Final Battle - Les Misérables 2015/02/27
  • Final Battle - Les Misérables 2015/02/27
  • Ashley Stillburn, Jonny Purchase, James Gant
  • Les Misérables (London) - 2015/02/27

Ashley Stillburn’s Enjolras deserves all your love - just listen to his “Until the earth is freeeeeee… AH!”

Les Misérables - 2015/02/27 - Queen’s Theatre, London
Enjolras - Ashley Stillburn (u/s)
Combeferre - Jonny Purchase
Courfeyrac - James Gant

Please tell me I’m not the only one who imagines modern!amis posting end of the year recap videos on Instagram with cheesy pop songs in the background.

Like can you just imagine all of the pictures?

Pranks in process, drunk selfies, surprise pictures of couples making out, pictures of all the boys huddled together asleep on the living room floor in someone’s apartment while the end of a disney movie plays in the background (taken by a laughing Eponine and Cosette)

Basically I have too many feels about overly cheesy, sentimental dorks and their undying love for their friends.

Enjolras … was a charming young man, capable of being terrible.”
“Combeferre, perhaps, preferred the pure radiance of the beautiful to the flaming glory of the sublime.”
“Jean Prouvaire was addicted to love.”
“Feuilly … had one thought only, to deliver the world from its bonds.”
“Courfeyrac … had all the qualities of a centre – roundness and radiance.”
“Bahorel was … always ready to break a flagstone, then tear up a street, then demolish a government, to see the effect it made.”
“Bossuet … took bad luck with serenity and smiled at the vexations of fate like one who hears a jest.”
“Joly was a young hypochondriac. What he had learned from medicine was to be a patient rather than a physician … Nonetheless, the gayest of all.”
“Grantaire … was particularly ugly … but Grantaire’s self-esteem was not disconcerted. He stared tenderly at every woman, appearing to say about all of them: If only I wanted to.”

“Enjolras was the chief, Combeferre was the guide, Courfeyrac was the centre.

—  Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Book Four, The Friends of the ABC