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what other webcomics do you read? i need some recs

ok I’m genuinely into EVERY comic i’m about to suggest so pls take the time to check them all out if you’re looking for some reading material

first of all, read Octopus Pie. it’s a classic. it recently ended, and there’s a huge backglog to go through. really well written w/ real professional art i’m actually rereading it RIGHT NOW.

next, Gunnerkrigg Court. this and octopie are the goodie oldies of webcomics, they’ve been running forever. the art starts off a little more simple and cartoony and evolves into some of the most gorgeous, vibrant paintings for panels. the story is EXTREMELY engaging and i’ve been reading it for years. there’s also some rlly cute queer stuff… no spoilers.

i’m almost positive you’ve already SEEN some of Hark! A Vagrant’s strips around the internet. they’re fucking iconic and I don’t really need to say more to you. all i have to do is show you.

now it’s time to talk about Bad Machinery, another BIG FAV. the arcs are cut up to be case-by-case, as a group of school kids solve a slew of supernatural mysteries. I’m really in love with the playful art style and the writing gets. REAL heavy at times. the characters actually do get older and move forward in time as the story progresses, which is something i really appreciate in school-setting comics. pls read it, it’s great.

Kill Six Billion Demons is a new one on my list. It’s…. Insane. I read through it almost all at once, it’s really hard to stop, and it hasn’t been running for too long. The art is some of the most stunning shit I’ve ever seen in my life, forreal. It genuinely makes me want to scream.

Namesake holds a VERY special place in my heart. The illustrations are gorgeous, the wizard-of-oz setting is really cozy for me, and it’s extremely well written. (ALSO QUEER STUFF) don’t pass up this one, yall.

I have a lot more, should I keep going??


TFC-NET’S 2017 Spooky Creation Event: .
↳ So this is rlly way too long for a bullet fic and I’m sorry but I barely remember writing this and I’m too tired to split it up appropriately so here u go (tw violence, torture, and abuse mentions) 

  • Neil’s primary concern, something drilled into him by his mother, was always to stay alive
  • He was never scared of Riko, Riko couldn’t kill him. Riko didn’t know how.
  • He was scared of what Riko knew, how to contact the people who could
  • Riko pins him against the wall after the interview and sees Neil’s real eyes flash from beneath the contacts
  • Riko’s eyes widen before narrowing and pressing harder on his throat. No matter what he does, it won’t kill Neil.
  • He stops breathing for too long before Riko releases him, bright blue eyes still baring themselves to the human who dared try to hurt him
  • Kevin figured it out on the bus back from the winter banquet
  • “You’re one of them.” A fact, followed by a nod from Neil and a string of curses from Kevin 

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(part i - summoning) (part ii - tame)

A bell on the door tinkles as Allison pushes inside, and she waits until it swings closed to push her glasses off of her face. She’s in her lay-low outfit of a cap and jeans, and she drove here in her lay-low car, and so far she hasn’t noticed anyone noticing her.

She’s here in a little occult shop that smells like books. It’s her second of the day – in the first she visited the lady working there had wanted to talk about Allison’s aura and offered her a book that look specifically like a bible when she mentioned demons, so she’d written that one off and come to this one instead.

The man at the desk is pretty and dangerous-looking, all fox-coloured hair and scars on his cheeks. He looks her over, though what he sees isn’t clear from his quiet face, and says, “Can I help you?”

“Maybe,” Allison says. “I’m here about a demon.”

“Ah,” the man says, after a pause. “Come through.”

He stands and walks out from behind the desk along the back wall of the store, and then pushes through a door. He doesn’t bother to hold it open for her – rude – but it hangs ajar in invitation. After taking a breath, Allison follows him.

She makes it one step into the room before someone grabs her around the throat and pushes her back against the door, slamming it with her body weight.

“Jesus Christ,” someone – not the person holding her – says. “You didn’t say it was Allison fucking Reynolds.”

“Who?” That’s the man from the front desk, who clearly lives under a rock.

