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When everything was going great then Azriel gets shot, Tamlin shows up, Cassians wings are destroyed and Feyre and Rhysand is separated

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“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, fUCK.”

The door to Kevin’s room bursts open, ricocheting with a bang against the wall and slamming back into place. 

“Shit, fuck, Kevin, please you have to hide me, you have to help. I just walked in on - FUCK.” 

Nicky, legs and arms flailing, throws himself onto the ground and rolls under Kevin’s bed, pulling the ruffle down to cover himself just as the knob begins to turn again. Andrew hovers in the door frame - clad only in black gym shorts, his arm bands, and socks - and aims his glower at Kevin. 

“Nicky Hemmick is a dead man.” 

Kevin tries not to flinch at Nicky’s muffled yelp. He’d been enjoying the peace and quiet, listening to classical music through his headphones and studying for an upcoming test (See: finding something to do while Exy games buffer). Typically, he’d be more than happy to ignore their foolish antics - a 6′ tall backliner cowering under his twin mattress, though? A little more demanding of his attention. 

There’s an uncomfortable amount of silent eye contact wherein Andrew knows that Nicky is under the bed, Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed, and Andrew knows that Kevin knows that Nicky is under the bed. He’s not sure why - maybe sympathy from being on the receiving end of Andrew’s wrath before, maybe a subconscious feeling of debt to Nicky for keeping the Minyards alive and on the team for so long - but he turns his head back to his open text and attempts nonchalance when he replies “Haven’t seen him.” 

Andrew ‘hmms’ but doesn’t leave. He rotates slowly as if searching, and Kevin spares a second to feel bad for the poor lump trembling beneath his box spring when Andrew’s eyes light and he reaches out to Kevin’s desk. Andrew’s body blocks the object of his focus, and so Kevin has to lean back slightly to see what he’s found - the stack of school text books. 

Andrew picks up a math book, swings it up and down as if testing its weight, then sets it down and goes for a larger History book instead. He turns back to face the bed and throws it to the ground, makes a big deal of positioning it and then wrenches his leg back and kicks it as hard as he can. It careens out of Kevin’s view, disappears beneath the dust ruffle and Kevin knows by the sudden thud and yowl that it makes contact with its intended target.

Each of the boys wait for one of the others to break the tension, and when that doesn’t happen Andrew must decide that Nicky had learned his lesson, because he storms back out without another word. Nicky waits a minute and then sheepishly comes out, knocking his long legs together and muttering under his breath. 

There’s a third awkward moment of silence after Nicky has drawn to his full height, where neither boy knows exactly how to approach the situation. Kevin gives in first, pulling his headphones the rest of the way off of his head and letting them fall with a thunk onto his notebook. 

“What the hell happened?” 

Nicky rubs at his the back of his neck, looks at the ground and when his eyes meet Kevin’s again he’s wearing that trademark Palmetto State grin. 

“I walked in and he and Neil were, um… let’s just say it’s a good thing we wear knee pads.”


ice cream au part four.

Neil somehow finds himself getting used to sharing ice cream with Andrew. It’s no longer surprising to find Andrew waiting outside of his class with two spoons and a too-sweet pint of whichever flavour had caught his fancy. Andrew doesn’t show up at Palmetto quite as often, but there’s something more companionable about sitting together on the hood of Andrew’s car and taking alternating bites of ice cream.

“Hey,” Neil says in delight when he sees Andrew standing outside the door to his calculus lecture, tub of ice cream held between fabric-covered hands. “You’re wearing glasses. It’s a good look.”

A couple students glance his way in alarm, as if Andrew might attack him suddenly. Neil finds the idea absurd. These past few weeks have convinced him that Andrew is nothing more than a horrible sweet tooth.

Andrew glares, but something about him seems vaguely pleased. He turns and walks swiftly towards the parking lot, not checking and trusting that Neil will follow him.

They climb up onto the hood, both having to do embarrassing little hops that they mutually agree to never mention. A spoon is passed Neil’s way and Andrew cracks open the ice cream, this time a chocolaty KitKat mixture that looks like something Matt would enjoy more. Feeling particularly instigative, Neil reaches out and grabs a biteful of candy, wincing at the amount of sugar in it but grinning victoriously in response to the sour look Andrew gives him. “Problem?”

“Yeah,” Andrew tells him, drawing the ice cream closer to his body and guarding it possessively. He glares at Neil over the top bit of his frames. “You.”

Neil huffs in laughter. He shoves his spoon into his mouth so he can lean back without scratching the shiny paint of Andrew’s car and watches Andrew dig through the tub for something good. Andrew looks up to study him, and Neil is distracted by the way sunlight bounces off his hair and the way his jawline looks softer in the brightness.

