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“I want—I know I shouldn’t stay, but I can't—I don’t want to lose this. I don’t want to lose any of you. I don’t want to be Nathaniel anymore. I want to be Neil for as long as I can.“ (The King’s Men, Nora Sakavic)

ALL FOR THE GAME: All for the Video Game

Trashy tenants moved out of parents' property in the middle of the night.

Tenants on the trashy side had been living at parents property for a while. After a cash windfall they decided it was time to move out. Fine. Whatever.

They start complaining and being late on rent. Mold, etc….and take us to court. They Never show up to court. This elongates the process so they end up basically living for free in our house while taking us to court for poor living conditions (i know right). A few months go by until they HAVE to go to court. One of them shows up crying that their baby is dying Bc of the mold blah blah. Judge goes in on her saying you’ve been living there rent free for over six months if ur baby is sick y don’t u leave, and we also had a mold guy come in and inspect the house and he basically said it’s not mold that’s giving ur kid breathing problems it’s your cigarette smoke. Case gets thrown out, they gota pay back rent. Literally that night they get a u haul and leave town.

I followed their every move on IG knowing they were eventually gonna slip up. A few weeks go by and they start posting pics of their house and such. Eventually they put a location on one of their pics. Bad move, honey. Bless your heart. Got on google earth, found street, found actual house by matching the red door to one of their pics. Sent it to lawyer. Motherf*ckers got served and the guy had to sell his vintage car to pay us back.
It's about to be easier for transgender teens in Australia to get their hormones
"Every step of the way it feels like it's a fight to let her be her."
By Lane Sainty

Australia is the only country in the world that requires transgender teenagers to go to family court before they can access hormone replacement therapy. And now, a community legal organization will help teens get the transition care they need without breaking the bank.

The group Justice Connect will connect trans youth with pro bono legal representation for the process of getting hormone treatment and/or puberty blockers. A family that doesn’t have pro bono representation can spend as much as $20,000 on the legal process.

People working with the project also acknowledge that it’s a temporary step as activists work to completely abolish the legal component of getting hormones. 

Young transgender woman Georgie Stone, who has collected thousands of signatures on a petition to overturn the Family Court process, said going through the court was “one of the darkest times of my life”.

“I felt bad that my being transgender was forcing my family to go through court, my brother had a hard time. It impacted on all of us and I felt responsible for that. I know it’s not my fault and my family never made me feel that way, but that how this situation made me feel and that’s a burden I shouldn’t have to carry,” she said.

In late December, Family Court judge Peter Tree labelled the process “inhumane” and said there is an “urgent need” for government intervention to overturn it.

This is incredibly important work. More power to you all. 


I’ve creeped around tumblr without a blog for a long, long time now. I don’t really know why but recently I felt it was maybe time to get a blog myself after all, since I was spending so much time here anyway. I don’t know how long it’ll last – I don’t have a good track record with any kind of social media. But for now I’ll keep this little corner of the internet for myself. Which is not the point at all.

Around New Years I picked up the first of the All for the game series and since then devoured all of the books, read all of the extra content, re-read the books a couple of times and then obsessively checked for new fanfiction every day. I don’t think I’ve had a book (or books) that inspired me to draw as much since I read the Silmarillion. Since I mostly picked up the book because I saw @defractum post about it I only felt it was right that the resulting art went to her and she was kind enough to post it.

Normally I would keep it at that. Buuuuuut it kind of really annoyed me that the format didn’t really work with tumblr. So I revised it a little bit and since I’m here now, I’ve asked @defractum if it’s ok to post it again and she was awesome and said yes ^^ So here it is. Nathaniel to Neil over the ages.

(also can I say how creepy it is that the middle one looks so much older than the other ones even though I used the same base???)

Farmer spends 16 years studying law by himself so he could sue a powerful chemical firm for 'polluting his land' - and...

A Chinese farmer has spent 16 years studying law by himself so he could sue a chemical company for allegedly polluting his land. Wang Enlin, who had just three years of education, has won the first instance in a high-profile case against state-owned Qihua Group, reported the People’s Daily Online. Although Qihua Group, whose assets exceed two billion yuan (£233 million), has appealed against the decision, the elderly man said he is determined to seek justice for himself and his neighbours who could no longer grow healthy crops on their contaminated land. Mr Wang, who is in his 60s, lives in the Yushutun village on the outskirts of Qiqihar in the Heilongjiang Province, according to People’s Daily Online, which cited China Youth Daily. The man said he would forever remember the year of 2001 when his land was flooded by the toxic waste discharged by Qihua Group. It was the eve of the Lunar New Year, and Mr Wang was playing cards and making dumplings with his neighbours. All of sudden, they realised that the house they were in was flooded by the wastewater from the nearby Qihua factory.

