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reader x jungkook

→ “I did it. I killed him, Y/N. I did it.”

Wednesday, 11:27 am

“So, Ms L/N,” The man’s loud voice breaks the silence of the courtroom, sounding controlled and so void of emotion. “you were originally assigned to this case?”

No hesitation. “I was, yes.”

The man raises and eyebrow, placing a finger on his thin, circular glasses and rearranges them on his nose, humming deeply. “What caused you to drop it?”

“I couldn’t stay on the case after figuring out who was being charged.”

Another hum. “Why so?”

“Because a lawyer involved in a case, with close relations to the charged, can’t possibly take a case. Especially a murder case.” You say loudly, clearly, stating your involvement to the client to an unknowing court, catching them off guard. In a single second, the grand room was filled with hushed talking. The defender’s lawyer’s raises his eyebrows in utter surprise, the judge hammering against her table, demanding calmness. You swallow back a smirk, letting your eyes travel over to Kyungsoo, Baekhyun - and Jungkook.

Kyungsoo’s and Baekhyun’s dark eyes were trained, bound to neutrality. After all, this was no surprise to them. Quite the contrary; it was all planned. Jungkook, however, is surprised - so to say. He’s about to stand, only for Kyungsoo to harshly tug him back into his seat, in between his two just mentioned lawyers. 

“To be specific, what sort of relations are you referring to L/N?” The man continues after a tense silence fell over the room. 

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Here’s the thing.

I know Neil is not soft. Andrew is especially not soft. They’re both hardened boys that have been fucked over way too many times. There are scars upon rough and probably dry skin in some areas. Calloused fingers and glares that can make anyone cave. They’re far from being gentle because they know they can’t do as Renee does.

But I think they deserve to be able to be soft around each other. For the first time in their lives, they’ve found someone to feel safe around. I can’t pretend to understand what they’ve gone through, but after lives like the ones they lead, I like to think they’d want to be soft with each other. They’ve dealt with tough love and biting words too often that they probably, every once in a while, like to just calm down.

They’re not soft people, not by nature, but they can act soft around each other once in a while. Neil, softly curling their fingers together after a long day and smiling from his side of the bed. Andrew, threading his fingers through Neil’s hair as Neil watches a movie in his lap and Andrew watches him. Neil pressing a careful kiss to Andrew’s knuckles and Andrew pressing his nose to Neil’s neck in a gesture that’s completely trusting.

There’s a post about how Neil is not soft, and I agree. Neil is not soft, and neither is Andrew, but I think they can be allowed to act like it sometimes. Just every so often, and only with each other. For boys like them, being soft with each other might be one of the grandest gestures of trust they can give.

Night Guard

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To Andrew, watching a person sleep had always sounded like a vampire kind of thing to do. No normal human being did that kind of thing. It was something predatory freaks did, and Andrew was a lot of things, but he wasn’t a bloodsucking privacy invader. At least, that was how he’d felt before he’d gotten involved with Neil.

He’d passed it off as gruff concern the first time, and at that point in the proceedings, Neil probably had needed someone to keep an eye on him while he slept. The events of Boston and afterward had left them all fucked up and paranoid, and even though Neil was better able to sleep than Andrew, he wasn’t in any better state. It still felt like intruders could burst into the room from one side of the law or another and even with the door locked and their room protected, danger still seemed to lurk around every corner.

Andrew could protect Neil from physical intruders, but there was nothing he could do about the dreams. Like most of the foxes, his worst enemy was himself.

They’d tried a few things. Hot tea, a sound machine, soft music, hard exercise. None of it really worked, and it made the both of them more tired for trying. In the end Neil threw up his hands and demanded to face his demons himself, so at least Andrew could get a little sleep, and they had tried to leave it at that.

But giving up on someone he was protecting was not exactly something Andrew excelled at.

It wasn’t like he sat there and stared at Neil’s unmoving body, or memorized every detail of his face, or whatever. He was just hyper-aware of Neil beside him in bed, the way his breath caught and his hands gripped the underside of his pillow that no longer hid anything to protect him.  He tried to close his eyes and pretend to sleep, even thought of kicking Neil out to hold him to his request of at least one of them getting a few hours. But as time ticked on, he was still too awake, too vigilant to sleep with Neil in distress.

So he used the only sure trick he had; he grabbed Neil by the back of the neck and pulled him close.

It startled him awake, of course, but there was no mistaking the smell of the cigarettes they’d shared before bed on the roof or the distinctly lingering smell of exy sweat or that grip in that place and Neil wheezed and pressed his forehead to Andrew’s sternum, the adrenaline beating holes in both of their chests.

“Thought you were going to sleep,” he mumbled, trying to square up even soaked with fear sweat in their too small bed, wearing one of Matt’s old band shirts like a little kid in a nightgown.

“Some asshole was keeping me awake,” Andrew said, and pulled him in a little tighter. Not a hug. Something stronger. Fiercer. To protect him like Neil couldn’t protect himself, to remind himself that there was still strength and softness in him somewhere.

To finally get a good night’s sleep.

