No seriously I know nothing about The Red Badge of Courage I have no clue who Henry Fleming’s rival would be.

I’d want it to probably be a famous military hero but not anything too… edgy, you know? This is fun comic book stuff.

One of my favorite things about Daria is that the books she reads are actual books we too can read. Sometimes her jokes are references to the books she’s read and if you haven’t read the book you might not be in on the joke! Here is a list of the books you can purchase that have been featured/mentioned on Daria:

(I put an * by all the ones I’ve personally read)

source for all the books here



Having followed Reid and crew since their days running excellent Earthbound fansite, I couldn’t be happier to see how successful Fangamer has become.  Their shirts, buttons, hand-made figurines, and such are always produced with the highest-quality materials; even the stuff I bought from ‘em years ago is still holding up well!  Anyway, this here order consisted of these stylish polygon pins- an obvious nod to the classic Playstation controller- and the Courage badge, the appearance of which is based on the Franklin Badge from the Earthbound/Mother series.  

The Courage badge has a story behind it actually.  Originally I’d owned the first-run version of it from three years ago, but the chain got twisted off after getting stuck on a loose nail in early 2011 and the badge itself, with the remains of the chain hand-bent back onto its loop, got lost last month.  Took a while to push aside some spare dollars, but I did it and now the badge is here, shiner perhaps than the lost one but welcome all the same. :D

“First day of solo Patrol and this True Blue Hero, just 21 years old, gave His Life so others may live:
Wisconsin State Patrol
State Trooper Trevor Casper
End Of Watch: 03-24-15 (2nd of 2 this day)
Trooper Trevor Casper, 21, was shot and killed during a gun battle with a killer bank robber (details below). Born with a soul that has Courage to wear the Badge, Trooper Casper had just graduated academy three months ago, 19 December. After completing his In Service Field Training, Brother Trevor began his first night of solo patrol assigned out of the Fond du Lac station post… it would be his last.”