So something pretty awesome is happening. Tim is starting a MOOC (Massively Open Online Course) where we take these free online courses on (which is hosted by major universities) together and have discussions about it every week. I’m really excited about this, especially because Tim is a really interesting and intelligent human and it’ll just be fun learning about stuff with a bunch of other people. If you wanna join, you have to sign up (free). The first class we’ll be taking is called “Useful Genetics” which will be starting on May 1st. 

oh, and if you really need incentives, Tim is giving out Pokemon badges as rewards. Watch his video here.

Yes. I can’t wait.

Why online teaching liberates ESL teachers

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Inspired by her talk at Innovate ELT, guest blogger Jaime Miller of English Success Academy looks at the reasons and pluses for getting into teaching online.

During one of the mini-plenaries at Innovate ELT 2015, in Barcelona, Spain, Duncan Foord referenced a fear in the industry: that EdTech will render teachers obsolete.

Nothing could be further from the truth, and I say that with five years of experience teaching ESL online, and three years of sourcing 100% of my income from private Skype exams lessons for TOEFL iBT (without touching services like iTalki, WizIQ, or CourseEra). As our industry moves forward, teaching will inevitably change – but teachers will remain as essential as they always have been.

At Innovate ELT, I opened a discussion of the future of teaching ESL online with an observation about many English teachers and expats around the world:

Dennis T OConnor’s insight:

This speaks to all who teach online (or want to). The specific audience for Jaime Miller’s work are all who teach language.  She’s got insights about how to take your practice online. 

Good information here.

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