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Jon x Dany fic ideas and headcanons
  • Songbird: Jon has a good voice like Rhaegar, but he finds it embarrassing. Dany catches him in a corridor, or in their room in the morning singing softly and she confronts him about it. Eventually he becomes comfortable enough to sing to her, taking her by the hand and dancing with her, or humming to her swollen belly after the war.
  • Scars: Jon’s scars were never meant to heal, so they constantly ache. The only thing that seems to help is Dany’s touch, so when she notices his discomfort, in the middle of anything, she places a hand on his chest. It becomes a regular occurrence.
  • Gossip: Jon’s not one to boast, and Dany is curious, so she asks Missandei to find out as much as she can from Davos and Tyrion. She gets quite a bit of information. They end up talking late one night about the mysterious, brooding “White Wolf," and how he held Castle Black against thousands of wildlings with only a hundred men, and won the Battle of the Bastards.
  • Familiar: AU where Ser Barriston had survived Mereen, and traveled with Dany to Dragonstone. He meets Jon, and can’t help but notice the similarities between him and the late Prince Rhaegar. Dany dismisses him, but finds it odd, especially after Jon's comment. "We all enjoy what we're good at." "I don't."
  • Speech: Jon, after learning of his heritage and that Dany is with child, gives a ridiculously epic (like Drogo) and moving speech about fighting for family, and new beginnings. “I will fight for the living. I will give my child a future, and I will give them the Iron Throne.”
  • Indulge: Jon’s never known the lap of luxury, so when they move into the Red Keep, and he’s presented with silks, fine wines, and gourmet dishes, he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Dany finds it very amusing, and sweet, and encourages him to loosen up a little. He does, but not in the way she was expecting. *insert smut here*
  • Protective: Jaime comes to join with Tyrion, and help them fight the White Walkers, but gets himself in a sticky situation mouthing off to Dany about her father. Jon, in an outrage, almost chokes him to death until Dany tells him to stop. It’s sort of a parallel to Jon’s brief encounter with Jaime in season one.
  • Ghost: Basically any story where Dany meets Ghost, and he becomes enamored with her, to the point where he spends half the day with her and the other half with Sansa. Jon feels betrayed.
  • Dragons: The dragons take a liking to Jon, and it confuses Dany. Her children have never been kind to anyone except her, and occasionally Tyrion, which is why she trusts him so much. One day, some of the Dothraki get into a disagreement with Jon’s men, and Jon tries to intervene. Sensing a threat, Drogon descends screaming bloody murder at anyone who would harm him. Dany is shocked, and wonders if her children are acting this way because of her own subconscious feelings.
  • Jealousy: Daario pays an unexpected visit after Jon and Dany claim the throne, and subtly brings up his past relationship with the queen. Dany suggests her "honored guest" take the second best bed, directly across from the royal chambers. Jon is confused, but understands later that night as Dany loudly proclaims her devotion on top of him. Daario doesn't bring up the past again after that, and requests a different room.
  • Bond: Dany asks Jon about the Night's Watch, laying with him in bed one night. He tells her about taking his vows, and of Maester Aemon. His counsel gave Jon the courage to do what was right, even if he ended up dying for it. Dany listens to him with awe, and silently decides trusting him was the best decision she's ever made.
  • Humbled: Dany doesn't trust the son of the man who helped exile her family, and consults her advisors on what to do. Varys describes Ned Stark's dramatic display of courage, refusing to help Robert Baratheon assassinate her. Tyrion talks of how Ned ended up dying to keep the throne from the Lannisters, and loosing two sons as a result of their pact with the Boltons and Freys. She looks at Jon, and the Starks, in a completely different light afterwards.
  • Sister: Arya takes an instant curiosity to Dany. When she learns of how the dragon queen risked life and limb to save her brother, and notices the way they look at each other, she decides to have a little talk with her potential in-law. She finds that Sansa already beat her to it, so they all sit down for tea and chat about everything and nothing, but mostly embarrassing childhood stories of Jon.
  • Motherless: Dany, after Jon's identity is revealed, learns of how he was mistreated by Catelyn, and decides to shower him with affection as much as possible. She becomes ruthlessly protective of him, and looses her temper at anyone who would dare call her king a bastard. Arya begins to like her even more.
  • Fire: A scenario in which Jon (assuming he's unburnt) and Dany get it on in some flames.
  • Experience: Dany is genuinely surprised at Jon's lack of bedroom experience. Even if his methods were traditional, he was still good in all the right places. When he tells her of Ygritte, she tells him of Drogo, and they share a moment, realizing just how much they have in common.
  • Gift: Jon's not one for impractical fancy things, so he gives Dany a wedding gift he thinks will be useful, but also beautiful and thoughtful; a winter mare. He doesn't understand why she starts sobbing, or why she wraps him in an embrace so tight it steals his breath, but he's glad she likes it.
  • Language: "Avy jorraelan" and "anha zhilak yera norethaan" are phrases Jon hears often, when they slip off of Dany's lips into his ear. He knows the queen speaks several languages, so he builds up the courage to ask Missandei. The next time they make love, he catches her completely off guard by responding, "I love you, too."
Let It Go: Arrow 5x21 Review (Honor Thy Fathers)

See… this is what happens when I don’t pull all nighters. My life interferes with my ability to write insanely long reviews. Sorry for the wait my friends. Your patience is appreciated.

