Palpatine and Padme: The Relationship

said in response to this post: I honestly forget sometimes that Padme Ambidala was a BIG DEAL in the Senate until I watch TWC and see how often she’s in Palpatine’s office when important business is going down. I honestly wonder how much of her mentoring he’s responsible for, and if he is, how much irony there is in her ability to thwart him at times because she (without realizing it) knows how he thinks.

This is a significantly late reply for which I apologise, I’ve not been able to post much Star Wars lately, but I do have a lot of thoughts on this subject.

We know that Padme’s family lived on Courscant for awhile when her father was working with the Refugee Relief Movement. This is how she met “Uncle Ono” who was a huge supporter. During this time period, Palpatine was also working in the Senate as Naboo’s representative. I’m quite confident that he was an ally of Ruwee Naberrie and the Refugee Relief Movement. It would have suited his agenda just right: The kind, benevolent Senator who supports his beloved homeplanets’ charitable efforts. As a consequence, Palpatine would have been around the Naberries a lot and Padme would have known him from the ages of around 3-6, I’d say. So, from a young age, she’s been raised to think that this man is a good man. He’s a friend and ally of her family and House Naberrie.

This influence on Padme’s life probably didn’t end when her family left Coruscant either.  I’m sure while he was Senator, before she was Queen, he visited with the Naberries sometimes while visiting Naboo and the King. During this time period, he influences Padme’s career. He talks with her and he nurtures her. That way, if she goes far in politics, which it looks like she might, he’ll either have a staunch supporter for the Empire, or a girl he can manipulate. Given her idealism, it quickly becomes the latter, but that’s not an issue, so Palpatine, uses his influence on her parents to encourage her to run for Queen. After all, he knows this girl and her idealistic heart; she’ll be easy to manipulate for sure. (Famous last thoughts….) He’s frustrated by TPM, of course, and vows revenge.

When she returns to Coruscant, now a Senator herself, we see this paternal interest from Palpatine continue and take a more sinister edge. He calls her “my child,” reminiscent of how he talks to Anakin with “my dear boy.” He tells her that “losing [her] would be unbearable.” He dotes on her and talks to her about top secret business in the Senate. He makes sure to continue to act as a benevolent support and guide to her.  He puts her on the Loyalist committee. This way he can feed her information that he might not give other people and try to use her to his advantage. She can influence people he can’t. Thus, he keeps her close. This is also why it is only until Revenge of the Sith that Padme even begins to consider that Palpatine might be behind it all: “Palpatine served as my Senator when I was Queen!” You can tell in the deleted scenes that she’s shocked and horrified to even be thinking it. She feels like the legs have been kicked out from under her. Like Anakin, she trusted Palpatine implicitly. After all, she’s known him all her life. He was a family friend and a personal mentor. You don’t let go of childhood trust so easily.

The unexpected benefit of this though is that it cuts both ways. Padme received political advice and training from Palpatine and, as a result, she has an idea of his influence and how he thinks. In the context of the Clone Wars, this means that she can use skills that he’s taught her to thwart him, unknowingly, at times. Her greater influence that he helped to give her can be disadvantageous. However, because she trusts him, he regrettably, does still have the upper hand as she divulges information to him that she shouldn’t. Nevertheless, this changes in Revenge of the Sith when she tells Bail that he shouldn’t vote against the Empire because it’s too late. They’ll have to work underground and be careful to keep their heads down until they can strike. Bail is a formidable politician himself, but he doesn’t understand this until Padme points it out. She just knows Palpatine so much better. Now that she knows what he is, this is an asset. Mon Motha doesn’t quite appreciate this. Initially, she questions Bail’s desire to follow Padme’s advice because “Padme trusted Palpatine almost to the very end.” Sure, she was brilliant, but wasn’t she also naive? Bail realizes though, that while, yes, Padme did trust Palpatine too much, she also knew his ways better then any one else; she’d known him from childhood.