“Shut up,” a third voice says, from very close to Allison’s throat. It belongs to a short, stocky man with hair as blonde as Allison’s and a still face. “Well. This is a funny place to find the Princess Reynolds.”

“Fuck you,” she says, because she’s not getting much air with his hand to her throat, but honestly, fuck him.

The man ignores this. “And she says she wants to know about demons. Interesting. How does a girl like you get mixed up with that sort of nonsense?” He leans on the last word, like it’s a joke.

“Fuck you,” Allison repeats, and then, “Let go of me.”

There’s no explanation for what happens next. Except there is, because she lives in a world where demons are real, and apparently so is magic, because when she says those words the core of her chest buzzes alive and the blonde man flies back so hard he bowls into a pair of people standing by the back wall.
He seems unbothered by this. His eyes sharpen, and there’s an approximation of a smile on his face as he detangles himself carefully from a pile of limbs.

“Ah. I see,” he says. “So, what did he promise you? Money? Can’t be, you have plenty of that. Power? Loyalty?”

“Nothing,” Allison replies. Her skin feels like it’s sparking.

“Even worse,” the man says. “You don’t look cheap.”

Out in the shop, the bell over the door tinkles. Everyone pauses for a moment, and then the blonde man says, “Nicky, go.”

“God, really?” one of the people he’d crashed into – dark hair, dark skin, and by the voice the one who’d recognised Allison – says. When no one speaks he rolls his eyes. “Fine.”

He edges around Allison and out of the door, closing it behind him.

“Whatever he promised you,” that’s the man with the scars, “he won’t give it to you. He’s looking to use you for whatever power you’ve got. Then he’ll probably kill you.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Allison says. 

“Oh, he does.” That’s another man – how many does it take to run a tiny occult shop, honestly? He’s tall with bright green eyes and a tattoo on his face, so maybe he has to work here. “We’ve dealt with demons before.”

“Whatever he said to you…if he threatened you, we can help you,” the scarred man tells her. Considering his big blue eyes, he doesn’t look very earnest.

“She,” Allison corrects, right as there’s a knock at the door behind her and

Nicky says, “Uh, Andrew? Someone wants to talk to you.”

“Come in,” the blonde man – Andrew, apparently – says.

Allison turns as the door swings open. Nicky is standing there, and so is Renee, looking just the same as she did last time Allison saw her. She looks at Allison, taking her in like she’s checking for damage, and then says, “Hello, Andrew.”

“Renee,” Andrew says, after a pause.

“It’s been a while,” Renee continues. “I did wonder why I hadn’t seen you lately.”

“Is she…” the scarred man says. He’s gone tense, looking between Andrew and Renee. “Do you know her?”

“I did,” Andrew replies.

“You’re human,” Renee says. Allison would have thought that that was stating the obvious, right up until now. But actually, she can see the resemblance between Renee and Andrew that isn’t in any of the other people in the room.

“You were a demon,” Allison says to Andrew, putting words to what everyone else in the room clearly already knows. “Tell me how to turn her back.”


I don’t see why willdip cannot be sweet and affectionate. People tend to exaggerate things for this au, but I think it’s pretty simple: enemies in canon, lovers in fanon


this is one of many aus I’ve written on the tfc net’s group chat and the first that i’ll be uploading onto tumblr!

tw for gore-ish, horror elements, religious elements, drinking, drugs, murder, implied/referenced rape, and abuse mentions

