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Cheat on me? I'll destroy your relationship with your mother.

This story is about one of my college buddies’ pro revenge on his cheating girlfriend of 2 years. He found out that she was cheating on him and he was literally crying in his car for a few days – he was planning on marriage and kids and the white picket fence with her. He didn’t tell her he knew, he told her that he was going to his parents house for a few days to help them with some repairs. Instead he hung out with us and cried, literally cried in front of his buddies, for a couple of days, we helped him get out of it. He sobered up and told us how he was going to destroy her and I didn’t even understand it at the time. But he was headed to a famous law school and was thinking way ahead of us.

He drove to his girlfriend’s mothers house, over an hour outside of town, with her items from his apartment nicely boxed up, and said he wanted to leave them with her for [GF]. GF’s mom and him had met several times, he had gone to their Thanksgiving, etc. GF’s mom was like, OK, but why? Not suspecting anything was wrong. And he said something brief like, “I don’t think we’ll be seeing each other again, but I needed to get this box back to her. But thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.” GF’s mom is stunned and tries to ask why and what and everything but my friend just starts crying (I don’t think intentionally) and runs off and drives away. He never broke up with the GF – never even contacted her – she heard about it from her mom, who called her immediately, and he received confused and angry texts from the now-ex on his drive home. A little while later (at least a couple of weeks) he gets an email from the GF’s mom, I don’t remember the specifics, but it was not “I apologize for my daughter” but more like “I hope you find a woman who loves you unconditionally” or something to that effect. He responded with something like “Thanks, your note means a lot to me” – nothing negative.

Dude is now a up-and-coming lawyer, and still gets texts from the ex saying that she constantly hears from her mom how she ruined it with the one good guy she had and how she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Friend has never responded to one text, and blocked her from FB. Of course, this was all 100% planned - my friend wanted the hurt to come from someone who would stay in his ex’s life, not from someone who would be quickly forgotten. He deliberately created a rift in the closest relationship that two women can have. And all in a friendly 60-second conversation with no harsh words or accusations.

Okay since someone asked me whether Unknown route will be released or not at 20th November. Here is an answer





It is just a prank made by an anonymous.Yes I too saw it getting shared a lot in FB. Of course I know it was a prank when I saw it but I still clicked it since I was confused, why?

- I followed Cheritz Tumblr so they will announce it here too but I didn’t see any new news from them except about new version update;

- It is only a few months after Mystic Messenger was released;

- Trying to write the story for Unknown (or V) route is not an easy task since they play an important role in secret ending 1 and 2

- If you saw their mini comic before, you will know it will take months to complete the scripts;

- There will be a lot of new illustrations that the artists need to draw for their route;

- Writing and giving the dialogue scripts for the voice over can took time;

- Programing ain’t easy task;

- Game testing session also need to be done and;

- Lastly, 20th November is too early.

I’m sorry for being a party pooper but some people are really expecting Unknown (and V’s) route. Pranks like this are misleading and not that amusing tbh.

Well if the news IS true then cheers for everyone~

Pssst, please don’t confuse my aesthetic blogging for apathy. I use my blog as a safe/happy place to decompress, because I like looking over the archive and having it be calming. I’ve been yelling at racists all day on FB. >_<

(Of course I might just be losing followers because of all the SU blogging? Yeah, I am probably not a good blog to follow if you don’t like SU, sorry.)

Ok, with the ask I received earlier apparently Kookie kind of showed his phone screen in the recent bangtan bomb and there were twitter and fb and instagram icons. So it’s a plea that hopefully people will not try to look for his personal accounts. So guys yeah please don’t. But well I think the ARMYs here on tumblr are pretty tame I don’t think anyone is at the sasaeng/stalker levels so I think we’re good. Hehe~

But well one, I think they do have personal fbs what with all the games they play. And for family of course. But FB has a lot of security in place like you can be unsearchable or people won’t be able to add you. The twitter is most probably for the bts_twt account. Instagram they probs do have but I think it’s mostly to follow other people, international celebs or brands and not really to post stuff on their own. I think if they actively use these and want to share it to fans they will. But really they do so much for us already. They have the fan cafe. They post selfies on twitter all the time. They have fb page. Bangtan bombs that claim our souls. Seokjin tweets everyday to stop remembering seokjin o’clock when it’s his fault for challenging us. Not to mention the amazing fansites that share photos and fancams. Like what more do we need from them really?

DAMN seriously how do you watch these videos I didnt even notice kookie’s phone. All I saw was hip thrusting and how damn tall kookie looked. He looks like he’s taller than namjoon.

PS. NO TUMBLR ICON?!?!? :))))
Masturbation demon

This woman caught her teen son masturbating. Something that should not be a big a deal is being viewed like it’s a big deal. She’s asking facebook for advice. She’s treating this like a full blown crisis.

Of course the Nigerian FB community is talking about deliverance. One person said the boy has a masturbation demon and that he’s been overtaken by evil lust. Another person said that she should take him to a pastor for spiritual guidance.

Some Nigerians are just too much to bear. Apart from the fact that the poor boy is being publicly shamed for doing something completely normal and healthy, they are acting like he’s demented and evil.

I sent her a private message saying that there is nothing wrong with her son and that this isn’t a crisis and he doesn’t need spiritual intervention or guidance. He’s a normal boy who doesn’t need to be publicly shamed.

Her response? “Are you a masturbator? You sound like one. I thought better of you Atane.”