This makes Return of the Jedi all the more satisfying too. Palpatine thought he could manipulate and control Padme and Anakin. He thought he could nurture them from a young age and own them utterly. He couldn’t though. In the end, the child of the two victimized children he shaped was the catapult of his destruction.

people have talked about the concept of home and coming back for rebelcaptain before but I want to do a roundup so:

  • jyn’s one of those people who has never known a home be cause she’s never been in one spot for long. she was born in captivity, then spent some years on courscant as an imperial child, then spent the rest of her childhood on lah’mu, spent time doing god knows what with saw and his rebels, then being on her own for so many years, lanet hopping… she never had a place to call home. the concept is lost on her
  • not to mention all the people who’ve abandonded her. lyra, who left to go save galen, then died. galen, taken by the imperials. (They both tried to convince jyn before leaving - everything i do i do for you - that they weren’t abandoning her, but she’s not wrong to think of it that way). saw, literally abandoning her at 16 because the last name -erso- is a liability. sixteen. being on her own for so many years, being unable to trust anyone, because most criminals are traitors, not friends. who can she trust after being abandoned so many times? she cant even trust people with her own name. 
  • it’s pretty important that cassian is basically (one of? idk if someone else uses it before him) the first person call jyn by her real name since probably she was left by saw.
  • trust goes both ways
  • cassian comes back #1: cassian is a practical dude. he won’t ever risk the mission to save one person - the rebellion is greater than any one person. it’s why he shoots tivik. he’s a liability. jyn reeling in shock as jedha crumbles around her - she’s a liability. but he gets her out of there. he goes back for her. (now, I know that she’s literally the only person who has seen the message. cassian couldve gotten the datachip though. but this is the first time, and it’s a big step) also cassian’s panic as he wonders what saw did to jyn before he realizes she’s in shock T_T
  • do i even need to expand on the fact cassian didn’t shoot galen??? like??? cassian andor, of all people, disobeying a direct order?? the one who kills mercilessly for the rebellion, not doing his job??? man
  • cassian comes back #2: now this is where jyn is really, truly, expendable. galen is dead, the mission is technically complete (though not how it was planned), and time is running short. he doesn’t really need to go back for jyn, esp now that they know what the message was (the rebels would take cassian’s word for it). she’s in shock again. but no, he comes back for her
  • the argument skjfsdslkjfss I could go on about that for days. I don’t think Cassian usually yells at people, and at the end he realizes “I don’t have to” but in between? that’s genuine concern. he -wants- jyn to realize her mistake. he’d rather convince her than let her be. that’s important.
  • [some giant gap here where jyn gets it together]
  • welcome home. WELCOME HOME. WELCOME HOME!!! okay I’m done. 
  • no i’m not. jyn’s not used to people sticking around. they usually abandon her. she thought cassian would turn her in. no, he brings her support. jyn’s scarif mission would have failed if it wasn’t for cassian gathering the other rebels.
  • home is a person, not a place.
  • after that it’s basically smooth sailing (kind of ironic) 
  • cassian comes back #3:  comes back FROM THE DEAD more like (tho tbh i didnt actually think he was dead but apparently we were supposed to so uh). guardian angel. the third time he comes to save her, and it’s funny because this time by saving her he also saves the mission.

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How about Cody walking into Obi-Wan crying? Obi-Wan, as Jedi, can't deal with so much death. He tries to be strong in front of his troops but crashes when he's alone, and then Cody sees him? Bonus for first kiss!

Thanks! I was so bored t-t.

Just as the sun began to set on Courscant, Cody had finished up the last of his reports and found himself treading down the hallway of the Jedi Temple. It was late and many of the clones and Jedi had retreated to their bearings, despite that Cody thought it wise to meet with Obi-Wan and go over the mission’s statistics.  Obi-Wan was no stranger to staying up past hours and like Cody, he was most likely awake, diligently looking through his own reports and statistics.

Cody continued his journey down the corridor through the familiar pathway until he reached his general’s door.

He did not have to knock; after coming here many times in the late hours of the night, going over mission reports and strategies his company was expected, sometimes need Obi-Wan would tell him, usually hidden behind a smile.

“General Kenobi,” Cody slid open the door and stepped over the threshold, entering a dimly lit room. “I have the reports for…”

He stopped suddenly, looking ahead at the desk sitting on the other side of the room and the man in the chair in front of it. Obi-Wan normally sat straight with his back rarely slouched when he looked over his work, but that night, something was different. He was leaned forward, his chair pulled out a bit as his head rested in his hands. His shoulders and back both trembled lightly as if he was laughing or…

The first sob heard was quiet, and if Cody had not been listening well enough he could have missed it. The second sob however, and those following were louder yet not loud enough for a spectator outside to hear. Nonetheless, Cody heard it all. Every breathless and heart wrenching cry from his general.

He was not sure what to do, or if Obi-Wan had even noticed him. What could he do? He pondered turning around and leaving, as Obi-Wan had not yet noticed him. It would, after all save both of them the embarrassment. Yet, ignoring that thought, Cody took a deep breath and walked over toward where Obi-Wan was.