  • Nathan Wesninski is in debt, but the Moriyamas are a v different evil than before
  • He sells his son to them, but instead of taking his body to play exy, they take his soul
  • Mary can’t take her son and keep him away from a binding contract like that
  • So the Moriyamas get total control over Neil
  • He becomes like the butcher in that he does their dirty work, but w/out a soul there’s room in him for things like magic
  • He’s essentially a demon power-wise, but he can’t complete the deal and move on
  • he doesn’t want to do the things they make him do, but he’s not allowed to say no. It’s less of a physical fight and more of him just reluctantly carrying out chores
  • Nathan Wesninki sells his son and loses ownership of him. Neil is taken away by Mary, but he still is able to disappear somehow and carry out his jobs. One day he just doesn’t come back.
  • He spends some extended time Down Under. Ichirou is unlike his brother in that he literally couldn’t care less what Neil does while he’s stuck w him as long as he knows his place. Neil keeps on trying to find loopholes to his orders, so he gets punished for his troubles, but Ichirou gets other people to carry it out.
  • His next assignment above ground is rather simple compared to the murders and atrocious acts they had him commit. He has to watch Kevin Day.
  • He gets to Palmetto, looking the perfect image of the nervous scrappy  kid that was Neil Josten
  • He isn’t expecting to find Kevin’s Guardian Angel or the Archangel that had been assigned there
  • They notice the tampering of memory immediately, because they themselves had done it to get into the Foxes
  • Everyone there believes Neil Josten is the new recruit Kevin had scouted. Andrew and Renee know Neil Josten is not Janie Smalls.
  • Andrew has multiple charges and wants the demon nowhere near. Neil isn’t too worried about a Guardian Angel because they are only to act if their charges are threatened. He is really concerned about the fucking archangel tho
  • It’s in the club that Neil actually realizes that Andrew’s someone to worry about. It’s also where Andrew figures out that Neil isn’t a demon.
  • Andrew drugs Neil with cracker dust, intended to make him annoyed at the drugging although it would have v little effect
  • Neil’s body is still human. He responds rlly negatively and ends up dropping his disguise
  • Here’s the thing about the soulless. They don’t have eyes. 
  • So Andrew can suddenly see an intensely scarred auburn-haired boy with sigils inked all over his body. There are two holes where his eyes should be, oozing blood so dark it looks black.
  • Neil is freaking the fuck out, not even realizing he looks like something straight out of a horror movie. Andrew tries to contain him as best he can,  not hurting him despite him actually being a threat to his charges
  • The policy on demons and soulless are different. Demons should be killed, but soulless can be saved.
  • Andrew has to figure out if he deserves it first
    • He does let one of the dancers knock him out tho
  • Neil wakes up in a warded room in the Columbia house with Andrew leaning against the wall. He notices that his eyes are on display and immediately panics
  • “Do continue.” Andrew grins at him. “If you do this for at least ten more seconds I’ll actually be obligated to kill you.”
  • Neil stops.
  • Neil is nervous, and his best response to fear is anger. Glaring without eyes is known to be hard, but he’s perfected the art.
  • Andrew is not impressed
  • He throws a water at Neil’s head and leaves
  • Neil knows for a fact that even Guardian Angels outrank him in power, but he kinda wants to fight him anyway
    • (Literal (ง’̀-‘́)ง Neil Josten)
  • Okay so Neil does the thing where he tries to escape through the bathroom window
  • But it’s on the second story and warded so strongly for demons that it hurts even when he tries to go through it
  • But he’s like yolo and launches himself out anyway, sustaining more damage from the wards than the fall
  • He just sorta takes a step and he’s in Palmetto bc that’s how magic works idk
  • Unfortunately he is Seen by Matt who promptly fucking Freaks
  • Neil is,,, not too good at wiping memories so he kinda has to Explain
  • And Matt’s surprisingly cool w it bc he’s Matt and Neil is just ???
  • bla bla bla shit happens we know it does we’ve read the books and then

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Web-comic Recommendations?

Okay, so earlier I posted a request for book recommendations, and the response was wonderful! So I would like to try the same thing, and ask what your favorite web-comics are.

I already read The Property of Hate, Girl Genius, Ava’s Demon, Califata, Lackadaisy, The Myth of Cinnabar, Gunnerkrigg Court, Wilde Life, Widdershins, and Stand Still, Stay Silent. if you read/create more like these, I would love to see them!

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'after getting intoxicated at a part, you and your friends decide summoning a demon for 'fun'. it doesn't work. however, the next day when you return home from the party you find the demon on your couch' ik this is pretty weird and specific but you can change the details a bit but it's basically a gist of it ; pairing renison. you don't have to do this if u don't want to im just weird okay byeee

okay i am meant to be leaving these till AFTER my exam but i saw this one and had to IMMEDIATELY WRITE IT (and like…two sequels, also lmao) 

Rich white people get unbelievably stupid when they drink, that’s just a fact. Allison should really stop thinking of herself as an exception to the rule.