The wastewater also flooded part of the farmland in the village. According to the report, a government document from 2001 claimed that the affected farmland ‘can not be used for a long time’ due to the pollution. Between 2001 to 2016, it has been suggested that Qihua continued to dump hazardous waste into the village, whose residents rely upon agriculture for a living.

The company produced polyvinyl chloride and released 15,000 to 20,000 tons of chemical waste every year, the report said. Qihua has also reportedly created a 71-acre wasteland with calcium carbide residue and a 478-acre pond with its liquid waste. In 2001, Mr Wang wrote a letter to the Land Resources Bureau of Qiqihar to complain about the pollution Qihua had brought to his village. He said while dealing with the local officials, he was repeatedly asked to produce evidence to prove that the village’s land had been polluted. Mr Wang told a reporter: 'I knew I was in the right, but I did not know what law the other party had broken or whether or not there was evidence.’ He received the interview in his small home which he spent 50 yuan (£5.8) per month renting from the village’s authority. As a result, Mr Wang decided to study law by himself, an endeavor he would carry on pursuing for the next 16 years. The farmer, who had dropped out of primary school at the third grade, started reading through a dozen law books with the help of a dictionary.

At the time, he did not have money to buy the books, so he spent day after day reading the books at the local book store and copying the relevant information by hand, according to the man. In return, he would give bags of free corn to the shopkeeper for letting him stay there. Not only that, he also used the legal knowledge he had learnt to help his neighbours gather evidence. Their farms had also been polluted by Qihua Group, said Mr Wang. In 2007, a Chinese law firm specialised in handling pollution-related cases started providing free legal advice to Mr Wang and his neighbours. They also agreed to help the villagers file petition to the court. However due to unspecified complications, the court only began processing Mr Wang and his neighbours’ case in 2015 - eight years after the original petition had been made, People’s Daily Online reported. Thanks to the evidence Mr Wang had gathered in the 16 years, Mr Wang and his neighbours apparently won the first instance. The Angangxi District Court of Qiqihar ruled that the families in Yushutun village would receive financial compensation from Qihua Group amounting 820,000 yuan (£96,000). The date of the first instance was not revealed in the report. Qihua Group has appealed against the court’s decision. The case is being processed at the Angangxi District Court as of writing. A determined Mr Wang told the reporter: “We will certainly win. Even if we lose, we will continue to battle.”

Imagine Yondu courting you accordingly to his traditions because of you but him truly confusing you until you figure things out

(LONG ASS FLUFF AHEAD 😍😍😍HONESTLY ANYTHING YONDU WILL BE LONG XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

For hundreds of years, the Centaurians have had a particular way to claim a lover and show them their interest. With a presentation and exchange as well as collection of a few trinkets, they were all signs of interest and showing off to everyone who belonged to who. Soon enough that process would end up producing long lasting couples and were usually a memorable experience.

Your captain, Yondu had always loved that tradition, even straying off to just keep it as a personal hobby of his. However, with you among his crew, it wasn’t hard to admit that he had his eyes on you for a while and wanted that experience with you.

You were different from the others, a Terran, kind and caring without knowing it or wanting to be constantly recognized for it. He loved how selfless you were yet stubborn enough to keep him constantly in check.

He never knew he could have a thing for Terran but because it was you, he found himself enamoured by your features. From head to toe, there was no denying you were the reasons behind so many fantasies of his as of late.

Although, he had all those affection towards you, he had yet to make his move, fearing you might outright reject his sudden confessions.

However, to his surprise, you were the first one to do so, or so it felt like it to his eyes. There he was standing right in front of you, stunned and speechless as the others nearly perfectly circled you both, just as in awe as he was.

Your eyes were practically lighting up along with a playful smile drawn to your lips as your arms stretched out towards him. Right in your hands, you were presenting to him, what might be, the cutest trinket he’s ever seen

“Here you go, Captain!”, you said brightly to him. It had always made your heart flutter to see his satisfied grin and excited demeanour, especially his laughter and the way he’d rub his hands together before grabbing what he wanted.

You were so certain he was going to love it, that you couldn’t help but smile as you looked up at him. Waiting in anticipation, you ended up noticing the sudden silence in the room.

He simply stared at you wide eyed instead, worrying you and prompting you to explain yourself carefully yet nervously.

“I-I figured you’d like it…I mean you had your eyes on it the whole time we were shopping…So I just bought it for you! Plus you’re such a great captain…I felt like treating you to something nice for once!”

You tried handing the gift closer to him so he’d finally get the courage to take it but that only seemed to startle him and make his fin glow up. You weren’t sure what he was feeling at that but it made you let out a chuckle to finally get something out of him.

Nodding at him, you encouraged him to take it and carefully he finally got the courage to reach his hand out.

