual laughter and smiling.

- Tells all his legal assistants to read dirty French novels.

- All his favorite books seems to be dirty French novels, and dirty American novels too. Including a book about how blondes have more fun. I want to find that one…

- He’s like 60 and 70 and could still get it. Wtf.

Formal court wear for Peter I 1720-1730 while he was in Berlin. In the collection of the Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, which has this to say about it.

Peter’s formal wear, Berlin, 1720-30, Kaftan: cloth, baiberek (silk brocade), gilded thread, wood. L 116; justacorps: linen, taffeta, gilded thread, wood. L 96; trousers: cloth, satin, baiberek, gilded thread, wood. L 76 cm. © State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg


Yup, forgot facelight in the first one, and it was night, too. Shows you how long it takes for me to take two screenshots.

Added the gloves and polished Sybille’s robes a bit.

I was thinking that perhaps she shouldn’t use Vampiric Drain. To an extent she should be trying to hide the fact that she’s a vampire, shouldn’t she?

Also she’d end up being very similar to Serana combat-wise if she did.