“General Kenobi,” He began, reaching the distressed jedi and placing a hand on his shoulder. “Is everything alright?”

Obi-Wan gasped, obviously shocked at the sudden intrusion. He quickly stood, turned and faced Cody, making a quick effort to wipe the tears from his face.

“Commander Cody!” He croaked, forcing a smile upon his lips. “I didn’t expect you tonight! I’m assuming you want to go over some reports with me!” He made an effort to sound enthusiastic, to look refreshed but Cody was not fooled.

“Sir, I think you should sit down.” Cody suggested and again asked, “Is everything alright?”

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*It was a damn cold night on Courscant, and no place to take shelter. It was as everyone could smell the reek of the dark side on the former sith, now outcast from failing his master on the desert planet. It felt like a fate worse than death, not able to know anything outside of killing, surviving, and his master. It seemed thebforce had a different plan for him. Maul felt the familiar warm presence of the man he dueled … infront of him, and looked up with a gasp. He had no way of fighting stripped of the weapons given. With trying the words to say, he could barely utter* H-have mercy.. *what he said most to his former before any punishment* I beg of you.. 

Drive! (3)

Chapter 3

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I’ve gotten the flu, but that means I’ve got more time in bed to keep writing!)

Biker AU: Poe Dameron x Reader

Chapter List

Warning: Swearing

Plot Summary: It’s date night! For once, Poe’s actually a bit fidgety, making sure he presents himself in the best, just for you. First dates are always about impressions after all! With you, however, it’s less of you ‘getting ready’ and more of Finn and Rey combining their efforts to make you look drop dead gorgeous. This date better be worth it!

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“Poe, what’s got you so worked up?” Snap leaned against the garage door as Poe checked himself in the mirror.

“Nothin’, Wexley.”

“Could it be about that girl you rescued?” Snap raised an eyebrow at his friend.

“Nope. It’s just… okay maybe… well…” Poe stuttered as Snap laughed, walking over to him and slapping his shoulder.

“I called it! What was her name, Y/N? You have a date with her, right?” 

“Yeah, its just that… You know, she’s a nice gal. I don’t know if she’s willing to really be with a guy like me. I mean, with the First Order after us an’ all.” Snap laughed as Poe stared at him angrily.

“Come on, Snap! I’m actually nervous for once!”

His friend’s laughter died down as he explained to Poe, “Dude, come on. You helped her outrun the police. I’m sure she thinks you’re her knight in shining armor. Figuratively, of course.”

“You’re going to be fine, Dameron. Besides, if it doesn’t work out, we’ve got your back.”

Poe nodded, gratefully. “Thanks, Wexley.” He turned back to the mirror, slicking back his hair.

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Starwars AU

((Sina would definitely have been a Jedi, and she would have been one of the very few who escaped Order 66. Sina visited the Jedi temple on Courscant a few times, and her skill with manipulating the force impressed many. If she were a more long lived race, she would have been able to perhaps match Master Yoda.

Sina was known for her pacifistic approach to all conflict, using her charisma and motherly charm to quell conflicts before they went out of hand, She was also noted for studying Obi-wan Kenobi for her own improvements, as both preferred diplomacy and practiced Soresu as their preferred forms of Lightsaber combat.

Order 66 deeply affected Sina and did make her fall to the Dark side temporarily, in that she felt great fear for her own life and the disillusionment that everything the Jedi stood for got torn to pieces, the very people they protected now turned against them. Recognizing that she was falling, Sina isolated herself to meditate and go on a journey within herself to help her return to the light. And whether the Force willed it, or it was just a coincidence, a wounded Mandalorian  collapsed by her home one day, and she took him in. This was how she met Creighton.

Creighton does not bring Sina back to the light, but he is the one who brings her to the pivot point between light and dark, completing her transition into a Gray Jedi. Sina and Creighton do butt heads a lot, mainly due to how their ideologies clash greatly. Creighton probably did challenge Sina to a battle once, just to have her prove to him she is not as weak as he thinks. 

At some point, Sina joins Creighton on his ship to travel the galaxy with him, once the Empire’s influence grows stronger on their planet. Creighton is the only one who knows Sina’s secret, and he does not fear what she would do if he told everyone or sold him out–she’s definitely mortal. It’s a genuine respect they have for the other, and Sina does use a bit of Force-based mischief to help the crew out, like using a Jedi mind-trick to negotiate better contracts for Creighton and Pate. ))


A/N: So, basically i got this anon request about a post i had read, maybe a day before, and i remember the post but i couldn’t find it. So if anyone can actually find the post can you please tag it or add it to the bottom?? I don’t mean to plagiarize on someone’s idea but i just really enjoyed writing it. Thx much!