“Almost punched you in the throat,” Neil said, his weary voice getting lost in Andrew’s neck.

“Go ahead and try, and I’ll knock you out for real.”

“Deal,” Neil said, and succumbed to the first dreamless rest he’d had in weeks.

Serial killer Edmund Kemper towers over security guards in court. Standing just under 6 ft 9 inches tall, Kemper was a true giant, and could reportedly lift burly police officers weighing over 200 pounds clear over his head.

After having his juvenile homicide record sealed, Kemper aspired to be a police officer, and put in an application for police academy. He was rejected on the grounds that his imposing size would intimidate the public.

  • Bleach fan: HEY, YOU!!!
  • Me: yes?
  • Me: um..
  • Bleach fan: WELL!?!?!
  • Me: *sweats*
  • Bleach fan: WHICH ONE IS IT!?!?
  • Me: I don't even know man! I just wanna know what happened to the 13 Squads, why Aizen is back in jail, where is daddy Isshin and ishida, where the hell is Kon,Kisuke, and Cat lady, and like everything's gone to shit man! I don't even know anymore!!
Howl's Moving Castle AU

So Howl’s Moving Castle stole my heart from Spirited Away. It now owns the spot as my #1 Ghibli film… even though it’s been so long that I barely remember any others.

Now comes the question. Where is my Miraculous AU for this ? I have come armed with a plan :

Chat can be the dramatic yet beloved Cinnamon Roll Howl. He is notorious for ‘eating girls hearts’ when really he does no such thing. He just had enough of girls chasing after him and decided that would ward them off. He is now quite talented at slithering out of anything he doesn’t want to do, including being a court wizard. He guards his freedom with his life after living in a controlling environment as a child.

Marinette is our beloved Sophie. Quite shy and subdued mostly because she is just so tired of her dull life. She loves taking care of her parents legacy, their bakery but clothes and sewing has been her passion. She hopes to one say become a seamstress in her hometown of Kingsbury.

Marinette is off visiting Alya during May Day when two strange men start to bother her. Not used to this type of interaction in so long, she feels quite tongue tied and a little scared until Chat comes and magics them away. He escorts her to the bakery where Alya promptly scolds her, gently, but still still colds her as the wizard could have been Chat Noir.

The witch of the waste, Lila is quite jealous of this interaction and later spells Marinette to be am old woman. Marinette thus embarks on an adventure to get herself back to normal and ends up at Chats moving castle. She gets there with the help of an odd magical scarecrow with orange leaves peeking out from under his tip hat.

At the castle, Mari meets Plagg. A demon who Chat made a contract with. Plagg strikes a bargain with Mari. She breaks the contract and Plagg will break her spell. She also meets Nino. Chats apprentice who is near about her age. Nino seems to know Chat quite well having known him for a long time.

Over the course of the time Mari stays with Chat, she pretends to be his cleaning lady and personal seamstress. She quickly realizes he has quite the flair for clothes. Living in the capital and being the son of a high bred designer leaves it’d mark. (Not that Mari knows that. )

Chat quickly finds out who Mari is despite her not being able to tell him. After an incident where Mari dyes his hair from black to blonde she scolds him and makes him stop acting like a baby.

Eventually the war brewing in Miracula officially starts and Chat, who goes by multiple aliases around Miracula is summoned to help. That just won’t do. He will have no part in a war he is against.

He relocates the castle to the capital where he allows Marinette to run a boutique. With a little help, a few of her designs are brought to life in no time. It’s time he perfect cover.

Chat tries to send Mari to pretend to be his mother and blacken his name so he won’t have to participate in the war. It backfires because as Mari is talking to the royal sorcerer Hawkmoth, she gets angry at some of the accusations being placed on Chat. She reverts to her true form for a few seconds because of her bold action and Hawkmoth realizes she’s in love with Chat as he is with her.

The witch of the waste, meanwhile, has been stripped of her powers by Hawkmoth who gave them to her originally. She no longer poses a threat but the spell on Mari has yet to be broken. The greater her confidence gets, the spells effect reduces. Moments where she is completely self assured is when sneak even manages to reach her true age.

Hawkmoth sends his akumas after Chat even though they’ve hidden themselves. He finds out about their location eventually and reigns terror on them. Chat is weak and at this point has used so much of Plagg’s power he’s practically a demon himself. The toll of being heartless, very literally, has caught up to him.

Chat now has something to fight for and refuses to run from his problems. He protects Mari and Plagg and Nino by fighting the akumas by himself but Marinette isn’t going to let him kill himself. She takes them to the edge of the waste via the door portal where the castle is roaming amd promptly breaks off its connection to her boutique.

Chat nearly dies but Marinette manages to convince Plagg to lead them to him. She ends up seeing his memories as a child of the emotional abuse he faced at home when he was Adrien and the opportunity presented when he found Plagg weak and helpless and decided to save him.

At the end she realizes what to do to break the contract between them so as she fades from the memory, Mari calls out to a young Chat amd tells him to find her in the future.