“I like this,” he admits. “It’s nice.”

Andrew slowly brings the tub back to the middle, but Neil doesn’t reach for more. He looks up at the clouds lazily drifting by and thinks about how impossible this life seemed a few years ago.

The cold press of the ice cream against Neil’s cheek jolts him out of his thoughts and he nearly falls off the car. “I can hear you thinking from here. Stop it before you hurt yourself,” Andrew tells him.

“You’re the worst,” Neil complains, but he finds himself readjusting so he’s sitting closer to Andrew. He goes in for a scoop of ice cream, plain this time, and lets Andrew reach out to swipe off a bit of chocolate from the corner of his mouth.

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could you write a little andreil angst? maybe about what would happen if (by some fluke or fixed thing) neil didn't make court when he graduated?

It’s worse because Neil isn’t expecting it. Instead of getting the call up he’s been hoping for - waiting for - he has an almost-apologetic Kevin calling him three days too late, saying you’re young. Next year.

Neil won’t give anyone the satisfaction of asking why, but he desperately wants to. He’s fresh out of the Foxes with a couple of NCAA championship titles under his belt, one of which he captained them to. His signing to the Hawks has him being called a rising star in the game, and they’re already winning. Not to mention that he’s playing better than he ever has.

He’s making all the right moves. It’s just apparently not enough to make Court.

The uncertainty of why and why not is more crushing than anything else, when it’s hard enough being in an unfamiliar city for the first time in years, alone.

And he feels alone. Unsettlingly, unbearably fucking alone.

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A court of runaway brides and wedding crashers

A Court of Mist and Fury not so official title 

PS: A netflix and chill night in the Night Court would involve seeing Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in “Wedding Crashers” as Rhys and Cassian choice and Julia Roberts in “ Runaway Bride” as Feyre and Mor choice. Poor Az would be left without a voice and Amren would demand a sports channel. 


Club Lingerie, Hollywood CA. 10/10/1990.

At the very start of the heart of the matter soon to be out of hand Courtney alerts her court before her, that Eric is tuning up / getting the onstage gear ready already: “Check. He’s having some problems. We’re just going to have to wait… He’s waiting, he’s waiting. He does this. This is a public vilification for what he does, this guitar thing. This to show how perfect it has to be for us to play with him.”

Lots of video Tricks & Trips… There is everything under the sun and then some. There is colorizing and tinting, images in slow motion, stuttering, stopping and stacking beside each other and inside the limit of your imagination. There is everything but the kitsch kitchen sink, but don’t throw this crazy baby out with the bath water. There is method to the madness. But then this show is so mind-blowing nothing can derail or fail it, stop it or top it.


- Courtney’s ‘Clouds’ closing-in, hard-living / hard-working rap: “I’m telling you, you have to get, get down in it. Get really fucking dirty. Get really fucking dirty.

[music come to an end to some cheers]

"Hi. We’re Hole. As in asshole.”
(same line-up as on band’s debut album released the following year, 1991’s "Pretty On The Inside.”).

- After “Every Man” rams to a close,“ Courtney huddles the gang up before announcing: "We’re just gonna do one more song, cause um, that’s all we feel like.”

“Three more,” the man in the crowd says. “Three more!”

“Honey, I’d play for you privately, but I don’t know if you have a MasterCard big enough.”

Enter “Dicknail.”


- (While Eric plays a Gary Numan’s “Cars” guitar-solo melody, Courtney says goodnight to the band'shometown fans): “Thanks a lot for understanding us so fucking well. Thanks a fucking lot, El Aye. We love you.”

As a girl in the audience repeatedly screams excitedly, the band walks away.

Blue Diamond’s Court

An anonymous asked me a while ago about my opinion on why Blue Diamond wears a veil so I’ll now explain my stance on the matter because I have contemplated this briefly before.

First, I started noting the rest of her court, whether they have relevance to it, is it a trend etc. So here’s who we’ve seen in detail so far:

They all have their eyes covered excluding Lapis who’s hair would be long enough to do so if she wished so there must be a reason for the rest of her court being in concealment.

So, what else do they have in common? Colour of course. Blue is a very melancholic colour, connoting sadness and gloom. The colour of their gems and body reflect their inside, keeping to themselves in modesty all the time. And even if Lapis doesn’t cover her eyes/face she is still usually sad/angry. 

Also, within humans, blue is a soothing and calming colour, relieving stress and ensuring safety and with modesty comes control over yourself and surroundings. (This also explains why even when Sapphire is angry, she is tranquil.)

