Curiosity || Blake & Becky
  • Blake:Sat on his bed looking over the people talking on Tumblr and rolled his eyes. All of them stuck in drama that was meant for middle school kids. He laughed when one girl thought he was confused taking advantage of the opportunity. Blake left his door unlocked as she shut off his compute to wait for the blond.
You think you got Swagger....NOPE!

“I am High maintenance" my mother said XD <—- me 

No !! I’m not I just get bord quickly…totally not my fault…I am a ”flirt“ I can’t help it I’m just a courious person…I have ran into some weird ones and it did indeed killed the cat…but just feel that inorder to be in a relationship there has to be a want to see and talk to this person everyday and for him to want me back… many usually do want to text everyday, but they have nothing interesting to talk about and here I am again leading the conversation… pointless and boring I want someone mesmerizing energetic…in the right sense not high on whatever they sniff or smoke but being yourself, being you. Boys these days are caught up in the media image they try to have the attitude like a gangster…bad boy (which isn’t that bad..{my type})…PLAYER! You have no swagger of your own which makes you fade in the crowd…uninteresting boring unconversational and not someone I’d date… Either way I like the couriosty of not knowing a guy end up liking them, not for him but the whole aspect of not knowing him in the first place, then getting the commercial guy AGAIN and get bord and uniterested leaving him hanging as if I were the player…( synonymous killed my cat =/ be spontaneous!! )