He couldn’t believe it was finally happening to him, it flustered to see you present it to him that way but was more than happy to accept it. It just took him a little while to process what was happening to him.

As he put his hand on the trinket, he couldn’t resist to touch and feel your soft palm, finally smirking to you as he realized the little connection you both had in that moment.

He took a good look at the trinket, feeling it and grazing his thumb along it before mischievously thanking you properly for your offering.

“Why…Thank you, darlin’…”, he said looking into your eyes with a rather sensual gaze, to which you didn’t picked up on it at all.

It just relieved you to see him react the way you had wanted him to, making you smile bashfully at him. Sincerely, you nodded saying, “You’re welcome Captain…I really hope it is to your liking…”

Maintaining his gaze on you, you noticed his eyes and fin glowing. You took it as a sign of him showing off his gratitude and just had to add a little comment.

With your arms crossed behind your back, you leaned in forward, grinning just as he had and teasingly said, “And that i’ll be seeing it by your control board…”.

Feeling all warm and fuzzy inside of him, Yondu didn’t hesitate to let out a giggle. He held onto the trinket even tighter, pulling it to him, showing to you how much he loved it. Inching closer to you ear, he whispered “Oh…Y/N…Believe me, it won’t just be by it…I’ll bring it everywhere…”

It startled you slightly, yet not thinking too much of it, you simply let out a laugh and nodded at him.

“Alright, Cap…It’s all yours anyways…Well goodnight then!”

Turning away from him, you noticed the other Ravagers that had just been standing behind you the whole while. Shaking your head, you walked through them, pushing them out of your way before going to change and get ready for sleep.

Believing your proposal to him to be genuine, yet not realizing you wouldn’t see him, he waved happily and raised his voice to make sure you heard him accepting you.

“Y/N! I gladly accept your offer! I promise i’ll cherish this cute lil’ bugger! And prove to you my worth! Goodnight MY darlin’!”

It sounded somewhat odd to hear him say all those words, yet simply thinking he was just so happy to finally have the trinket he had been eyeing for so long at the store, you smiled to yourself.

As soon as you got out of sight, he nearly jumped in joy, celebrating his “success” in the courting process along with the others. They as well couldn’t help but want to party it up and congratulate their leader.

They did just that and nearly kept you up all night. Luckily, you were used to it and didn’t bothered too much with it. It was surprising for you to hear them to celebrate so much for just a little thing, you thought but nonetheless you later didn’t think too much of it.

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Republicans Go Nuclear So They Can Push Through Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee
After Senate Democrats successfully filibustered Judge Neil Gorsuch's nomination, Republicans changed the rules on Thursday, making Gorsuch’s confirmation all but certain.
By Emma Loop, Zoe Tillman

Senate Republicans on Thursday ended the Democratic filibuster of US Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch by changing the Senate’s rules for voting on those nominees.

The move — known as the “nuclear option” — makes it all but certain that President Donald Trump’s first high court nominee will be confirmed by the weekend.

Gorsuch’s nomination will now proceed to a final vote by the Senate on Friday, where the Republican majority is expected to confirm him — a significant win for the Trump administration that will resonate for decades not only on the Supreme Court, but in the Senate as well.

Democrats filibustered the nomination on Thursday morning, defeating a motion to end debate, known as cloture. After the failed cloture vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell initiated a series of procedural moves to change the interpretation of Senate rules about the number of votes needed to invoke cloture on Supreme Court nominations — from three-fifths of the Senate, or 60 votes, down to a simple majority.

Republicans voted 52-48 in favor of making the change, known as the “nuclear option” because it blows up long-standing Senate process.

page 455 and onward of acowar
  • Feyre: ah there's Lucien, Helion's, and not Beron's, son. Wow look that that guy, Lucien, totally-not-Beron's-son Lucien.
  • Feyre: oh look, Beron, not the father of Lucien. the guy whose semen did not make Lucien. Not Lucien's dad. Beron.
  • Feyre: hey Helion, Lucien's father! the one who knocked up Beron's wife without realizing it! how are you, dad of Lucien? Lucien's dad. Helion is Lucien's dad.
among peasantry and princes part ii

part i 

summary -  virgil, his brothers patton and logan, and their mother octavia live a quaint life of peasantry in a small village far away from the rest of civilization. their lives are hardly out of the ordinary — that is, until a prestigious prince with an ego so large it outmatches even his castle takes an interest in virgil, which can surely only end in disaster. 

word count - 2,474

warnings - yelling, mentions of anger issues 

tags - human!au, prince!roman, peasant!virgil 

a/n - ahh okay i’d just like to thank you all for the overwhelming support on this au!! seriously you guys are amazing and i hope this chapter meets your expectations! (if you would like to be tagged/i forgot to tag you let me know!)

