course sequences

I don’t really think that the arrow showing the course of the sequence is necessary. It reads just fine left to right.

I will say, though, that the juxtaposition of the tree with the mushroom cloud is very well done.

(Heavy Metal Software Special Issue, 1993 - Page 28 Caveman by Ozkan)

You know, I get that having everyone be executed if they don’t figure out the killer is more dramatic, but I think Danganronpa’s missing out on some good opportunities because of it. I think it would have been more despairing if the one they vote for is executed regardless is they’re innocent or guilty, and then if they didn’t vote for the real killer then that person is allowed to escape as promised. This would have led to a lot of characters feeling betrayed, angry tears, sad tears, characters feeling awful as they realise they sent an innocent person to their death, and even more execution sequences. Of course, this idea would change quite a few things since everyone being executed if they guess wrong is a plot point more than once. The story would also have to be less linear for this to work, or at least have more bad endings. Still, I think it’d be cool for an AU or something.

Tonight I dreamed that we got another DLC for Dragon Age Inquisition, where we got a little castle in a mountain region of Orlais and we were able to catch dragons. I liked the part where my Adaar, Bull and Dorian sat on a table and joked around or when my Adaar managed to calm down a raging Dragon baby and patting it’s snout. 


So I feel like whenever I find something new and cool, that I’ve been living under a rock❣
Lolirock is a french based show with:

Magical girl Powers

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And all around a good time.

It’s the typical Sailor Moon story, when the main girl named Iris is found to be a princess to the land of Epheria where an evil lord has taken over her realm and other realms like it.

Throughout the show they help people who are in trouble, foil the baddies plans, and teach Iris about her powers, all the while balancing being a popular band. The show ends with a song every time, sometimes a new song, sometimes a remix.

But the best thing is by far the designs, the colors, and of course the transformation sequences for the girls!

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So give it a watch❣ The whole season is available on Netflix❣ 

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Bye bye❣

In case anyone is wondering how the new Powerpuff Girls show is doing, I booted up an episode of Steven Universe with the On Demand feature on my TV. The episode was listed as 25 minutes so I assumed it just had another 11 minute segment along with it at once even though only one segment’s title was listed

The first segment ran its course. Then the title sequence of the 2k16 Powerpuff Girls starts up. I did not select an episode of PPG nor was it included in the title or description of the SU episode I picked.

In short, CN is having such a hard time getting people to watch this bullshit that they’re literally tagging it on to their more successful shows in a desperate attempt to make it stick

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#154: Jinora’s tattoo ceremony in “Venom of the Red Lotus.”

The Book 3 finale is such a strong episode.  Of course, the action sequences are amazing to watch, and I love them.  But the thematic work it does to close out the loop on Korra’s “service and sacrifice” and the re-emergence and redefinition of the air nation is also phenomenal.  As I think one or more of you pointed out previously, it’s also an effective finale in that unlike Book 1′s “Endgame,” we don’t feel like everything has been too neatly resolved or that there have been no consequences from the season’s events.  Rather, the consequences themselves – at least for Korra – are the focus of much of the next season.  

Finally, I love that it ends on a moment of deep sadness with Korra’s tear, but also one of hope and triumph in the form of Jinora’s tattoo ceremony.

I love the speech that Tenzin gives because it gently and neatly summarizes the themes of the season:

Tenzin: Today we welcome the first airbending master in a generation, and I couldn’t be more proud of my daughter. When the existence of our people was threatened, when the Avatar’s life hung in the balance, Jinora never gave up hope. Thanks to her leadership, I see a very bright future for the Air Nation. Of course, there would be no Air Nation without Avatar Korra. She opened the portals and somehow the World began anew for us. And she was even willing to lay down her own life in order to protect ours. There’s no way we can ever repay her for all she’s done. But we can follow her example of service and sacrifice. So while she recuperates, the Air Nation will reclaim its nomadic roots and roam the Earth. But unlike our ancestors, we will serve people of all nations, working wherever there is corruption and discord, to restore balance and peace. Avatar Korra, I vow that we will do everything in our power to follow in your footsteps and bring harmony to the World.

It’s uplifting; it’s inspiring; it points toward a “bright future.”  And it also fits in with the mini journey Tenzin has had to go through over the course of two seasons to recognize that his “little girl” is growing – and has grown – up.  

And, of course, the whole scene is made all the more poignant by the fact that Jinora with her tattoos looks so much like Aang oh god oh god

Such a beautiful shot here of the airbenders gently hitting the wind chimes in the temple with their airbending: 

All the feels!

I thank the Candle Wasters every day for not giving NMTD an intro sequence.


I know ive shared this before but like.

The beginning of this song.

Is one of the most effective ways I’ve ever been made to hate  a villain. And its part of why Frollo is my favorite. He represents many threats corruption of law and religion, racism, sexism, and here we see abuse and manipulation. Hearing Quasimodo echo Frollo as he tells him hes all these awful things just breaks my heart. “Only a monster” Oh my god Frollo I hate you so much.

And then of course the following sequence is gorgeous because this movie is visually stunning and Quasimodo is the best and I love him.