course reps

Kanaya grunted slightly. She was tough, but it wasn’t easy to do a hundred push-ups in a row.  Sweat dripped down her face as she tried to draw upon the strength to finish her reps.

Of course, she had a little help.

“Consistency, Kanaya. It’s all about consistency.” Dave said, not bothering to look away from his phone, casually sitting on her back. “Trust me, you don’t get a look like mine without keeping consistent.”

Kanaya stifled a chuckle as she lowered herself up and down again. Dave was something of an unorthodox workout partner, but he was certainly encouraging.  And a bit of extra weight certainly didn’t hurt when you were trying to build muscle.

“C’mon, Kanaya, you got three more in you.”

Gritting her teeth in determination, Kanaya slowly performed the motions three more times, before lowering herself to the ground completely, panting slightly.  Dave casually hopped off her back and strolled to where he had stashed his apple juice.  “Good call, I think it’s about time we took a break.  A couple of buff studs like us can’t be pumping iron nonstop.”

Kanaya grinned. “Oh, certainly,” she said, gradually standing up to stretch and ease her aching muscles. “Karkat will be so impressed with the body you’ve been building.“

Dave didn’t have a response to that, turning his head away so she couldn’t see him blush.  Kanaya looked across the work out to look at the familiar figure in an orange hoodie that had watching with rapt attention the entire time.

“Rose, if you want to work out with us, I promise that there’s plenty of room.” Kanaya said, gesturing around.

Rose bit her lip as she got a good look at Kanaya, glistening with sweat in her workout tank top, muscles bulging, smiling warmly at her. “Trust me, Kanaya, I’ve already got the best seat in the house.”

Something I quick i banged out based on @rose-ebottles‘s headcanon.  Dave and Kanaya would be best friends don’t TRY to tell me otherwise

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y'all really gunna turn on the lesbians in this fandom first chance you get? f/f ships are SO important and COMPLETELY over-looked so you cant even begin to compare that to evak. You wanna call the fandom ugly but you're really going to come for a small part of the fandom who just desperately want wlw rep? Something which is in no other media?? Ok lol.

if  you’re talking about my ask, i was being sarcastic, of course i want wlw rep, i love the idea of evilde, i don’t….i completely understand the importance of f/f ships…..i literally want that more than anything??? i’m not sure where you got the idea that i thought otherwise?? 

so, to recap my morning of my students’ final exam:

  • arrived at the college only to inadvertently enter a heated discussion with my colleagues about the future of the organic chemistry course (our discipline rep wants to dumb it down but it’s a university level course we can’t fucking do that or we’ll lose accreditation and it’s already way watered down compared to other cegeps)
  • had to organize the exam room by myself because the chief invigilator was stuck in traffic (reminder: I’ve never done this before)
  • once the exam started, realized that not only was I missing a bunch of students (who went to the wrong exam room), but another teacher’s student was in my room and literally only 2/3 of my students were supposed to be in this room so how tf did she get here
  • took my 30-minute break to, instead of taking a break, hunt down the students that were in the wrong room to make sure they were actually in attendance, and then visit my students writing in accommodations 
  • spent 3 hours invigilating the exam and walking up and down the aisles and having my legs almost give out from under me a few times probably because I hadn’t eaten enough
  • went through a checklist once the exam was done to make sure everyone was accounted for
  • return to my office with 2/3 of my exams to receive the other 1/3 from my mentor who was in the other room, where she informs me two students were marked missing - as it turns out, one of them was writing in accommodations and the other’s exam was literally right there in front of her and she somehow missed it
  • ran back to the other exam room to hunt down the chief invigilator to make sure they didn’t report false absences to the dean

finally I got a lift with my mentor since she was passing in front of my apartment anyways so I didn’t have to lug a box stacked with 95 exams for 10 minutes to get home

now the grading nightmare begins

so expedia keeps calling about a guest beong overcharged [the kind that you charge thw guest directly].

just now realized they originally made it for a different day, but changed to graduation. i tried to explain this, but of course expedia reps are stubborn.

hell, both times i emphasized that they literally signed something that agreed to that rate, but to no avail.

hey pals! back atcha again with a review of my semester one goals, setting some new ones for semester two, and some general new years resolutions~

i’m happy to say that i managed to meet all of my semester one goals, i made loads of new friends, i joined some societies, did a dance show, and finished up semester one with two firsts, one 2:1 and a 2:2 in my assignments, so happy!!

so here’s my list of goals for next semester:

  • work on the destructive cycle of perfectionism, aka stop beating yourself up about everything
  • remember that first year is for fuck ups and learning from them
  • see Fiona every week and work on your academic problems
  • work to make your department better via the student council, staff meetings, course reps etc
  • push yourself to make better notes 
  • use the new software dsa is giving you

and some more general goals for 2017

  • get better at tap
  • read 50 books
  • drink at least a bottle and four pints of juice/water a day
  • eat at least three pieces of fruit and veg a day (fresh fruit juice and potatoes don’t really count) 
  • wear more adventurous clothes and makeup
  • be more ethical and more considerate, aka start switching to all cruelty free stuff
  • make better breakfasts/meals in general
  • tidy room = tidy mind
  • lay out your clothes the night before
  • only have major lie-ins on saturday 

and that’s it! i’ll be reviewing these in reading week possibly and in the easter holidays :) 

**Jason McCann Imagine for rosietheturtle**


You and Jason were in love and nothing could break that. Except your dad didn’t like Jason. He hated the fact that your were together and would do anything to stop it. Your dad didn’t even know Jason besides they time they met once when he picked you up for a date. Your dad claim he didn’t have to know him if he knew about his bad rep. Of course this wasn’t true. Because of your dad’s dislike for Jason he wasn’t allowed to come over so, you did a lot of sneaking around.

