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Gotham: Ra's Al Guhl's Arrival Changes Bruce And Alfred's Relationship

Ra’s al Ghul will soon be making his Gotham debut. The enigmatic, fearsome, and centuries-old leader of the powerful vigilante group known as The League of Shadows is being portrayed by Alexander Siddig, who is best know for his performances in Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons, or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

As Bruce digs deeper into The Court of Owls, he will discover that Ra’s al Ghul is the one pulling the strings. And the relationship that develops between them will have a major impact on Bruce’s relationship with Alfred, the one person in his life that never gives up on him and isn’t afraid to tell the boy billionaire when he’s crossed the line.

“[Ra’s al Ghul is] going to be the answer to a question that we begin to pose fairly early on when we get back, when we start to see these forces at work in Gotham,” executive producer John Stephens told TV Guide. “We’re posing this enigma of what is behind all these things. His reveal will be an answer and a further question once he comes on the scene because he’s such an enormous character in the Batman canon. What are his plans for Gotham? What are his plans for Bruce and how is that actually going to change Bruce going forward, because Bruce’s encounter with Ra’s al Guhl is definitely going to change his and Alfred’s relationship from this point forward.”

Will Ra’s al Ghul play a part in Bruce’s transformation into Batman? “I think we all know about how Ra’s al Guhl figures into the creation of the Batman mythology from our own knowledge of the canon and Christopher Nolan’s movies,” Stephens offered. “It’s a little hard for me to talk about without totally letting the cat out of the bag.”

I said it before but I’ll say it again. I absolutely love how one side of Gotham is in utter chaos because crazy lunatics like Jerome and the Mad Hatter, while the other side is caught up in the dark, twisted love story between the Mayor and his ex-Chief of Staff.

Then you have the Court of Owls who are just standing by watching everything. Depending on their mood, they can either watch a soap opera or a horror film. It’s all fair game for the night.
Gotham Casts Game of Thrones Alum Alexander Siddig as Ra's al Ghul

Gotham appeared to lose its biggest villain in the winter finale, when the Riddler vs Penguin battle came to a dramatic close. But a villain of epic proportions is coming to town, as one of Batman’s most cunning foes, Ra’s al Ghul, joins the cast in the final eight episode run of the season that airs this spring. Alexander Siddig, a well-liked TV actor from Game of Thrones, Da Vinci’s Demons, Atlantis, 24, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and more will step into the role of the nigh-immortal villain who in the comics seeks to make Bruce Wayne his heir as he controls the world from the shadows.

The role is a recurring one that will start later this season, and Ra’s will be seen as “pulling the strings” of everything going on in Gotham City, including the actions of the Court of Owls and other villains. To say it’s a big undertaking is an understatement. Interestingly, Siddig will be the first man of Arabian origins to play this Arabian character.

Typically in the comics, Ra’s al Ghul comes into Bruce Wayne’s life after he’s become Batman, but that was changed in Batman Begins when he became one of Bruce’s primary instructors, helping him to become the vigilante. We may see even more of a mentorship role between Ra’s and the young Bruce Wayne on Gotham played by David Mazouz. Gotham is using the “League of Shadows” instead of “League of Assassins” in the series - the former has been used exclusively in the big screen “Dark Knight Trilogy,” while the latter was the comic book original name of his organization, and was brought to live action on the CW.

The character has appeared in several media besides comics, most recently as a character on Arrow.

The official character description from Gotham’s producers follows:


As Bruce (David Mazouz) pulls the veil off the COURT OF OWLS, he finds the man pulling the strings is the enigmatic and powerful RA’S AL GHUL. With his past shrouded in mystery, Ra’s Al Ghul uses cunning and deception to lay waste to his foes. As the leader of an international criminal organization known as the LEAGUE OF SHADOWS, Ra’s Al Ghul will prove himself to be Bruce’s most dangerous adversary yet.
‘Game Of Thrones’ Alexander Siddig Joins ‘Gotham’ As Archvillain Ra’s Al Ghul
Ra’s Al Ghul appeared on Arrow a few seasons back and it seemed only a matter of time until one of Batman’s deadliest foes showed up on Gotham next – and here the DC supervillain comes. Game …
By Dominic Patten

“Ra’s Al Ghul appeared on Arrow a few seasons back and it seemed only a matter of time until one of Batman’s deadliest foes showed up on Gotham next – and here the DC supervillain comes. Game of Thrones alum Alexander Siddig has been cast to play the head of the League of Shadows on Fox’s Dark Knight backstory series from Bruno Heller.

Currently on a late winter break, Gotham returns for the rest of its third season next month with Siddig’s Ra’s Al Ghul expected to make his on-screen debut soon afterwards. The character will be revealed on the show as David Mazouz’s young Bruce Wayne begins to finds out who is really behind the secret Court of Owls council that seems to run everything in Gotham.”


Okay so theory time. I’ve seen the spoilers saying that Babs is going to persuade Ed to go after the Court of Owls, to stop them and tear them down. What if during this time, Oswald is working along side them, regathering his powerbase once more. He lost everything in the fall, his home, status and power. It is only natural he would seek out those that could be of benefit, those being Fish and Strange, as well as the Court.

Is this how Ed and Oswald will cross paths again? I for one am very intrigued to see what the Court has install for Oswald and how Ed will fit into all of this.

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I never really got into those Talon!AUs. I don't know man, just keep the Court of Owls away from me.


idk my guy i’m climbing a volcano tomorrow. 

i hate how the entire talon thing in canon was and @margoshkas can in five minutes devise a way better way to do that entire story line and history of that organization

talon? how about edgelord steampunk 3000 okay. 

okay so @riddlerbird and I had a theory that perhaps Isabella knew exactly what her purpose was. Whoever was behind her, the Court of Owls, or Hugo Strange, she knew she had to die. She knew Oswald Cobblepot was supposed to kill her and she played that through to the end knowing full well what the Mayor was capable of.