Prompt: Obi-Wan and Anakin see a tabloid that says they’re fucking each other and Obi-Wan’s totally appalled by it but Anakin secretly laughs his ass off about it and finally comes to the conclusion that they should totally be screwing each other.

Warnings: Bit of swearing (which i don’t mind, but i know some people don’t like it)

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“It’s so uncivilized,” Obi-Wan said, staring at the hologram with distaste and embarrassment. “How could they publish such blatant lies?!”

Anakn smirked at him, easily hiding the blush creeping up his cheeks. “I don’t know, Master, maybe they find it funny?”

Obi-Wan glared at his Padawan, knowing he was laughing his ass off about it. The rumors going around both the Temple and the city itself were all so bizarre that Obi-Wan had a hard time wrapping his head around them. He and Anakin spent a lot of time together, they were required to as master and student, but they didn’t spend that much time together.

Did they?

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When Barris escapes Republic custody she wants to get vengeance on the Order, but instead she starts to help those affected by the war. Under an alias she helps fund organizations and relief efforts, helps raise enough money to aid people caught in the war; she helps find new homes and shelter. She takes a risky step when she starts to help clones desert from the Republic forces. Whilst a Jedi, Barris was one of the only few to listen to the clones talk about how the war affected them and how many of them never wanted to fight. She learned that many clones were afraid that if their production ended in an effort to stop the war, they’d be disposed of. So she returns to Courscant and finds those clones, and then looks for more who want to be free. She helps them find homes and get established. Barris makes so many peace/anti war organizations that she’s always busy but she never complains. She loves this life. She gets to live and see the perspective of those who are mistreated and affected by the war. She doesn’t have to worry about selfish Jedi or rich and privileged senators complaining about a war they started or that doesn’t affected them. She does her own thing and now she is happy and making a real difference.

Lovesick // Obi Wan x Reader

This was requested by an anon: For imagine: the reader is padame’s best friend and you two are talking and she taunts the reader about how obi wan acts and looks at the reader.

I’ve been getting soooooo many Obi Wan requests holy shit. Y'all really like Obi Wan. I still do Anakin, Kylo, Luke, Han, etc. I don’t want everything to be solely Obi Wan, don’t get me wrong I love Obi Wan (esoecially Ewan McGregor).

I have this one coming out today, an Obi Wan with a baby fluff, and I think another Obi Wan too. So, yeah today is an Obi Wan day!

You walk into your best friend, Padame’s room and flop on the bed. She sees you and laughs. You and Padame have been best friends for about two years now and you couldn’t be more grateful to have her. Sometimes you just need a girl to talk to because the amount of males of Courscant outweighs females by far.

“Hey, (Y/N). Tired?” she asks, flopping down next to you.

“Today was probably the worst day of training. I have to work on saber skills, meditation, fighting, and blaster use” you vent. “Sometimes I just wanna snuggle up in bed and stay there forever”

“You mean you wanna snuggle up with Obi Wan?” she teases you, giggling.

You blush and scream, “Stop it, Padame!”

Padame was convinced that Obi Wan has a crush on you. Everyone knows that Jedi showing love or affection to anyone else is in clear violation of the Jedi Code. But, she thinks it hilarious to see your reaction every time his name is brought up in conversation.

“I don’t like him! And I shouldn’t even like anyone! It’s against the Code” you remind her.

“Oh. c'mon, (Y/N). It’s so obvious. The way he looks at you. Every time you open your mouth, he is on the edge of his seat, eager to hear what you have to say,” she says sitting up. “He follows you around like a lovesick puppy!”

“That’s nice, Padame. But, even if all of that was true, I don’t like him” You declare.

She gives you a look. You know, that look. The look that says, ‘I know your lying because I am your best friend and I know everything’.

“So you are telling me that Obi Wan isn’t the slightest bit attractive to you. Even when he compliments you on your fighting skills. Or when you watch him train and he is so focused on winning the battle. Or when he talks to you, he runs his hand across his beard and then through his hair. Or when-” everything that she was saying was true. Obi Wan was incredibly attractive in every way. You let a small smile appear on your face, but you knew she caught you before you wiped it off.

“Aha! I knew it! You do like him!” she yells.

