courageous kat

Kat Edison is a Gryffindor

Here’s why

- she’s fiercely loyal

- will protect her friends at all costs (”we’re your safety net”)

- she’s REALLY stubborn but is always willing to make amends

- Kat is courageous, confident, feels like she can take on the world (and I have no doubt that she can) but sometimes she can get a bit over her head which leads to arrogance

- takes on more than she can handle

- IMPULSIVE. almost reckless and acts without thinking (standing up for Adena. it was brave but also really stupid tbh). she self sabotages her relationship with Adena, partly because she’s a mess who can’t act under pressure, but also because she’s not as confident as she pretends to be. she’s scared of commitment, (”relationships just aren’t my thing”) but why is that?

- Kat is passionate and is someone who craves adventure, even if it scares her. she’ll dive head first and take charge without thinking about the consequences

- runs to Adena like it’s some sort of lesbian romcom alkwd;jwiona

- that has nothing to do with this it was just AMAZING

- listen she just is okay?

- pls believe me

- she goes against her boss just to prove a point how much more defiant can you get

- gets tunnel vision

- you can pry this headcanon from my cold, dead hands

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Headcanons for: Ranpo, Chuuya, Mark and Louisa Alcott realizing, that they are in love.


  • Rationally, he figured it out ages ago, but he absolutely refuses to accept it. Probably like how he already knows that he doesn’t actually have an ability, but he refuses to accept it.
  • It’ll take a lot of convincing for him to actually confess to you. And when he does do it, it’ll be him leaving stupid notes like “You’re not as stupid as everyone around you”. Yeah, Ranpo’s not a romantic.
  • When he finally does, he’s super awkward and actually stutters and you’ll end up having to finish his sentences for him. Ranpo’s a total tsundere.


  • He’ll notice it as soon as he realizes that he’s less irritated by you when compared to others and he genuinely cares about your well-being.
  • He won’t necessarily shower you with stereotypical gifts, but he’ll notice little things that you need throughout the week and he’ll pick those up for you.
  • He’ll confess to you relatively soon, since he doesn’t want to be chasing after you if you’re not interested. 


  • Everyone notices before he does. He’ll just be casually talking about himself but then your name slips in there (and then it starts happening more often).
  • He’ll realize it one day when he’s on his own and start blushing like crazy at the thought of having feelings for you.
  • It’ll take him a while to actually confess to you, since he has to accept his own emotions first.


  • Super, super, super embarrassed once she realizes it.
  • She’s already super awkward around you, but she’ll only get more awkward once she realizes that she’s into you. 
  • You’ll probably pick up on it and you’ll be the one that gives her the courage to confess.

7. First kiss.

Kat was a bit nervous,but then again this wasn’t just anyone. It was Andy,and she did have a crush on him for a long time. They were out together having a good time and it was now getting close to night time. He was looking at her in such a way that she hadn’t felt before. Plucking up the courage,Kat closed her eyes and leaned up,placing her lips on his gently.