This day Jason was over and you were getting ready for a date. Your mom was out with friends and your dad wouldn’t be home until after you left. While you took a shower Jason chilled in your room until you were ready.  

Unexpectedly your dad came home. He shouted that he had got off early as he approached your room. At this point Jason was a bit nervous.  Your dad opened the door and his face twisted as he saw Jason.

“ What are you doing here,Jason?” he scowled

Jason took a deep breath and replied “  I’m waiting for y/n. We’re going on a date. I know I’m not supposed to be here but it’s what she wanted and I’d do anything for her. " 

” I don’t know if I believe you. I know what kind of guy you are and don’t want you hurting my daughter.“ He said unmoved

” No, you don’t know me. If you did you’d know that I love your daughter with all my heart. I would never hurt her or let anyone hurt her. She is my world and I care about her so much. I would never let anything come between us and if you can’t understand that then so be it but I’m gonna continue loving and being with her. “   Jason told him

Expecting to be kicked out Jason started to get up but you dad stopped him. 

” Jason…I’d like to apologize. I’ve been completely misreading you. After hear what you said I believe you. I’ve had any of y/n’s boyfriends pour their heart out like that about her. I now accepted your relationship.“
He shook Jason’s hand then left then room. 

You had heard the whole thing while you were in the shower and when you got out you hugged him and said ” Thank you, you are so brave. I love you.“ 

He kissed the top of your head and said ” Love you too, now go get ready we got reservations.“

more imagines here.

The Hamilton Children

My name is Philip, I am a poet
I wrote this poem just to show it
And I just turned nine
You can write rhymes
But you can’t write mine

I practice French
And play piano with my mother
I have a sister, but I want a little brother
My daddy’s trying to start America’s bank
Un deux trois quatre cinq!

My name is Angie, you wouldn’t know it
Unless you listened to my brother, he’s a poet
Even tho, he’s older at the time, I can play piano better plus I can rhyme!

Of course, I have a nervous breakdown when he dies!
I play piano and everybody cries!
A sister sibling seems pretty great
When you find out our parents had 8!

I’m Alex Junior, I’m on a journey
I grow up to be a famous attorney
But revenge is a sweet final course
I rep Aaron Burr’s second wife when they divorce!

The name’s James Alexander, I’m a lawyer too!
I had five kids like Tevye, with a boy or two!
No time for relaxin
Cuz I’m secretary of state for Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson!

Yo I’m John Church, I win the pennant!
Fought the war of eighteen twelve, second lieutenant!
And I’m the one who brought us glory!
I kept my mother’s promise and I wrote Dad’s story!

Hey, the name’s William Stephen and I COLD CRUSH!
I moved to California for the gold rush!
I’m a screamer, I’m a shouter, I’m a hollerer!
I died in Sacramento, most likely of CHOLERA!

My name’s Eliza Holly, please follow!
You can see my tombstone in Sleepy Hollow!
I lived with my mom while she was dying

The sun has gone To bed and so must I
My name is Philip I’m the second try
I am the youngest Child in our line
Don’t worry I Will live a nice long time


the sun: can you comment

1d reps: lol no

daily mail: can you comment

1d reps: nah

billboard: can you comment

1d reps: no sorry

irish mirror: can you comment


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Tom's hand on his heart when he sees Sybil come in. Never. Over. It.




Hello healthy people!! 

How are you all doing? I have been busier than I have ever been in my life, but I realised today that this crazy routine will be part of my life for the next decades, is just how it is… If I want to make my dreams reality I have to work hard. Simple! So I have a lot of stuff going right now in my life, mostly good things. I am very involved in my life at university, I have two ambassador jobs, I will hopefully get another one in January… I’m a course rep., I have two presentations to deliver next month, a job interview, and two essays to submit in January. I’m very hands on in everything that I do, and I cannot really complain about anything since it’s going the way I’ve planned or even better… 

The thing is that I’ve received a really bad new today. My grandfather died. He was in a nursing home care, and my grandmother and my aunt used to go there everyday to make sure he was doing ok, and to feed him. Looking that way, I might say that it was a release, because he wasn’t happy there… On the other hand, he was the love of my grandmother’s life, every time she talked about him you could see the sparkle in her eyes, and they had a very dramatic love story. The down side of the story is that he used to be an alcoholic and used to beat my grandmother and their children every time he was drunk… I didn’t have a strong relationship with him, but I have memories of him, watching football games and smoking cigarettes in the kitchen.. and I would give him a kiss in his cheek everytime I went to their house. My mother had anger towards him, for the reason mentioned above, but she forgave him before his decease. 

It just hurts me that I can’t be there with my family in the funeral or to hug them, to say that everything is going to be alright… I am far away, in another country and the plane tickets are expensive. But has my mother would say… “this was your choice”. So I must wipe the tears on my face, and keep going.