“Shhhhhh, keep it down” you laugh. “Even so, I may find him to be an attractive man, but that does not mean I would like to be together with him”

She looks at you, knowingly and says, “Okay, fine. But in my opinion, you should go for it. He’s such an amazing man and he would treat you like the princess you are”

“Says the princess” you retort. She slaps your shoulder.

“I’m serious, (Y/N)! I’ve known him for so long and I just know he likes you. And you know he would keep it locked up so safe because look at his position! But, hey. That’s just me” she smiles.

You lay there thinking. “Padame?” She looks at you. “What do I do to take the first step at flirting?” you ask.

She squeals and gives you a hug and you both spend the rest of the night talking about how you are gonna win the Jedi over.

Stay With Me// HIWTHI Star Wars AU

Senator Lottie MacKenzie glanced over to the man looming behind her. It wasn’t the first time that she had hired a Mandalorian as a bodyguard, but there was something…different about this one. He unsettled her. She wasn’t sure why quite yet. 

Perhaps because this was the first time she had needed a bodyguard on the way to Courscant, thanks to the political instability in the Galaxy. Perhaps that was why she was nervous. 

Or maybe she was nervous because she liked hearing him speak, even if it was through the modulated helmet. 

She sighed and fiddled with a stray lock of hair. 

“Do ye know how long until we get there?” She asked softly. 

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Hi Puns! Here is a Star Wars prompt for you: force ghost!Qui-Gon facepalming at Obi-Wan losing lightsabers. Your choice as to whether it's shippy or gen, silly or angsty.

I’m sorry this took so long (and is kind of short). I went a bit off prompt, but I hope you like it. (Also, @deadcatwithaflamethrower I hope you don’t mind me borrowing Kimal for a bit).

“You know, considering how often you remind your padawan of the importance of his blade, you lose your own lightsaber incredibly often.” Qui-gon Jinn chuckled. Next to him, Obi-wan did not react, merely continued his hushed stream of increasingly foul cursing as he strode purposefully down one of the many halls within the Jedi temple. Obi-wan hair was plastered against his skull, and his robes and boots were coated in a thick black mud. He was leaving a trail, Qui-gon noted with amusement, and his belt looked oddly bare without the familiar shape of his lightsaber hanging there.
As Obi-wan reached the door to his quarters, Qui-gon hovered behind his shoulder. “What is this, the second time in the past five years?” he teased.
Obi-wan grumbled something under his breath about the council having it out for him, and why did he keep getting the short straw when it came to missions, punching in the access code for his door more viciously than Qui-gon thought was strictly necessary. Still tracking mud, he stomped across the room, shedding layers of clothing as he went, before disappearing into the ‘fresher.
By the time Obi-wan re-emerged, the discarded clothing had been bustled off by a droid, and the jedi master was looking significantly cleaner and less likely to throw something at an un-expecting passerby. Qui-gon watched as his old apprentice made a bee-line for his small kitchen, and more specifically, the tea, a smile still on the ghost’s face. “You never change.”
A loud buzz interrupted the near silence of the room, Obi-wan made a noise of frustration before moving to snatch his commlink off the table where he had abandoned it in his haste to get clean.
“Welcome back to Courscant, brother padawan.” The voice was familiar, and yet Qui-gon suddenly realized he could not remember the last time he had heard it.
Obi-wan grimaced, catching on to the other master’s too cheerful tone. “Hello Kimal.”
“I hear the mission was a success.”
“I suppose you could call it that.”
“Mmhm. Tell me, Master Kenobi, how is your lightsaber holding up? I trust you have been keep up with proper maintenance, yes? That set of crystals was a particularly nice cut, and it would be shame for them to be used at anything less than their full potential.”
“I know you know what happened, so spare me the dramatics.” Obi-wan sighed, his voice thick with resignation, his expression that of a man who knew of his fate and had accepted it.
There was a long silence before Qui-gon’s first padawan spoke again. “The third time. The third time in five years Obi-wan! For love of the Force man, how many times do I have to tell you, stop losing your Sith-dammed lightsaber!! I ought to make you go out and collect your own crystals, what with the rate you go through them!”
Obi-wan made no attempt at defending himself against the verbal onslaught, and Qui-gon could not help laughing at the pained expression on his padawan’s face.
“You know, he has a point dear one.”
As always, Obi-wan gave no sign of having heard him, but in that moment Qui-gon did not mind. Smiling, he settled himself in to watch the apparent verbal sparring match that seemed to be beginning between his two of his old charges.