Case in point: they’ve been doing shots, and now someone is drawing a pentagram on the kitchen floor.

“Candles!” someone is yelling. “And, like, I’ve got some herbs and shit.”

Allison hates these people. She’s always hated them. Right now she should be calling the car company and going the fuck home.

Instead, she scoffs, “That’s not how you summon a demon.”

“How the hell would you know?” Trent, whose father is one of those mega-rich businessmen with a wife and two mistresses, demands. 

“It’s obvious. Dancing with the devil, you know,” she says, waving his tequila-breath away from her. “Someone, put on some music!”

So. That’s how she ends up dancing in a pentagram to Justin Beiber on her Saturday night.

The fucking paparazzi snap her on her way back to her apartment in last night’s dress and oversized sunglasses. That’s fine, because she’s fully made up – thank god for whoever invented travel-size Chanel – and she’s wearing Givenchy. Still, they’re assholes.

They can’t get past the front door of her building, but it’s not until she gets inside her apartment that she breathes out. Her life is a delicate balance between façade and the real Allison, and lately she feels more like the nicely dressed doll than the human being.

She walks through towards the kitchen, and then pauses mid-step by the living room door because there’s someone sitting on her fucking couch.

“Who are you?” she demands, hand flying to her bag where she’s got a bottle of Mace. The woman in her apartment looks back, unperturbed. She’s dressed in plain jeans and a blouse from a brand Allison doesn’t recognise but knows isn’t designer. Her hair is bleached to ash blonde and then dyed at the tips in a rainbow where it touches her shoulders.

She doesn’t look like a crazed stalker, but normal people don’t break into apartments and sit on the couch.

“You can call me Renee,” she tells Allison calmly. “You invited me here.”

“I would remember that,” Allison snaps back, because she wasn’t that drunk last night.

“You do,” Renee tells her. “You’re a good dancer.”

She stands from the couch and starts to walk towards Allison. Allison adjusts her stance, trying to remember what she learned in those self-defense classes she took, and says, “Don’t come any closer to me. I’ve got a gun.”

“Don’t lie to me,” Renee says, with a sweet smile. It’s really goddamn creepy. “You’ve got a can of Mace. It wouldn’t matter anyway. Bullets can’t hurt me.”

Okay, and she’s insane, apparently. Allison says, “I’m calling the cops.”

“When they get here they won’t be able to see me,” Renee replies. “You’ll just be the delusional rich girl insisting there’s an invisible person in her apartment. Won’t that make a good headline tomorrow? Your parents will be ecstatic.”

She’s close enough to touch Allison now. Allison is frozen in place. She whispers, “Who are you?”

“You still haven’t figured it out yet,” Renee says. She sounds a little disappointed. “Do you really think a woman like you dances like that in a pentagram and doesn’t earn some kind of attention?”

“You’re trying to tell me you’re a demon?” Allison asks, galvanised by the sheer level of insanity this girl is spouting. “No. No. You’re crazy. I don’t know how you know what happened last night, but I’m going to call the cops-”

“No you aren’t,” Renee tells her, almost gently, and grabs Allison’s arm to stop her from opening her purse. Her hands are hot, and it takes Allison’s brain a moment to realise what her nerves are telling her – that they’re burning her. Allison yelps and tries to pull away, but can’t. Renee is too strong.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Renee tells her calmly, like Allison isn’t fighting her grip at all.

Allison can’t shake her. She opens her mouth to scream, praying her neighbours are home, but when she tries her voice stops in her throat.

“Shh,” Renee tells her, and then Allison suddenly can’t move at all. It’s like her body has frozen in place. At least the burning has stopped. The hand that was holding her steady strokes her forearm. “Listen to what I’m saying. You called me here, Allison. Now you have to do something for me to make the trip worthwhile.”

