Marianne Faithfull and Mick Jagger on their way to outside Marlborough Street court, London where on 18 December 1969 they pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing cannabis resin. Photo by Daily Record


Totally useless information: I am that kind of person who wears grey or navy and calls that a colourful outfit. I am an all-in-black person, but sometimes I wear green like this one: a slightly darker that what we would nowadays call olive or military green.

This court coat and waistcoat are wonderful examples of the clothing that was needed to be worn in (duh) court at the end of the century: perfect, heavily decorated, hiper elegant and pretty much over the top. Damn, I wish I could embroider like that… or even make a proper coat (JUST LOOK AT THE BACK PLEATS!! Sorry, I’ll go cry in the corner).

Green velvet court coat and matching ivory satin waistcoat, ca, 1790, France.


“Hey, you know how long you’ll be shooting hoops on this court?”

“Until I lose.”

“But you’re not playing anyone.”

“Then I guess I won’t lose.”

“Thing is, me and a couple of guys were hoping to play.”

“Guess you’ll just have to make out instead.”

“…I don’t think that’s what we have to do.”

“Well I’m using the court, so what else can you do?”

“We can just like go home and play some other time.”

“Go home and make out together, you mean.”

“The other option isn’t always making out, dude. What happens when you try to see a movie and get told it’s sold out? Do you go make out with your friends?”

“Hell no!”


“I make out with one of the cardboard cutouts they have in the theater lobby. I got to 2nd base with Morgan Freeman once.”

“Wow. Really? What movie had a cutout of him?”

“March of the Penguins.”

“What the hell? He wasn’t even in that. Just his voice.”

“The cutout was of his voice.”

“Oh…was…was it hot?”

“As fuck.”

“Damn. Hey, how about this? We’ll let you play in our game so we can all use the court?”

“Fine, but losers have to make out.”

“Who do they have to make out with?”

“Winners. ;-)”

“How’d you just speak an emoticon?!”

“Make out with Morgan Freeman’s voice enough and you learn a whole bunch of tricks. ;-)”


I was looking for a better photo of a gown I saw in a museum a while a go AND I ended up finding all this. I’m pretty sure many of you will find interesting (and even frightening! that lack of gloves!) the photos of the restoration of the dress. I even found a slightly similar dress in a portrait! And since the New Spanish fashion is not very well know, I thought I totally needed to share this!!

Court dress, embroidered green velvet, 18th century, National Museum of History, Mexico City.

Portrait of a New Spanish unidentified lady, Anonymous, 1740-60, Philadelphia Museum of Art.

A Day in the Life of a Trump Lawyer, Probably
  • trump: i'm gonna do the thing
  • lawyer: court's gonna say no but you should do it anyway
  • trump: i'm gonna do it anyway
  • lawyer: that's what i said, do it
  • trump: fuck you, i'm gonna do it
  • lawyer: that's what-
  • trump: *does the thing*
  • court: lol no
  • lawyer: that will be a million dollars