Courfeyrac’s and Enjolras’s friendship is so fucking underrated and it is so important like, I love Combeferre and Enjolras’s friendship as much as anyone and Combeferre and Courfeyrac, but Courfeyrac and Enjolras

  • Courfeyrac being the only person in the world allowed to call Enjolras Enjy 
  • Enjolras calling Courfeyrac in the middle of the night to tell him about someone being stupid on the internet and immediately Courfeyrac is getting up and getting all riled up as well and helping him word his replies so he can fit in as many insults as possible.
  • Courfeyrac and Enjolras sometimes sneaking away from Combeferre so that they can discuss the less… gentle approaches they need to take to social justice
  • Courfeyrac being the one to step in for Enjolras when he has lost his voice and can’t give speeches and while he isn’t the avenging angel Enjolras is, he is angry and he is yelling and everyone gets caught up in it so easily
  • Enjolras going to Courfeyrac for comfort when he snaps too hard at someone and feels guilty
  • Courfeyrac defending Enjolras fiercely when R calls him an “ice god” or “emotionless” 
  • Enjolras being the only person allowed near Courfeyrac when he is in an angry mood and ranting around the apartment about some social injustice or another and no one quite understands how it works but Combeferre, who can see that some days Courfeyrac just needs some solidarity in his anger
  • Courfeyrac becoming this incoherent ball of rage when someone pisses him off and Enjolras who finds eloquence in his anger is always there to yell at people when Courfeyrac is just incapable of vocalizing what he is saying
  •  Enjolras always coming to Courfeyrac when he needs physical affection after a long day, and you often find them leaning on each other or Courfeyrac running fingers through Enjolras’s hair as he rants


pLEASE imagine Courf, theatre student, getting the role of Fiyero and asking Grantaire, who has a reasonably good voice, to help him with his songs.

Grantaire putting some green paint on his face and looking at Courf very seriously and goes “ok I’m ready” and Courf can’t focus he’s laughing too hard while R continues to monotone, “Courf why are you laughing this is serious business I need to defy gravity.”

so one of my fav personal headcanons is that courfeyrac has custom ringtones for all of his friends, and all of them are showtunes 

  • enjolras’ is non-stop from hamilton (”courf i don’t work all the time” “enjolras. when did you last stop to have an actual meal. or sleep for that matter”)
  • grantaire’s is totally fucked from spring awakening, although mama who bore me was a close contender because of that one time they did musicals karaoke at courf’s birthday party
  • jehan’s is magic to do from pippin - the leading player is one of their favourite characters, partly for the gender neutrality and partly for the outfits
  • feuilly’s is greased lightning from grease. he actually worked at a mechanic for a while in high school and still has his overalls at the back of his closet - if he’s feeling nice he lets courf borrow them and dance around his apartment
  • bahorel’s is i’m not wearing underwear today from avenue q - there’s apparently a backstory, but it’s very long and changes every time either of them tell it and involves at least three things which are “technically not entirely legal”
  • gavroche’s is seize the day from newsies. (his phone is an old one of eponine’s which never actually has credit and he only uses to play games on, but he still made all of les amis save his number)  
  • eponine’s is come to the fun home from fun home, her fav show. courf would have picked ring of keys but then he would have cried every time she phoned him 
  • combeferre’s is elephant love medley from moulin rouge ([courf voice] “no homo tho” [ferre voice] “courf we’ve been dating over a year”)
  • marius’ is bend and snap from legally blonde (cosette insisted) 
  • cosette’s is tango maureen from rent - it’s their favourite song to duet together; they switch parts each time they sing it so they both get to play joanne 
  • joly and bousset both have candy store from heathers, because along with courf they do an excellent rendition and he associates it with them both so much that couldn’t bring himself to give it to just one of them
  • musichetta’s, at her insistence, is cell block tango from chicago. she rings him far more often than necessary, usually when they’re in the same room so she can hear it 

bonus: his text message tone is a recording of marius saying ‘awesome! wow!’ in the style of jonathan groff