Allison stares at her. She thinks her eyes might be trying to bulge out of her head. She can still breathe, though, and after a moment she tries to speak at a normal volume. The words come out. “What do you want?”

Renee smiles. “Well. How about I write it down for you?”

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I loved the idea of Moriel prior to the ACOWAR spoiler. I thought it was hella cute and I shipped it because I thought it was some type of skinny love where both of them are too shy to show it and then some grand showcase of love would happen, creating a cute moment. But now that we have found out that Mor is gay, I've been cackling like a witch because Sarah just sank a ship so quickly that now people are stumbling over themselves and really showing their true nature.

Don't eat the food of the mindscape ( Billdip )

So this is a Billdip fic ( bill x dipper) with a Persephone and hades feel to it its kinda awesome I’ve read it a few times over the years and I love the vibe every time So this starts out with bill leaving deer teeth and other crazy stuff for dipper in his room dipper doesn’t realize it but by keeping them he has accepted a demon court ship from Bill and is as a result kidnapped to the mindscape ( very hades and Persephone) from there it gets a little beauty and the beast feel but you know no curse or anything in the background Mabel and Stan are trying to save him from Bill seriously I love this fic y'all need to read it this fic is completed with 21 chapters and a 23k+ word count

Originally posted by chessmily


Request: Hello darling. I saw you take requests :D Could you do Crowley x reader, where reader is Lucifer’s daughter and reader finds out that she is pregnant and reader with Crowley have to tell the news to Lucifer?

Requested By: @karlamoriarty

Warnings: Language, pregnancy, anxiety

Word Count: 1,180

Pairing: Crowley x Pregnant!Reader, Father!Lucifer x Daughter!Reader

Characters: Reader, Crowley, Lucifer, Doctor (Actual medical doctor, not the doctor)

A/N: I hope you like it girlie! I tried to follow the request as much as I could, but I kinda took it further than I thought I would lol. I’ve got lots of free time this weekend so keep requesting!

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part i

For a list of demonic commands, the things Renee wants Allison to do are pretty…tame.

To be honest, Allison has done worse of her own accord entirely. Also, for a demon, Renee is pretty nice about it all. There’s no timeframe, and the things Allison does don’t seem to be hurting anyone beyond minor inconvenience. 

Renee isn’t around all the time. After the third time, Allison stopped jumping when she randomly materialises in her apartment, too. Now, the visits don’t even seem to be entirely work-related. 

Also, Allison has stopped Googling ‘how to un-summon a demon’. She’s not entirely sure why.

“Were you always a demon?” Allison asks one day. Renee is prowling by her window, caught in the sun streaming through the glass. The question makes her pause.

“I used to be human,” she replies eventually, without turning around.

“And what, it didn’t work out?”

That earns Allison a quietly amused look. “No. I died.”

“What did you do in your past life to earn an eternity of demonic servitude?” Allison jokes. She really can’t imagine -

“I killed a man,” Renee replies evenly.

Allison thinks about that. “Did he deserve it?”

“Does it matter?”

“Uh, yeah? I mean, if you randomly shot up a convenience store, that’s not okay.”

“He raped me, and some other girls. I knew he wouldn’t stop unless I killed him,” Renee replies. She’s awfully matter-of-fact as she says it. Something shrivels inside of Allison, and she bites the inside of her cheek a little to conceal that.

“Then he deserved it,” she says.

“That’s not how it works, Allison. I was not a good person. Trust me, I deserved this.” 

Allison looks at her, bathed in the light. She’s awfully angelic for the precise opposite of that. “I don’t know. You seem alright to me.”

“And you think that you are qualified to judge me as innocent?” Renee asks, turning to look Allison in the face. Her dark eyes are very intense. The cross-shaped scar at the base of her throat is white against her skin.

“I don’t believe in that stuff,” Allison tells the walking, talking proof of ‘that stuff’. “Yeah, there might be some kind of all-powerful being sorting dead people into the ‘good’ camp and the ‘bad’ camp, but that shit is subjective. Morality is a reflection of humanity, as it were.”

