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In the book doesn't Jeremy describe Rich's streak as making him look like a rooster??? So it'd like, be right now the middle??

he does say it makes him look like a rooster but he also says it’s in the back so i think it starts at like, the base of his hair and goes up but most peopel (myself included) just draw him w/ like, a piece of hair in the front of his head red

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BMC headcanon: Michael has the first few minutes of Bee Movie memorized. Any time somebody tries to bully him or Jeremy, he just starts reciting it and doesn't stop until they leave. It usually doesn't take long. Bonus: Jeremy started doing the same thing but with Shrek. When people come at the boyf riends with some homophobic shit they both launch into their respective monologues at the same time

oh my god ???

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adding onto the "everyone thought jared and evan were a thing before they even were" idea: evan has probably been sleeping over at jared's house since like second grade,, but when he turned sixteen heidi kept telling him "be safe" every time he went over there to spend the night and he had no clue why.

he says something to jared about it one day and jareds whole face goes red

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so in marching band i totally admire my section leader and hes the opposite gender of moi and like. ive had. like 20 people. say that i have a crush on him. im too gay for that!!!!!! Also? ive never had a convo with him thats not about band?? heck

a girl: this boy is cool

everyone else, immediately strapping on their hetero goggles

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richjake date night where jake wants to wine and dine his lovely boyfriend but rich is just like "c'mon lets just order a pizza or something..." because he does not think he deserves to be treated so well but jake will not have any of that and he takes rich to a very nice restaurant and they have a great time and rich gets home and just cries a little because hes very emotional over how loved he feels and jake gives him tons of affection because rich! deserves! it!

aw man!!! and at the end of the night before jake drops rich off his kisses his face all over to let him know how loved he is cuz thats so important