courier new font

from the inside of a black hole

summary: dan likes sometimes and maybe and the kingdom of life and death but when his car breaks down and is needing an extended period of time for repair, he finds solace in the home of a lost boy with red knuckles and ghosts: phil lester.

words: 8.2k

warnings: mentions of death, self-harm (wall punching?)

a/n: well shit this took a long time. fic written for londonhowell​ in commemoration for her birthday like 2 months ago; beware-phangirl​ is my light and saviour thank u for tolerating me and helping me out considerably with this i love u both a lot 

somebody told the stars you’re not

coming out tonight and

so they found a place to hide


I’m afraid of the dark, Dan thinks longingly as he screws his eyes shut.

He paints four in the morning onto his eyelashes with neutron stars and shaking fingers twined together with something too akin to hope to be real. It digs into his eyes, exhaustion staring at the dimmed clock on the dashboard of his car like fragmented lines, and maybe if his hands were steadier or if he could read any of the numbers printed in too painful of a blue, he wouldn’t be mumbling the same fucking unfinished lyrics he’s had stuck in his head since he passed the Coventry city line.

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anonymous asked:

Any tips for writing a script?

Oh, jeez. Okay, there are a few things that it depends on. First of all, it depends on the medium you’re doing. Podcasting I can help you with, but anything else? Nope. So I’ll just go for Ollie’s Podcasting Tips.

First, you need to find a good formatting for your script. Usually, I go for size 12 font, Courier New, double spaced with an extra blank line between each line of text. So it looks like this:

You should also probably bold the character names, and italicize actions and noises, like this:

This helps for easy reading! And that’s something you want. Formatting also helps for timing. In my formatting, a 21-page script has about 15-20 minutes of runtime! Meanwhile, a 50-page script has A LOT MORE RUNTIME. So, I can make sure the episodes are at least close in timing

For writing your actual script, its useful to have two things by your side: episode summaries and character personalities. When I write, I always have 2 different documents up other than what I’m writing. The first is the episode summaries for the entire podcast, so I can see where I want to go and do in this particular episode. It can be as short as a paragraph, as long as you can use it as a road map!

The next thing I have is character personalities, little blurbs that tell me about how that characters act. A problem I have is I often blend character personalities, so its useful for me to have something to look at and go off of!

That’s really all I have, because I think my way of getting things done is kinda weird. When I write a series, I write a pilot, and then I redo that pilot, but that’s the only time I ever rewrite anything. It gives me a general feel for the type of style I want to go for. From then on, everything you’re hearing is a first draft script, most likely written in a day, even for the 50-page ones. That’s because I just go for it. I take out a big bottle of soda, turn up my music, and TRY to focus. I’m pretty sure this won’t work for most people, so I don’t suggest doing it unless you think it’ll work!

Hope this helps you out!


Building a picture

Hello all,
Several people have commented on the improvement of my compositions for the past 6 months/year or so (thank you!!). I’ve been meaning to write a number of Tumblr posts on composition but I can’t seem to make time for that at the moment - so instead I’m sharing with you the checkpoint list I use when drawing.
These are basically all the things I (try to) pay attention to, to work towards a picture that is as strong and impactful as possible. I like having that list with me, so I regularly go over it and ask myself “Have I given enough thought to this? Could I make it better?” Some of these I feel I have reasonably mastered - others I still struggle with, but you know… it’s a journey! :)

I’d love to hear if there are any key aspects you think I’m missing in there.
Also, this is my checklist so it’s worded succintly but I’m happy to explain anything if you have questions.

Space separation

·       Placing of the strongest dynamic lines

·       Placing of the focal point(s)

·       Cropping by the edge of the picture (leave some elements out for interest)

·       Organisation of lines to emphasize the focal points

·       Separation of the major masses (in relation to value placement)


·       Variations in shapes and patterns

·       Repetition/singularity

·       Crumping/grouping of objects

·       Variations in sharpness and roundness

·       Overlaps between shapes and object, cropping of some elements


·       Alternance of straight and curved lines

·       Variations of line weight

·       Variations of line colour and darkness

·       Variations of line density and detail level

·       Variations of broken and continuous linework

·       Different types of edges: sharp, soft, lost (merging of masses, receding parts, etc.)


·       Definition of the major value zones (2, 3 or 4 - one of them usually left to focal details)

·       Variations within the value range of the zone, limiting the overlaps in values between zones as much as possible


·       Definition of the general colour temperature

·       Definition of the major, minor and accent colour if one is used

·       Variations around the set colour schemes

·       Variations in flat colours and textured colours

·       Variations in saturation depending on importance


Shadows and Light

·       Soft/harsh lighting

·       Shadow depth and density to make some parts recede/stand out

·       Blurring of soft edges with shadow

·       Light density and sharpness/diffusion

·       Interactions between objects and light (throwing shades/cropping light/diffusing light)

·       Atmospheric perspective (or inversed)


·       Variations in detail level according to importance

·       Variations in patterns and texture

·       Variations in edge sharpness and softness

·       Highlights and bright lines

under the cut, you’ll find a guide to the basics of rp thread aesthetic. this guide includes information on different ways of formatting text, where to put blockquotes, gif sizes and even a little on the new trend in punctuation plus indents etc. used in indie rp as requested by anonymous. if you found this guide useful, please reblog or like this post.

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Submitted in Courier New, 13 point font with 1.25" margins.

When you get an image request that’s actually a thinly veiled attempt at getting you to research and write a term paper so they don’t have to. 

Hello, I would like a photo and background information on this piece. Anything that you think is related to the development and inspiration for the artist such as the limestone and what was used to carve the art and methods used. If there is anything that you think is interesting about this work as well.

NOPE. We’re on to you, Art History 101 procrastinators.

We are sooooo on to you (possibly because we used to be you…)  

Also if one more person sends me one of those weird automated fake messages in the courier new font saying they need me to click a link in their bio for them to help pay for school I am going to fucking lose it and delete my tumblr

anonymous asked:

For your detective Dave and bird Kankri, does Dave have a beauty mark like with Roxy for the Christmas one?

ahh it’s actually just some oversized freckle, I tend to draw very dot-like freckles sometimes so I can see why some of them might look like beauty marks haha you can see it as either, I don’t mind!

Anon:Hi, Sunny, Do you mind telling me what font you use whenever you write your url in your art? its really nice !!

thank you! it’s courier new 8′) (same font as HS)

Anon:What will you do when Homestuck ends?

just keep doing what I’m doing right now ;v;

I mean as long as I have pictures I want to draw for it I’ll do that

Anon:you should get a friend to partner with you on a project! that way they can write and you can draw. you might be able to pull together a full blown web comic that way…. haha just an idea

I actually wanted to do something similar with a friend of mine! to discuss ideas and stuff but well she’s always busy so it’s been already almost a year and yeah


One of my favorite sayings, and imitating my favorite font Courier New too.

“A GIRL IS A GUN” because I can be protective, decorative, can change the world. 

But if you handle me wrong, I’ll fuckin kill you.

A reminder to myself to never be laid low, and that I’m better than what happened to me. That I’m strong enough to rise above the abuse I suffered.

I am Gale, beautiful, mechanical, and cold-logic deadly.