Renee looks at her like she’s grown another head.

“I might be blonde, but I’m not as dumb as I look,” Allison tells her co-conspiratorially. 

“No, it’s,” Renee replies. Apparently she’s lost for words. “It isn’t subjective.”

“Maybe not for the all-powerful being in the sky,” Allison says, and then frowns. “Ground? Parallel universe? Ugh, doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, we’re human. There’s no black and white in us.”

The words are barely out of her mouth before she’s slammed back into the couch by an unseen force. Renee is suddenly right there, and she isn’t touching Allison but the power in her is entirely apparent.

“You’ve gotten incautious,” she tells Allison. She isn’t smiling, her eyes flat and dark.

“Have I?” Allison asks. Her body might be immobile, but her voice is working just fine.

“You offered up your whole self to me in that pentagram, pretty girl,” Renee says. She taps a finger against Allison’s lower lip. “I’ve been nice to you so far. Don’t test me.”

“I’m not afraid of you,” Allison says, because Renee is trying to threaten her with something every girl is afraid of, and because she also clearly does think Allison is a dumb blonde who didn’t listen to the story she just told.

Renee leans down so they’re face to face, and very nearly mouth to mouth. She whispers, “You should be.”

“You should try harder,” Allison says. Renee might not be smiling, but she is.

She’s pretty sure she doesn’t imagine the huff of frustration when Renee melts into thin air a moment later.


“The trust bond between the two of them was formidable. Mister Agni’s devotion to Prince Soma as well. I am left with no words.”

“Young Master?” The butler asked with concern in his warm voice.

“I was just thinking.” The young Earl started, looking his demon straight in the eyes.

“Whatever might that be, if I may ask?”

“About trust. I was just thinking, that we used to share a similar bond not too long ago. How frail that was.” 

“If you are still being bitter about that I have to just say something if you allow me this much.” The demon said trying to search for the boy’s blue eye.

“I don’t need your explanations. It’s too late for that, I could never trust you again, nor anyone for that matter.”

“It pains me greatly, Young Master to hear such words. But I will still say what I wanted even if it might not change anything. No offense my little Lord, but for a child prodigy, you can be quite stiff in your thinking sometimes. I only wanted to awaken you. I never intended to actually murder you. I needed that vibrant soul to return to me, the soul that managed to take my breath away that fateful night. I do realize now that my method lacked some finesse but I saw no other way at that point in time.”

“Such big words you use now.” Ciel scoffed, looking quite irate.

Tears started to form in his bright blue eye for the first time in god knows how long, the events of the day finally catching up to him. He hated the idea of letting that awful creature see him in such a state, so before he let those tears fall, he tries to make it to the door. 

Strong arms caught him before he could even reach the door knob.

“Young Master, please…Look at me.”

For some reason, he felt compelled to do as he was asked and in the instant, their eyes met, the stream of hot tears fell on his reddened cheeks.

Sebastian then did something he never once thought he would. He curled his arms tightly around the other’s petite body and held him tightly. 

He was so close to him now he could hear his erratic heartbeat, take in his intoxicating scent. 

For the first time in forever, he felt something he never thought he would feel, the need to console someone, to protect. 

He realized a long time ago that the small human signified something to him, but he could never put his finger on it, neither did he want to know what it meant in the slightest. 

So he just kept on shoving those emotions he felt down, deep down. And in the moment he held him, it all started to flow through him.

Ciel buried his face in his chest and start sobbing like he could never be consoled by anyone.

“You didn’t even give me a choice.” he said through hiccups.”You betrayed me. I never thought you would… Not you.”

“You betrayed me first, you realize that, don’t you? Abandoning your revenge halfway through is against our contract. To be quite frank if you decided to abandon it though.. I would have given you six years, to do whatever you please with the short time you had. When that time would have passed I’d come to collect your poor unsatisfied soul.” He said, without hesitation.

“Six years? Why?“ Ciel asked his heart settling down, his crying ceasing as well.