She returns to chat his heart and Plagg is free but decides to stay with them anyway. The scarecrow Mari had found has been with them and helped them a great deal. To show her gratitude, Mari kisses him on the cheek and it is revealed that he is Prince Nathaniel. He asks for Marinette’s hand but she is too busy with Adrien to realize and Nathaniel understands the situation and doesn’t ask again.

Chat is so happy to have his heart back and he and Marinette share a hug. Nathaniel leaves to stop the war which started due to him going missing. Chat and Mari rebuild their home, the castle and Mari once again runs her boutique. They start dating and even find that Alya and Nino had been seeing each other for a month. They all end up living happily ever after.

I… did not mean to write this much. Any how this is what I’ve got. Not the best and it’s all over the place but i came up with it all on the fly. Hope you enjoyed. If you haven’t see the movie and read the book I 10/10 recommend howls moving castle. It’s magical. Come gush to me about Sophie and Howl any time.


Buncha sketches related to this post. Hours taken: too many.

* Bismuth said something to the effect of ‘man, I didn’t know they could synthesize humans now’.

* Cortana knew nothing about the Rose Quartz about to be shattered, just that it wouldn’t do to stand around and watch. By this point, the mission would be falling apart anyway…

* I sincerely doubt that Durandal would be amused by the current setup of Homeworld’s society.

* Those three Gems who break onto the Rozinante; they’re all (soon to be former) members of Blue Diamond’s court. Emerald’s a guard, Topaz is a secretary, and Covellite is a computer technician (who had a messier hairstyle until I realized how similar it was to Psi’s).

* Rosemary is a defector from White Diamond’s court, and that’s all she’ll tell her new crewmates.

* Vince’s stance on the Great Diamond Authority is that he’d like to see if any of them can be made to atone, but he’s still prepared to shatter ‘em.

The Reprimand

A letter came for Cris, carried by a Shining Blade runner, and sealed with the Blade emblem. He pursed his lips, already guessing what lay within, and he moved to a quiet, out of the way part of Camp Dam to read it.

To High Exemplar Cristian Eskara

You are hereby receiving this letter of reprimand for immoral actions taken in the war against the White Mantle. You are notified that this is your third offense. Due to the current situation of the war around Lake Doric, and the pending trials of the remaining Ministers and Ministry Guard, your court marshal hearing is post-poned until the conflict is resolved. You will retain your current command and duties, until your court marshal hearing. You are to be further reminded that continued transgressions will no longer be tolerated, and will be considered acts of insubordination, punishable by field execution. Remember that acts of atrocity are only warranted under extreme circumstances unless authorized under the mission rules of engagement. Such authorizations are not currently in effect.

Final warning. Long Live the Queen.

Cris grimaced and ground his teeth a bit in annoyance, “Don’t need to remind me what the punishment is…” he muttered as he took the letter over to a camp fire and burned it, watching it until it was nothing but cinders and ash. He’d obey. Between this and the deal he’d made with Pendragon earlier in the evening, he had little choice.

“Valor, Courage, and Honor. Wonder who the first two are among the priest’s fan club” he muttered, “Wonder if they have a spot for Vengeance… I could be that…” Sniffing in annoyance, he returned to patrolling the camp to seek out more of the spies and traitors in their midst.

Your Fantasy Story is Bothering Me Part II

Part I

I’m back with more complaints about fantasy:

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The Star Signs In Medieval Times.

Aries: Army General/ Knight/ Crusader.

Taurus: Chef. Painter. Gardener/ Crop Farmer.

Gemini: Herald. Book Translator.

Cancer: Court Jester. Castle Guard.

Leo: King/ Queen.

Virgo: King’s/ Queen’s Advisor. Servant.

Libra: Priest/ Priestess. Monk. Nun.

Scorpio: Witch/ Wizard/ Magician.

Sagittarius: Explorer and Datalogger. Lancer/ Jousting Champion.

Capricorn: Castle Decorator. Festival Planner.

Aquarius: Revolutionary. Philosopher.

Pisces: Minstrel. Author of Fairy Tales.


Chinese Swords Collection Ⅰ ——-Tang dao(唐刀), Chinese swords in authentic Tang dynasty style, part Ⅱ. According to administrative code book, 唐六典,which was finished in A.D.738, tangdao is the generic term of four types of swords. Yi dao(仪刀), swords for ceremony, long, blade is straight, gorgeous in appearance, with golden ring on the tail of grip; Zhang dao(障刀), swords for shield, slightly curved, short and portable, designed for close combat; Heng dao(横刀), swords for the court guards, blade is long, narrow and straight, grip is long, with many decorations on sheath; Mo dao(陌刀), swords for foot soldiers, long and heavy, can be wielded to cut the legs of steeds of cavalry. See part Ⅰ.


Celestia: “I don’t know about god-like status but regardless, then as now, ponies panicked over everything, including me getting suddenly sick from a particularly terrible migraine. Back then, in my first dozen years of rule, I was absolutely mortified. Now, it’s sort of amusing. Especially so as I later courted that guard who’s helmet I befouled. It didn’t last for mundane reasons but it was certainly memorable for how we started talking. And of course, Luna was a lifesaver.”