tagging - @ace-anxiety-sanders @pointless-blog-name @lampisimportant @pippa-frost @jinxed-unicorn @starrykid @pattykrabbies @alright-cupid @madelynna @extremepenguin10 @justanotherpurplebutterfly @neganslittlebae @sparkss654 @aikastrum @the-prince-and-the-emo @parsnipit @infpqueen @pantton-sandacers @nimblelizard @gaysonofjafar @max-exe @genderqueerwriter @sweaterxsleeves @virgilssanders @blogfamousbouquetzombie @trainer-of-mischief @fangirlfiles1 @xvirgilx @twinkly-lights @sumkindofaesthetic @call-me-origami @m-bumblebee @immortalpoptart @evil-queens-rule @panders-sides @blog-mrs-hemsworth-universe @xxlovelarryalwaysxx @raiseaglasstofreedom @amateurartist123 @neganslittlebae @mevv618 @madelynna @camfangirl0615 @yoshimicherryopal @tssanderssidestrash @get-those-fandoms @queer-ax @satisfied-sanders-sides @eatanarwhalfordinner @averaillisa @littlesnowflake @watch-me-introvert @multifandom-slytherin

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anonymous asked:

Before a game ships, how extensively do teams like yours sweep for potentially "troublesome" text strings or textures or models either placed intentionally or only intended as a placeholder joke? Examples that come to mind include Halo 2's ASS error, the "Feminist Whore" strings in Dead Island, and nude textures for female characters in games like Max Payne 2? Have you ever been in a situation where someone got a wrist slap, or worse? Or where these assets/strings were discovered last-minute?

Something like that actually happened to me once. I put some placeholder strings into the database so that I had something to display for a feature I was working on in a MMOG. It wasn’t anything super offensive, but it was rougher language than strings normally are (e.g. “Are you sure you want to get your ass kicked?”) because I wanted to make sure that QA would flag them for change when they tested the feature. The placeholder strings went out with all the strings in a patch (though the feature wasn’t enabled yet, so the strings weren’t viewable in game at all) and data miners found them. It isn’t usually a big deal since it almost always requires data mining to find them (and very few people actually get into the data mined stuff), unless somebody put something potentially offensive in the string and the news media picks up on it.

Unless there’s some sort of public backlash, the team usually just says “whoops” and shrugs, since it doesn’t really affect anything. If there is some sort of public upsetting going on, the team leadership will issue some kind of public statement (almost always an apology), and the developer responsible will get a stern “you shouldn’t have done that” message from their lead, but actual consequences beyond that are pretty rare. It’s usually not even considered a real mistake, because it’s placeholder or canceled assets that were never meant to see the light of day anyway and somebody happened to decode that data. Heck, sometimes designers will troll the data miners on purpose by adding in strings that are never used in game, but will get picked up by the data miners.

Most of the time, it all stems from the fact that it’s almost always more dangerous to remove stuff from the game than to simply lock it off. The assets or content might be benign if left in there and not accessible, but removing them may cause other knock-on errors, such as code that assumes a certain numbered index in data tables and such, and that value being off by one at run time because something was removed and all the other assets shifted in number. Most of the time it’s totally fine because of how few people actually bother reading data mined stuff, but it might gain traction if it’s actually offensive to some group. 

Got a burning question you want answered?

anonymous asked:

Okay but I feel as though murderers, rapists, child abusers/molesters should not be allowed to have kids or even pro-create. Throw shade at me all you want, perhaps it's wrong of me to think that. However, there are just some people who are just incurably horrible that their bloodline shouldn't even be allowed to continue. This does not include the poor, all criminals, etc. just low life scum like nazis and rapists. Imo.

Right except that’s not how any of this works at all. 

The state should have no fucking right to sterilize anyone, like it’s that simple. Really think about the prison system, who gets punished, and the historical/modern abuse of power. A system that regularly sterilized it’s citizens is abusing its power - and it’s going to extend that power to target minorities and people in poverty just like it always does. 

Do I think that child abusers/molesters should have kids? No. But I also don’t think that the state has any right to sterilize or kill its citizens. Like, I can’t believe I have to explain why forced goddamn sterilization is bad right now. 

And let’s really look at this from a realistic point of view. Who is targeted most by modern sterilization at the hands of the prison system? Black and brown people and those in poverty. What happens if we extend this to an even worsened level? Those same groups are going to be targeted. Nothing changes. 

Now, how do we decide who gets punished in this manner? Is it mandatory for every person who commits the crimes that you mention? Okay so do we have judges who lay down this sentence and lawyers who fight for forced sterilization as punishment similar to the death penalty? Do we have the same appeals process as we do for things like the death penalty - because just so you know that takes up a lot of state dollars so if we’re going to start punishing people on a mass level with forced sterilization that’s something you’re going to have to factor in. What about those that are found innocent later, what happens to them? 

