That “stupid band” saved my life.


I don’t say anything for a minute, because I’m scared. This is a moment that could break our friendship forever – or maybe not. I hold onto whatever positive thoughts come to mind, because I need them. My body is practically screaming at me to stop – don’t tell him, you are going to ruin everything. But I open my mouth to tell him, anyway, because I can’t keep living with this secret.

“Marco?” Jean breathes finally, his voice sounding worried.

“I’ve been hiding something from you. I just… I need a minute to say it, okay?” He doesn’t say anything, so I decide that it must be okay to continue. “You’re my best friend, and I understand if this makes you uncomfortable. I’m sorry if it does. I just really… I need you to know.”

It’s silent; I take in one last breath for courage.

-As much as I ever could 

I promised shingekinoboyfriends to draw a scene from amaiec and I did (wow progress)

I loved this fanfiction so much when I first read it and I still do :)

so thanks Annie and Katie for writing such a beautiful story

Keith finds him in the middle of the virtual star map. He’s sitting on the ground, legs crossed, fingers resting on his knees and it’s the first time Keith has seen Lance that quiet since he was unconscious five hours ago.

“So,” Keith starts carefully.

“Did you know that there used to be glaciers?” 


“They were Earth’s largest reservoirs of fresh water. I think they were somewhere around the polar caps.” Lance doesn’t move. He’s usually throwing his hands into all directions when he talks. Keith misses it so much, doesn’t know what he’ll do if it never comes back. If Lance stays still and rigid.

Keith lets out the air in his lungs. He breathes, gathers courage. “I see. Can I sit? I brought food.”

“Not hungry,” Lance says sharply. His voice softens then. “Okay. Whatever.”

Keith doesn’t ask twice. They’re side by side, two bowls of some oatmeal-mash and a bottle of water that Keith puts down in front of them. None of them touches it. Lance is looking up at the virtual image of the earth, and Keith looks at him and tries not to choke on the sob that’s stuck in his throat.

The electric blue of the projection shimmers when Lance waves his hand around. The earth turns around itself, a steady and slow path through the surrounding stars and their darkness.

“You have to eat.”

“They didn’t take their of their glaciers,” Lance says. “Past generations, I mean. Maybe we could have seen them one day then. That would’ve been cool, don’t you think? Glaciers. Huge blocks of ice that you could drink. They didn’t, Keith.”

Keith closes his eyes, and fuck this, he takes Lance’s hand and presses his face into Lance’s shoulder where he’s still healing and pink flesh starts to grow over the wound that he’d taken when all of them had almost died. “We saved some,” he says and it sounds pathetic, because it is. He looks at him again.

“Nine billion.” Lance whispers every syllable to the stars over their heads. “Nine billion lives.”

He’s crying now. His voice cracks, and Keith can’t bring himself to care. “We evacuated five million. And Zarkon isn’t - not anymore.”

“Neither is Earth.” Lance trembles, his shoulders a furious shiver under Keith’s touch. “But what’s a single planet to the life of an entire galaxy? What are we to them, except endangered and homeless and alone? We’re all alone out here, and they don’t care.” And Keith looks up at him, grabs Lance’s hands to wrap them in his own that are cold as ice too, and finds a wounded animal where Lance should be staring back at him. There are dark rings carved under his eyes, a scratch across his cheek, tears that look like they dried hours ago.

Lance stares at him, a second, two more. He watches how Keith cries. His eyes wander over Keith, seem to drink him in with the bandages around every damn inch and the bruise on his cheekbone, and Keith doesn’t pretend not to be broken because he is. Everything fucking is.

Then a whimper rises out of Lance, and he falls, collapses into Keith’s arms with painfully digging nails. Keith lets him, catches whatever he gives, closing his eyes and hearing Lance scream.

“A planet to save a galaxy, a planet to lure him in and one attack to kill all he has, and all that we ever were!”



Am I scared? Sometimes, yes. But the question is: Will I let the fear be the boss? Will I let the fear make the decisions about where to go and what to do and what to write and who to be? Will I let the fear stop me? The answer is no.

I will allow myself to feel the fear. I will breathe through it. I will kick it out to a little Eminem if needed. Or I’ll run it out or write it out. I will do whatever it takes to make it take a back seat. I suggest you do the same. Whatever it takes. Then, I will politely, or not so politely, tell it to get the fuck out of my way. Watch me.

—  Jen Pastiloff

If something makes me uncomfortable, I have come to realize, it means that I should do it. Walk into my boss’s office and ask for a raise? Cringe. Yes. Venture into Manhattan to attend a book signing alone? Cringe. Yes. Follow a girl I just met into the jungle of Maui to stay in a hut overlooking the ocean? Cringe. Yes.

The anticipation of facing cringe-worthy moments can be crippling. Hell, I’m even afraid to send this email. But when we play it safe, we never learn anything. The best things in my life have happened moments after I nearly turned around. More cringe, please.
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