Other evidence for the Diamond’s colour influencing the appearance of their court is with Yellow Diamond. Yellow links with energy, perkiness and happiness.This is reflected in the hair of Yellow Diamond’s people which is pointy and stiff:

Yellow Diamond’s court are also very alert, not giving up shown with Peridot in Kindergarten Kid, Yellow Pearl insisting on Peridot not having a legitimate reason to use the Diamond Communication Channel and Yellow Diamond wanting the Cluster to destroy the Earth.

 This can be said for Pink Diamond too because that connotes affection and approachability which can link to Rose because of her lovely soft hair and approachable nature:

And Jasper’s hair too:

But Jasper isn’t so affectionate herself so behaviour is ruled out there.

We have not seen anyone confirmed to be part of White Diamond’s court so I’ve left that out. So, in conclusion, I think in most cases, the colour of a Diamond affects the characteristics and appearance of a gem in their court.

Hi. Sorry used your “fan-comics” for the alien universe and alien characters, the rights to which belong to the French and Koreans, without your permission.
Any fan work is in the notebook, without the permission of the authors published are not eligible.
However, if the authors of the series Miraculous Ladybug is not against fan works, it does not mean that everyone now has the right to assume the authorship of the characters and the universe, Miraculous Ladybug.

I beg you to withdraw the complaint on the video “Love And Punishment adriana - COMIC LADY BUG AND SUPER CAT RUSSIAN VOICE - Любовь И Наказание Адриана - КОМИКС ЛЕДИ БАГ И СУПЕР КОТ РУССКАЯ ОЗВУЧКА”, otherwise I will be forced to go to the end.
1. Fair use.
2. The video is reinforced by my author’s voice.
3. I will defend video court at my residence.
4. In court you have to prove that the world “Miraculous Ladybug” belong to you, and you can use them at your discretion and desire.
5. As evidence, in court I will ask you to draw part of the comic that will serve as your protection.

For the protection of video I will go through and make a complaint only the creators of “Miraculous Ladybug”.
Thank you for understanding. I apologize for the inconvenience.


YouTuber who used my comics without permission.

My Reply:

Actually you would need to attend court in the United states to represent yourself, due to YouTube being an American entity. Or hire a lawyer to represent you.
Furthermore ‘fair use’ only refers to parody or criticism. Your work is a direct reading of my script and use of my art. Therefore a direct violation of copyright. Copyright law covers individual works. Meaning I don’t have to own Ladybug. I just have to own my work. Which I have evidence that I am the artist and writer.
This message is now proof that you have attempted to threaten me with legal action over my own comic. 

See you in court.

And the OSCAR goes to…Rhysand the High Lord of the Night Court for his performance in the Court of Thorns and Roses

me after finishing ACOMAF. BOOOOOY,  I didn’t see so many things coming, it was like a parade of plot twists. Well done my baby boy…well done

His name should be written in the Walk of Fame of Prythian and he should receive an honorary oscar for his acting skills at the end of ACOMAF too

and raise hell for Aedion and Rowan...
  • Lysandra: You look like shit. [Then she remembered Evangeline who stared at her wide eyed] Sorry.
  • Evangeline: You said I'm not to use such language - and yet you do.
  • Lysandra: I can curse, because I'm older, and I know when it's most effective. And right now, our friend looks like absolute shit.
  • Evangeline: You look even worse in the morning, Lysandra.
  • Aelin: Careful, Lysandra. You've got a hellion on your hands.
  • Lysandra: If you've finished eating the tarts clean off our plates, Evangeline, go onto the roof and raise hell for Aedion and Rowan.
  • Aelin: Take care with Rowan. He's still on the mend. But pretend that he isn't. Men get pissed if you fuss.
  • [A wicked gleam in her eye, Evangeline bounded for the front door]
  • Aelin: She's going to be a handful when she's older
  • Lysandra: You think I don't know that? Eleven years old, and she's already a tyrant. It's an endless stream of 'Why?' and 'I would prefer not to' and 'why, why, why' and 'no, I should not like to listen to your good advice, Lysandra'.
“The king said to no one in particular, "Now that I’ve upheld my end of the bargain, I expect you to uphold yours.” From the shadows near the side door, two figures emerged.
I began shaking my head as if I could unsee it as Lucien and Tamlin stepped into the light.


enough said *drop mic*

  • Feyre: </b> You love me?<p/><b>Rhys:</b> *nods*<p/><b>Feyre:</b> Then eat.<p/><b></b> "I watched him consume every spoonful, his eyes darting between where I stood and the soup."<p/><b></b> Seriously, this was the most romantic "I love you" that I have ever seen, I love all the Fae culture and FOOD being such a key part of the mate bond. We're all hungry little beasts, bring the soup Feyre.<p/></p>