If we’re going to start using the sterilization penalty, we’d also have to look at how this type of court process would harm POC and those in poverty even more. Race and class already plays a huge factor into the court system and it’s a similar problem with higher risks on the death penalty. And most importantly what’s to stop the state from making more laws punishable by sterilization. What’s to stop the state from taking this to another level. When have we ever trusted the state to do fucking anything without abusing its power and taking it out on the most vulnerable. 

And how are we going to do this without committing human rights violation and how does this not violate cruel and unusual punishment? That’s already a legal problem when forced/coerced sterilization happens in prisons now - so how would this extend to a massive level? 

Also this whole certain “bloodlines,” shouldn’t be allowed to continue comment is horrific thinking and pretty on par with the eugenics thought process as is. So like, maybe think this over a bit. 

Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader)

Between Worlds (Thorin Oakenshield x Human!Reader)

A/N: Hi guys! So, this is a request of @deepestfirefun ! I hope that you will like it and sorry for the delay once again ^^’

Fandom: The Hobbit

Pairing: Thorin x Reader

It has been a few weeks now that you had woken up in Middle-Earth. Your life was upside down and your definition of ‘rationality’ had definitely changed in the past few weeks. Back in our world - where only humans cohabited and where there were no dragons, Orcs or Elves - you were living a peaceful life.

Or rather; a boring life.

You had longed for adventures and forbidden love stories for ages, always feeling at bay of the society and it’s high demands. However, when you had wished to be sent into Middle-Earth after watching the Hobbit for the hundredth time, you didn’t expect it to truly happen. You had woken up into the woods, your hair all over your face and covering you like a warm and thick drape. And this is where - and how - the company of Thorin Oakenshield had found you.

At first, they were all truly suspicious about you, considering the fact that you were a woman, wearing weird clothes and talking oddly. In their eyes, you were one of a kind. Never had they met a daughter of men like you. You were always cracking jokes, you talked with words that sounded foreign and you cursed a lot. Too much for a lady. You kept repeating that you were no lady but they simply stated that any woman should know how to behave properly.

You had been offended at first but you soon understood that they were only joking when during the first dinner, the company of dwarves started a burping contest. The company of Thorin Oakenshield was a merry gathering and you loved being with them. Your life had been entertaining since they entered your life and you wouldn’t want to change it. In a way, you missed your old world and your family but you couldn’t deny the joy of finally belonging somewhere.

Moreover, you had started t develop some really strong feelings for the leader of the company, Thorin Oakenshield. The dwarf was stubborn and rather rough with you at first but something about him drove you crazy, your heart beating like a drum every time your eyes crossed his or every time you would feel his calloused skin brush against yours. It was hard to control or to hide because you had always dream about this kind of unconditional love. However, you knew that you had to keep your mouth closed. Thorin was a king, or soon to be king, he was the face of the dwarves’ royalty when you were a simple girl from another world.

You sighed as you sat next to Fili and Kili by the fire. Thorin had finally stop the company for the night and ordered to set the camp in a small clearing into the woods. Everyone had his task to do so you started to help Bombur and Bilbo while they prepared the stew. After a while, Bombur finally asked everyone to let him work on his own, pretending that it was almost done (but you knew that he simply wanted to have a small share of stew before everyone and with no one noticing) so you went by the fire and sat next to the two Durin brothers. Bilbo ran off to speak with Gandalf and out of the corner of your eyes, you could see Thorin talking in hushed tone with Balin and Dwalin. You knew that these three were close but you always wondered why they would isolate themselves almost every night. As you watched the three dwarves from your spot next to Kili, the young dwarf decided to ask you about your world. The two young dwarves seemed particularly interesting in your world and its customs.

“Miss (Y/N), can you tell us more about your world?” Kili asked with a bright grin. Fili instantly nodded his head in agreement and a few other dwarves turned their attentions to you.

“What would you like to know?” Every time they would ask you about your world, you were a bit lost, not knowing where to start. Middle-Earth was so much different the Earth. For example, the music was completely different or also the courting customs… On Earth there wasn’t any kind of courting anymore or at least it wasn’t called courting but flirting and dating.

“Maybe you could tell us what the courting customs are in your world?” Kili said genuinely interested but you saw that there was something else behind his question as his eyes looked from his uncle to his brother’s smirking features.

“Well… hm… I could yes.” You answered a but embarrassed. If this was a normal subject of conversation for dwarves, it wasn’t for you.

“Go in lass, we’re all ears!” Fili nodded in encouragement. You smiled weakly then started to explain.

“Well… you see, there’s not really any customs for that matter in my world.” You tapped your chin with your forefinger, trying to find the right words to explain it.

