Let me draw your OCs!

I like drawing, I also like learning about other people’s OCs, so I really like drawing other people’s OC.   It makes them happy (I hope) and gives me a chance to practice. I would love challenge myself by getting even more practice and an opportunity to draw your OCs.  

So please help me practice and let me draw your OCs!  Send me stories, screenshots, descriptions, and/or tags of your lovely characters.  Either reblog or submit it to my blog with their information.  Messaging is fine too, but sometimes I don’t always get messages.  

I’ll do either a bust or body drawing.  Here are some examples: bust 1bust 2body 1body 2.  

Fandoms I’m in: Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Fallout.  If the OC is not in theses fandom, tell me about it! Maybe I’ll find a new thing to obsess over.   

Thank you! :D

askthetockclan asked:

There was a guard posted in Hotland, tall and imposing. His armor gleamed in the harsh light of the magma. The guard was ever watchful, waiting for his moment to do what needed doing, whatever that might be. "Halt!" he cried, seeing motion in the distance, "In the name of the King, I order you to stop!" ((Hello!))

* (Great, another royal guard stopping me for little to no reason…)

* May I ask why I have to?

Male Deathclaw
Height - 11’ 4"
Weight - 1.5 Tons
Snagged - June 4th 2281 outside of New Reno.
Reward - $3500 NCR Dollars

Needed to have my Courier make a return! Just finished playing Fallout 4 and as a video game? It is a damn good video game but as a Fallout game is was disappointing to me. To me it has no replay value. But Fallout New Vegas still holds the throne of my favorite 1st & 3rd person shooter RPG for me. So time to update my Courier!

This is Gil snagging a bounty on a Lone Male Deathclaw that was causing problems for everyone it wandered into. So the city of New Reno put a bounty on the Deathclaw to exterminate him. Gil was passing through and took up the job and readied his June Bug and his Brush gun to take the beast out. Along with several laid fragmentation mines which crippled the Deathclaw from catching the Gunslinger the finishing shot was easier then most encounters with any deathclaw be it a youngling or a Matriarch.

Closed Starter (undyne-is-so-cool-like)

* …

*[Great choice of housing Undyne, fits the fire-cat’s view of her fairly well. Not to say it wasn’t an impressive home; it’s quite a home to behold (even if it’s a bit small in comparison to his own), but… it’s a wonder how he haven’t managed to work up the gut to face her again sooner.]

* [Much to his curiosity, he decided to inspect the outside area for a bit… especially regarding the dummy. It seems to be in tatters, , barely stitched together as some of its fluff was-]

* What.

* What?

* WHAT!?

* It’s a living.

* …!

* D-Duly noted… [Possessed dummy aside, the only oddity occurring around here was… the sound of a piano coming from inside. Well… perhaps Napstablook gave her some music and something to play it on, he’s practically next door after all. Courier stepped in front of the door- if it can even be called that- as he took a deep breath or two. The last thing he needs is to be flaring up on the spot.]

* (Okay Courier, into the maw of the leviathan then…) [The messenger than proceeds to knock on the door, seeing if the royal guard was home. On the odds that she wasn’t… well, he isn’t looking forward to collecting the nerve to try again later.]



PLOT TWIST(after the ending):it’s a beautiful normal day at sanctuary hills and ss is wearing their vault 111 suit but no one knows why???then they ring the bell as all the companions gather the ss tells them that they fooled/tricked/lied to them all and they are just like"what"“!?”!!!“ then ss take’s/rip’s off the vault suit but underneath is the one and only vault 101 suit so basically they were the lw the whole time but pretended/played along with"I’m the sole survivor and blah”

How would the compaions react???

I absolutely love this blog(story)! Its so adorable!!! I really look forward to see more of the story :)

This is my Female Papyrus wanting to take cute little Courier home. Female Sans says no though XD


THIS IS ADORABLE, HOLY SMOKES!!!! She cant keep him, of course, but doesn’t mean he won’t be infinitely fascinated by her! Courier loves all the versions of his dads’.

- Mod Blue