The foxes probably have an official Snapchat that they rotate between the members.

On days Dan and Kevin have it, they post pictures of practice, though Dan posts more fun ones while Kevin’s seem to be strictly practice.

Matt posts videos of the upperclassmen feat. Aaron, and sneaks pictures of Neil whenever he can.

ALL of Allison’s posts include herself in them, usually with at least another fox (more likely than not either Neil or Renee) by her side.

Renee takes pictures of banners with cheers on them and photos of when everybody is just hanging out rather than practicing or doing something crazy.

Andrew refuses to use Snapchat so they dropped him from the rotation.

Aaron does try to be serious with it, but Nicky always tries to photobomb any picture he takes by dabbing in front of the camera, so he sticks to being more professional about his posts.

Nicky is one of the more avid users of the account and uses it like a vlog about anything relating to the foxes. His are also the pictures more likely to be screenshotted

Neil just takes a lot of blurry pictures of Andrew and sometimes the rest of the team. It’s become a pastime to try and figure out what his pictures are for.

while yes, aaron isn’t neil’s favorite fox by far i do think his dislike for him is over-exaggerated. why? i feel like this line is often over looked in the books:

Neil wanted to tell her they weren’t dating and Andrew could take or leave his presence at any given point. He wanted to stay and celebrate his teammates’ brilliant success. He wanted to watch the way Aaron became a completely different person with Katelyn at his side.

idk why but i find it completely fascinating.

The Inner Circle’s Halloween

  • Rhys is dressed up as Han solo and attempts to only talk in Han solo quotes for the entire night
  • Feyre is dressed up as leia (she made a big fuss about doing couples costumes, saying it’s “cliche” but secretly thinks it’s cute)
  • Mor is dressed as Celaena Sardothien (cuz why the freak not). She’s in charge of music, but somehow ends up jump scaring everyone instead
  • Amren dresses up as a vampire and makes varian wear a matching costume and gets way to into it and starts baring her fangs and threatening to eat random people
  • Nesta dressed up as a witch and when she trips and falls on her dress and it tears cassian makes rhys sew it up
  • Cassian is dressed as batman and his wings are the batman cape.
  • Nesta keeps bumping into them and elbowing them and then goes “oh sorry, I thought they were part of your costume”
  • Cassian is like “you just wanted to feel my impressive wingspan, didn’t you”
  • Nesta stalks away but she’s secretly smiling
  • Elain is dressed as a fairy and azriel obligingly has a fairy prince costume.
  • At first azriel felt super uncomfortable wearing the costume but discovered he actually liked it (this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he matches elain)
  • He and Elain are in charge of handing out candy to kids and they surprise kids with elain opening the door and then azriel appearing out of the shadows with a bowl of candy
  • There’s one boy who’s very scared and crying and so azriel gives him his fairy prince crown
  • All the high lords except beron and Tamlin are invited
  • Kallias and vivianne are dressed as cinderella and prince charming
  • Thesan and his lover go as albus and scorpius. They also carved all of the jack-o-lanterns which are super artsy with half cut shading and incredibly intricate designs
  • Helion went as the sun, mostly because he couldn’t think of anything else. Everyone makes fun of him for it but he just spends the night hitting on people
  • Tarquin ordered a shark costume off amazon and is not allowed near the door after a little boy sees him and starts crying. He still thinks the costume is cool.
  • And the party ends up with a lot of people because when teenagers too old to be trick-or-treating come to the door they get invited in to the party and the neighbors come over and everyone stays up too late and it’s wondeful

gaiusthegenius  asked:

aaaah your Madison headcanons were so amazing! I would love to hear more about Neil and Andrew's parenting and how they gain Madison's trust, or some Madison POV for the first few weeks of living with them... or even Nicky and Aaron's reaction! (In other words I agree you should totally write a fic of all this)

Thanks! So, I know this has been sitting in my inbox for a while but I still love Andreil + Madison and I’m definitely going to write a fic but in the meantime, here’s a tiny little preview that I might end up putting in the fic or might end up scrapping later:

Madison’s first evening in the house was too quiet. Neil wasn’t sure what he was expecting and he knew a grand celebration would just make an already strange situation so much more uncomfortable for Madison.

Still, he had thought that there would be something more than Madison sitting in silence the entire drive to their house and holing herself up in her new bedroom with her one slightly overfilled backpack that Neil doubted she was unpacking yet the moment they showed her which room was hers. Andrew had installed locks that let her lock the room from the inside so she would feel more safe. Neil wasn’t sure if the door was locked now or just closed, but he would guess she had locked the door on impulse like he had used to lock his dorm the moment he got inside it, back when he was at PSU rooming with Matt.

She didn’t come back down until the pizzas Andrew ordered arrived. Andrew sent Neil upstairs to tell her it was there while he paid for the pizza.

The mention and smell of the pizza was enough to draw her out of her room temporarily, but she didn’t speak a word during dinner and she ate like she wasn’t sure when her next meal would be after this. When she disappeared upstairs again the moment she was finished, Neil wondered if they were making backwards progress and she already regretted being adopted by them.

The silence of the house was deafening and even the skitter of cat claws across the kitchen tile sounded too loud in comparison. Of course, Andrew picked up on Neil’s worried expression and he told him coolly, “She came down to eat. That’s more than I was willing to risk my first night in most foster homes.”

“We’re not a foster home,” Neil pointed out. “This is permanent.”

“She’s used to new houses being new threats,” Andrew said. “And we both know she doesn’t really believe this is permanent.”

Andrew was right. Even with the leap of trust she had shown them after they had told her they wanted to adopt her if she would have them, Neil knew she didn’t trust that this was real and permanent and safe. She’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop back then, he had seen it written all over her face, and it was going to take a lot for them to convince her that drop wasn’t still coming.