“What? How is that possible?” Kili asked with raised eyebrows.

“Actually, we don’t call it courting. We flirt and date people but we don’t court them. It is in a way a courting process because you ask someone out on a date then you can get to know each other, flirt and stuff like that. But we don’t call it courting.” You ranted a little but it was a tricky matter.

“So it is like courting but also not like courting?” Kili seemed completely lost, his face pulled in a frowning expression that made you chuckle.

“Yes and no.”

“Your world is complicated.” Fili pipped in with a disagreeing tone, you chuckled again.

“That it is!” You said with a small smile.

“Then how do you know when you’re going to marry someone or when you’re engaged?” Kili really wanted to understand.

“Well… if after dating for a while, sometimes years, the man propose to the woman and if she says yes then you’re engaged until the day of your wedding. Then you’re married. But you can call off a marriage whenever you want during the engagement and you can also divorce if you don’t want to be married anymore.” You explained, chuckling even more as you saw Fili and Kili’s faces fell into a horrified rictus.

“Call off a wedding?” Fili exclaimed.

“Divorce?” Kili exclaimed in the same outraged tone.

“Yes.” You said as you nodded your head.

“But why could someone want to divorce from his or her’s One?” Kili looked at you in wonder but looked slightly horrified.

“Oh, we don’t always marry our Ones. We don’t really have Ones either in my world. You just find someone you love but I doubt that there is a undying bond between the two lovers’ souls.” You looked at the two brothers and they looked sad.

“So, you never found your One in your world? No one is waiting for you?” Fili asked, laying his hand on your forearm in comfort.

“Nope… there’s no one waiting for me.” You said just above a whisper. After all, the one you wanted wasn’t even from your own world.

Fili and Kili nodded their heads in understanding then decided to ask about something else. You spend almost an hour trying to explain how life on Earth worked while the two brothers kept asking more and more questions.

From the other side of the camp, Thorin was discussing important matters with Balin and Dwalin. They needed to decided which rode they would take the next day but Thorin couldn’t seem to focus.

“Thorin? Are you even listening lad?” Balin’s amused voice suddenly brought Thorin out of his daydream.

“Hm… sorry, yes I’m listening. I still think that we should contour this forest. We can’t see what is following us or if something is really following us or spying on us.” Thorin said in a serious voice but Dwalin shook his head in amusement and Balin grinned at the King.

“We agreed on that almost an jour ago, lad.” Balin said, making Thorin’s eyes widen but he quickly covered it up.

“I knew that…”

“Sure you do.” Dwalin said in a teasing way.

“I was listening but only with one ear.” Thorin admitted.

“Yes and you couldn’t keep your eyes off the lass over there the other half of the time.” Dwalin said again, making Thorin groan and look away. Balin glared at his brother, knowing that teasing the King about his feelings for you would not help the situation.

“Why don’t you go and talk to her?” Balin asked.

“Because… I don’t know. I just can’t.” Thorin answered then looked at Dwalin who nodded his head in understanding. Sometimes, expression your feelings can be scarier than fighting an army or orcs.

“I know this is hard Thorin but you should try to understand what exactly you are feeling for the lass.” Balin’s eyes shone with kindness as he looked at his King. “Who knows you might find an unbreakable bound between the two of you.”

“I don’t know, Balin.” Thorin was really confused about his feelings for you.

It is true that ever time he looked at you or into your eyes or every time her heard you voice or your laugh, his heart would swell so much that it would even hurt. This unknown and foreign feeling are him alive, haunted his thoughts and his dreams. He had spend hours of his lonely nights trying to understand what was happening to him but every time he would finally find a rational explication, he would deny it. This particular explication was impossible.

Another voice brought the king out of his thoughts but this time it wasn’t Balin’s voice but yours. You were standing right before Thorin and his two advisers with a small smile on your lips.

“Hm… sorry to interrupt but the others are going to sleep and I wanted to let you three know that I will go clean myself up down there.” You pointed toward the other end of the clearing where Bofur had found a small river earlier. “I thought that it was best that you knew I was just down there and not kidnaped by orcs or something…” You chuckled a bit shy as you felt Thorin intended gaze you.

“It could be dangerous.” He stated in his gruff but entrancing voice.

“I’ll scream if I encounter any trouble.” You almost pleaded, feeling the need to scrub the dirt from your skin. Thorin sighed but nodded his head anyway.

“Alright but be careful. If you’re not back in 15 minutes, I’ll come searching for you.” The king told you already worried.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be long. I promise.” You told him before storming away, finally happy to have some time alone to wash your sour body. “Thank you!” You called out before disappearing into the bushes.

Thorin sighed and shook his head in amusement to your cheerful behavior. You were his ray of sunshine in the deep darkness of his duties and sadness.

