even if you cannot travel out throughout the country like these brave heroes are doing, helping decode, watching live streams, posting about it, creating fan art, creating theories, re-watching the show, and keeping an eye on twitter is helping a lot!!!

just because you aren’t physically IN the hunt doesn’t mean you’re not helping out! the people at home are what makes the hunt more riveting!

so don’t EVER exclude yourself because you can’t go. you are helping so much. your efforts ARE HELPING the hunt.

so, thank you so much. and don’t forget to keep solving mysteries!


This is a small preview of the piece I did for @gfzine.

There are so many talented artists working on this project, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be participating because the end product is going to be amazing. There’s no date for pre-orders yet, but it should be some time in August. I’ll be sure to let my followers know when they open.

Heart Beats - Chapter 2

Summary: Stan ends up landing in the hospital, and it shakes the entire family to its core. Changes will be made, but everything will be alright - probably. Except things haven’t been alright for a long time as Ford actually takes a look at what his brother’s been through over the years.

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Ford scowled as he sorted through the scraps left over from the portal’s destruction. He’d been hoping to find something that might allow him to make a more secure container for the Rift, but so far there was nothing.

A slight movement caught Ford’s attention from the corner of his eye. It was coming from the security monitor that showed the area outside of the house. There seemed to be some sort of commotion going on out there, so he walked over to check out what was –

Why was there an ambulance here?

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