Okay, so you know all the scenery porn in Howl’s bedroom?

Gankutsuou is basically like an entire anime of that. Only crazier.

Reasons you should watch it:

  • It’s an AU of the Count of Monte Cristo set in FUTURE SPACE PARIS because why the fuck not
  • It has an awesome soundtrack
  • It addresses important societal issues
  • Bonus points for having a trans character!
  • Also interracial couples! (And interspecies couples…?)
  • Some supernatural shit goes does down, bruh
  • (what anime wouldn’t be complete without) GIANT FIGHTING ROBOTS
  • Tragic bromance
  • Has spaceships n shit, of course, because future/space Paris
  • Adorable alien butler!
  • cyborg horses
  • Contains cute and/or heartbreaking romance
  • Did I mention the scenery porn

And, last but not least …


Here are a few links where you can watch the entire series:

[x] English sub

[x] English dub

I would recommend the original Japanese version, just because I prefer the voice actors more, but hey, whatever you like bro

Sadly the linked vids are not the best resolution as they were uploaded quite a few years ago, so if you really want to enjoy the scenery porn you might want to look elsewhere for it or even buy a hard copy, but these are the ones I know still work.

when I was 17 years old, an Arizona state senator and about a dozen other people were shot and killed at a local market three minutes away from my house, a place where my mother liked to go shopping

there was a brief period of about five minutes where I could not get a hold of my mom–I was across town at a rehearsal–and for those five minutes, I was dealing with the sudden and violent possibility of my mom being one of the victims

in the end she was alright, but that sense of helpless, numb, blinding panic is something that will sit with me the rest of my life. even after my mother picked me up and we got home, I curled up on the couch for the rest of the weekend, traumatized.

my point is that if you are scared or worried in this moment, it’s ok to sit on tumblr and scroll through your dash and blog whatever you want. trauma is not black and white and ways of coping with it are infinite. care for yourself in whatever ways you need. make yourselves safe. do not feel obligated to blog about what’s happening because so many other people are.

my thoughts are with everyone feeling that sense of helplessness and fear.

it’s horrifying and you have a right to do whatever it takes to get rid of it.

Anne Boleyn’s Book of Hours, with a miniature of Christ, as the Man of Sorrows, and a flower drop border.

(The shelf mark for this manuscript is Kings MS 9 for anyone interested in looking it up. The pages shown here are f. 231v and f. 232r.)

Musee du Luxembourg, Paris

To the ones who feels “concerned” for France

I’m already seeing stupid (american) posts. That what happened here was because of “open borders, stringent gun control, pacifism, and cultural acceptance” that because of that we deserved it ? WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU ?
Please tumblr, be clever don’t hurt us more than we are now. Do you realise how gross this is? ? How dare you lecture us as we are mourning our deads ? How dare you ? Did we lecture you when 9/11 happened ? Why being so disrespectful ? Do you like it ? Feel powerful ? If you’re so proud to be American how it comes you forget that you owe your liberty to the devotion of OUR ancestors to your cause ? So don’t you dare start your “I don’t say but” bullshit and post it under #upthebaguette tag because I can assure you that it wont be accepted down here.

Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) at Demonfuzz Records (with Demonfuzz record-bag)