court cape

These capes took a while to make and it turns out that putting them on Kageyama in no particular way, keeps them from looking their best.  And that would be a shame.  So for anyone who buys these capes from my AX2016 artist alley table K18, here’s a tutorial for how to dress Kageyama in his “King of the Court” cape.

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If Doctor Who characters were lepidoptera 6/? [botanical graphics series, all edits by WriteDragon]

Sixth Doctor: Madagascar Sunset Moth (Chrysiridia ripheus) on Medieval manuscript depicting the domestic Carrot (Daucus carota).


  • This magnificent moth is one of the most colorful species on Earth, and mirrors Six’s rainbow-hued costume.
  • Carrots are a reference to companion Mel Bush’s attempts to put Six on a diet by feeding him carrot juice.
  • The Medieval design reflects Six’s beautiful blue velvet cloak, which is reminiscent of a court jester’s cape from that time.