After a while, you had finally be able to scrub the dirt and dust from your skin. You were sitting on the thin white rocks above the river’s shore, trying to dry your hair as much as you could with the spare towel Ori had gave you. Your thoughts wandered when suddenly a song came up from a long gone memory of your world. You smiled almost melancholically and started to sing softly, each word dropping from your lips as a delicious sweet liquor.

“One morning
I heard you songbird
Cryin’ out loud
So I came to see what you were crying about

Your broken wing
The dirge you were warbling
Was it your own?”

You sang, lost in your thoughts and in the song, knowing that Thorin had come to search for you. He was scared and anxious when you did not come back after 15 minutes. However, his worries vanished in a thin smoke escaping his mind as he heard an angelic voice sing near the river’s shore. Thorin had followed the voice until he found its owner. You.

“Who was going to take care of you?
Who was going to care for you?

Were you blinded by the stars?
Is that how you hurt yourself?
Or did you lose a lover?
Maybe that’s why we found each other

I offered you my home
Your songs from start to end
I wanted to remember them

Who was gonna find you?
Who was gonna fall for you?
Who was gonna take care of you?
Who was goin to care for you?”

Thorin hid behind the bushes. He listened to your voice and watched you intently. You were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And your voice made his heart explode with adoration. Each word leaving your lips sounded like magic and honey. A soft and sweet melody to his ears.

“The days and nights they passed
I knew you would waste away
Stuck inside a cage
Still I hoped you’d stay

Now are you flying high?
Soaring above the sea
Or in the tallest tree?
And do you remember me?
Do you tell about this story?
Cuz when the bells ring
All I long to hear
Are the songs you would sing

Who was gonna find you?
Who was gonna fall for you?
Who was gonna take care of you?
Who was going to care for you?”

You finished the song and Thorin’s heat craved more. That is when he understood what this odd feeling that was gripping his heart for several weeks was. He had found you… his one. Thorin was in love with you, he could feel it now. He could feel the bond that was linking your souls and your lives. And for the first time in ages Thorin Oakenshield smiled. A real, beautiful and joyful smile spread on his features as he watched you. Then he decided to show himself, not finding to courage in him to stay hidden away from you any longer.

“You did not come back.” Thorin spoke up in his soft baritone voice. You gasped and jump at the sudden noise, not expecting anyone to be there. You turned around, ready to scream when your eyes landed on Thorin’s form emerging from the bushes.

“Thorin! You scared me!” You exclaimed with your hand on your chest as if to calm your beating heart.

“I apologize, it was not my intention, Amrâlimê.” Thorin answered in a soft voice that took you off guard.

“What did you call me?” You asked, not understanding a word of Khuzdul. Thorin walked on the shore to step in front of you and took your cold hands in his warm ones, enveloping them in his love.

“Amrâlimê.” He repeated in the same soft voice. You looked into his eyes and you were surprised to see love and adoration into his bright blue iris.

“What… what does it mean?” You asked, stuttering in anticipation.

“My love.” Thorin breathed out, so simply but those words coming out of his mouth meant so much for you and for him. You looked at him for several minutes not knowing what to do but Thorin did.

“I tried to find another explication to what I am feeling for you, (Y/N) but I now know that it was foolish. I am in love with you, utterly and completely in love with you. I am yours from now on, you will never loose my love. I promise that I will cherish you and protect you with my life if I have to. Even if you don’t return my feelings.” Thorin said in one time, looking straight into your eyes the whole time.

You looked at him with adoration and love, not understanding how lucky you were. This world was made for you. Middle-Earth gave you all you had ever wanted. A reason to fight, a purpose in life, friends, a family and a lover.

You closed your eyes as a single tear of joy ran down your cheeks. Thorin caught it with his thumb and cupped your cheeks you opened your eyes and smiled at your One.

“I love you too, Thorin.”

Your words were simple but your eyes talked for you. Thorin smiled and finally closed the distance between your lips. Sealing your love and your bond in a passionate kiss.

anonymous asked:

could i please have some fluffy dating headcanons for prime ratchet, rid strongarm, and rescue bots chase? (if that's too much, you can just pick one or two, i'm not picky!! thank you so much in advance!!!!)

I already have some headcanons for Strongarm here :)

TFP Ratchet

  • Even though he seems grumpy and rough, he once he cares about someone he is 110% going to protect them and do everything he can for them. Sometimes he can seem like a mother hen.
  • He’s a hypocrite- he nags you to sleep and eat while he’s running on fumes. You have to remind him to take care of himself.
  • Make sure to tell him how important he is. The more you say it the more he’ll start to believe it. He doesn’t know how valuable he is to the team; a little appreciation goes a long way.
  • Honestly he’s the best person to bitch with. No issue is too petty to be salty about, lay it on him. Between snide remarks and his own complaining he’ll give you advice. It’s not always good advice, mind you (don’t hit your boss with a wrench) but he tries.
  • He loves it when you join him in the wash racks. Loves it. You can get in between plating and untangle wires, and gosh when you help with the seams of his servos he melts into a big pile of goop. By the time you’re drying off his engine is purring. After a long hot shower he lets you cover him in pillows and you take a nap together.

