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When it comes to Rose of Sharon Cassidy, Noel Burgess has two rules: don’t ever, ever try to outdrink her, and don’t ever, ever fall in love with her.

safrona-shadowsun  asked:

"A taste of adventure is by no means a masculine monopoly."

It would seem that the Lord this faire evening would be graced with a quote directly from the Courier herself that had his mind dwindle into a thought. His expression only had his lips upturn only lightly as his eyes met her, though a hint of amusement would gesture in the gleam.

“ Even your’s truly has once tasted the fine nectar known as adventure, my dear Courier.” The contents of his glass swirled with a simple tilt of his wrist. “ However, I must agree with your statement. The rewarding sensation that comes from engaging in such excitement is not defined by the ratio from which is labeled by masculinity or feminism…”

Idly he’d sip on her passions that were produced by her career and the labor of the Baron. A soft sigh of contentment exalted from his lips before his gaze locked deeply upon her own.

“ A man.. a woman.. a child.. or even a creature… any who are willing to possess the strength and will to take on all obstacles into the path of the unknown for fame, for fortune, for knowledge, or even thrill.. all may taste in its delicacy..”

His lips twisted as his grin was now a sharp blade. “ Even you have probably indulged in its flavor, have you not?”

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