“Usually a contractor gets ten years. Since you asked for my assistance at all time and we spent four years together as it is… But I know you, my Lord. I got to know you even better than you do yourself by now. I know you’d be miserable should you not achieve your revenge.That’s why I pushed. If I am somehow mistaken, by all means, I’ll give you six years but if you are to take up on my offer that means that I will have to take my leave as of now.”

“ So does that mean I’ll never get to see you again? I mean until you’d come to collect?” He asked his head resting peacefully on the man’s toned chest.

“Interesting that this is the first question you ask. Do you loathe my this much now? I have to say that hurts a little, Master.” Sebastian said his tone softening.

“Um… No, I just…I was just weighing that in. The thought of never seeing you again.” The young Lord said as his heart beat picked up again.

“Oh, I see.I’d feel your absence as well, my little one.” The demon cooed, a playful smile on his face.

He then put one of his hands at the base of Ciel’s chin, lifting it slightly to see his face. As expected the young little Lord was blushing furiously making him look adorable in the demon’s eyes.

“As if I’d ever miss you! You are mistaken, alright? It’s just that …That you are familiar by now. Seeing you every day is more of a …Of a habit! Yes, that was the word I was looking for!” Ciel tried, blushing even more by the second.

Sebastian couldn’t contain himself anymore. He was looking absolutely mesmerized at the tiny blabbering human he had in his arms. Almost couldn’t believe his eyes that Ciel was displaying such strong emotions in front of him.

“Stop staring at me like that! This means nothing!!” Ciel yelled trying to free himself of Sebastian’s grip.

“Adorable…“ Sebastian muttered to himself.

“What in the blazing hell are you mumbling about, demon??” He yelled.

Sebastian then reached out, pulling him close again and placed a chaste kiss on the top of the boy’s head.

“Did you just….?” Ciel started as he was caught off by Sebastian’s shifting eyes.

The demon in front of him went from being extremely playful to being deadly serious. He gracefully refused to answer the Earl’s question by simply asking another one, one that was indeed in need of asking at this point in the conversation.

“What will it be then?Shall I give you your 6 years of peace and possible happiness with the lady, or will you have me stay here? Complete the contract that bound us together 4 years ago?”

His eyes were nothing but serious and for a reason or another Ciel suddenly felt weak in the knees. He wanted his revenge, yes, but just hearing Sebastian talking about his departure yet again for the second time in a day got his blood boiling in his veins. Yet he tried to compose himself, wanting the other to feel the gentleness that those words he was about to say actually held.

“I choose you…” he said looking down. ”I will always choose you.” His voice dropping a bit, a single tear threatening to fall yet again.

He was given another chance, a chance to maybe live his life happily yet he chooses his untimely death yet again.

Sebastian reached out and kissed the tear that was about to fall away. Ciel looked at him in awe and he couldn’t believe what was happening. 

What did this mean? Why was the demon acting like this towards him? Why was he so tender all of the sudden? Why did his usually cold eyes show so much emotion now? Was he.. Courting him?! 

His line of thoughts was cut out by the demon’s words.

“I cannot express how pleased this makes me, my little one.” He said accentuating the words at the end of the sentence.

‘Mine.’ Ciel thought. ‘He’s mine, as I am his.’He nodded to himself slowly.

“Let us learn to trust each other again.” The demon took one of his delicate hands and lifted it to his lips placing a kiss on every knuckle. He then continued his line of thoughts his voice soft.” Let us take those emotions we both hid for such a long time and let them grow. Let’s grow together, Young Master.”

The gentleness in his words and in his actions made Ciel’s heart beat race in his small chest yet again for what it felt like the hundred time that day. He could barely keep up with what was happening anymore.

Sebastian then took Ciel’s face in his hands and placed a single kiss in the corner of his mouth.

In that moment Ciel knew he was right, he was indeed being courted by his demonic butler.

And just then realization hit him: that he’d been wanting this ever since their eyes met for the first time that night.

Here are the top ten books I plan to read in 2016. Hopefully, I’ll get to each and every one of them.