RB Chase

  • Chase is always overjoyed to see you. His optics light up and there’s a bounce in his step. Most don’t notice these subtle signs of happiness, but you do.
  • Blushy babe. So blushy. Chase isn’t experience when it comes to affection- even by Cybertronian standards- so every little touch makes his tanks flutter and his spark spin. The first time you kissed his cheeks his fans blasted so hard you were nearly knocked right off of him (don’t worry, he caught you). Even if it’s overwhelming he does love the attention; it’s exhilarating in the most addicting way.
  • He’s super into the idea of chivalry. And I don’t just mean the gentleman-ly stuff. No, I mean he is dedicated to you. He made an actual speech about how since you came along his duties as a Rescue Bot are even more important; now he has you to protect.
  • You two aren’t dating, you’re courting. Chase is more comfortable with the Cybertronian courting process, so he teaches you about it as you go along.
Dating Merlin Would Include:

- Meeting because you also work as a servant in the castle.
- You two commiserate over how arrogant and rude some nobles can be.
- This is usually followed by silently glaring at Arthur and Uther.
- You work out he has magic fairly early on in your friendship by noticing the various miraculous things centered around defending Arthur that seem to occur in his presence.
- While you two were on a break from your duties, you also sort of noticed his spell book.
- He later confesses that he has magic and is shocked when he learns that you’ve known for awhile.
- You two prank everyone together and you both encourage the other’s mischievous behavior.
- You frequently comment on how clueless Arthur is.
- Him admitting his loneliness and displeasure over keeping his magic a secret and how different it makes him.
- After this, you make an effort to understand him even better.
- You try to verbally compliment and appreciate Merlin as much as possible.
- All of the knights and the court as a whole take bets on how long it’ll take for you two to get together.
- You two first admit your feelings for one another because Gwaine started to flirt with you in front of Merlin in order to get a rise out of him.
- This leads to him confessing his feelings and you two start the courting process.
- Whenever you’re upset, he’ll try to conjure up your favorite foods.
- This always ends in either laughter when he fails, or smiles and kisses when he succeeds.
- He gives really spectacular advice.
- He is seriously the sweetest guy to you.
- You two go on romantic picnics, he brings you random small gifts, and he remembers important dates.
- You meet Kilgharrah and actually like the old dragon and are understanding of his thought process.
- You’re both super supportive of each other.
- You frequently joke that he is actually dating Arthur and that you’re just a cover.
- This always results in him face-palming and blushing before you reassure him that you’re only kidding.
- Gwen insists on you two properly attending at least a few balls instead of simply serving the guests.
- You two are just the cutest couple.
- You and Merlin don’t really argue at all.
- Although you do chastise him whenever he does something too terribly risky.
- He is a mite overprotective.
- For PDA, he keeps it to hand-holding, cheek kisses, and wrapping an arm around you.
- You two are just made for each other.
- Arthur rolls his eyes whenever you two do something cutesy.

WARNING- I do not own BBC’s “Merlin” nor any of the associated characters. You own you. Please don’t sue me.

ella-animine  asked:

Ok, a Kolivance idea if you like? Lance and Kolivan both sharing typical social interactions of their species/culture, bc neither would really know. But they kind of fudge the truth a little bit to get closer to each other. Wether or not it backfires or they figure it out is up to you, but I think them kind of pining and stuff this way is cute. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (hope that's kinda somn you were maybe looking for?)

 “And nowadays,” Lance says, sounding a little out of breath from laughing and with his cheeks adorably flushed, “nowadays courting on Earth is… pretty much different from what it used to be?  And different from what you’ve described the galran courting process to be.”

 “Is it?,” Kolivan hums, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips as well.  The human looked… positively adorable with his cheeks red, and he knew the image presented before him was one he’d adore for years to come, “How do humans court nowadays?”

 “Weeeeell,” with a grin, Lance licks his lips quickly as he leans closer to the taller (gods, he was a sucker for tall people, wasn’t he?) male, casually brushing Kolivan’s knee with the back of his hand, “nowadays, we just… flirt a lot.”


 “Yeah! Like,” and then Lance chuckles again, the red of his cheeks turning brighter as he looks at Kolivan in the eye, moving to be sitting even closer to the other, “Are you from outer space? Because your body is out of this world!”