There comes a moment in every person’s life when you realize your life is your own, a separate entity beyond your parent’s expectations and dreams for you. You also see your parents for what they are… imperfect people just like you. There is freedom in these realizations and it is a crucial part of adulthood. As you grow older, your life is less and less defined by being what your parents leave behind. You begin to wonder what you will leave behind. You define a legacy for yourself. You learn how to live for yourself.

That is essentially the process both Oliver and Thea are going through in “Honor Thy Fathers” but because they are superheroes everything is on a super scale. Both Oliver and Thea faced their past tonight. They saw Robert Queen for who he really was and with those lessons came a certain peace. The past is no longer weighing them down. Both Thea and Oliver are free to look to the future.

Not quite sure what to do with a television show that gives me everything I’ve been waiting for on a narrative level. So… Imma gonna drink wine and throw confetti.

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The gross national product does not allow for the health of our children, the quality of their education, or the joy of their play. It does not include the beauty of our poetry or the strength of our marriages, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public officials. It measures neither our wit nor our courage, neither our wisdom nor our learning, neither our compassion nor our devotion to our country; it measures everything, in short, except that which makes life worthwhile.
—  Robert F. Kennedy
Shows every actor should know

It’s quite unlikely that you’ve read/seen/listened to each and every one of these shows.  I certainly haven’t!  But it’s a place to work off of–something you can go to and see what you should read next, what show you should try to see, what’s missing in your education!  And perhaps you’re a musical theatre artist and think you should skip the straight play section–don’t.  These are shows you should know too!  I’ve put an asterisk by shows that I particularly recommend and that changed my life as a performer, to give you a place to start!  Enjoy!

Note: If I’m miscategorized something or feel as if something is missing from this list, please don’t hesitate to tell me!  

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November 11th - Day 6: Write a fluffy scene between your favourite Aaron ship.

Snapshots from the affair era based off the One Direction song Little Things.

Aaron winces as the hey scratches at his bare thighs. It’s not the most suitable of settings, but he’d take it over the back seat of a customers car any day. He’s lying on his back, still dressed in his black tshirt while Robert lays bare next to him. His Eyes fixated on a cobweb above their heads. The only sound is their beating hearts, but it’s in no way awkward. He feels content, as Robert absentmindedly draws patterns up and down his forearm, occasionally grazing over a faded scar, a reminder of darker times.

Aaron’s glad for the slight breeze that whistles through the barn, it’s a cover for the goosebumps that Robert’s finger is leaving in its wake. Aaron feels the fingers come to a halt, just above his palm. Robert hesitates and for a second Aaron wonders if he’s finally realised this is a mistake, he prepares himself for a hasty goodbye.

But it doesn’t come, instead Robert continues to trail his finger over Aaron’s palm and down to his fingers, before intertwining both their fingers together, their joined hands falling in what little space is between them. It’s soft and romantic and everything that the situation shouldn’t be, but Aaron has no complaints. Their hands fit perfectly, like missing pieces to a jigsaw and Aaron feels a electricity inside him that he’s never felt before.

He removes his eyes from the spot on the ceiling, drags them down to gaze at Robert’s profile. Aaron takes his bottom lip between his teeth as he studies the freckles that splatter across Robert’s cheeks. He spends countless minutes simply appreciating the sight before him, connecting the dots on his face.

“I should go.” Robert whispers, his voice soft and gentle, unlike anything Aaron is used to.

He doesn’t want him to go, wishes he could ask him to stay. The words are stuck at the back of his throat, begging to be released, but instead he leans over and takes the other mans lips in his own. The kiss is long and wanting, in attempts to kiss away all the words he can’t seem to let out.

It feels right, it feels more than Aaron has ever experienced.

But he stays silent.

Even as Robert’s pulls on his jeans, as he gathers his things and heads for the door, leaving Aaron still laid on the hay, even as he’s left alone with nothing but his erratic heart, he stays silent.


Aaron’s waiting at the barn again. Robert’s made up some excuse and is on his way to see him. He doesn’t mind being back here, has started to think of it as theirs. He finds himself chewing the inside of his cheek as he stands to greet a flustered looking Robert, not wanting his smile to reveal too much.

He’s making some sarcastic comment and Robert’s laughing so openly and it’s infectious, like nothing Aaron has seen him do before. His eyes are crinkling at the sides. Aaron knows that Robert hates his crows feet, would usually find joy in teasing him about them, but right now, he’s all of a sudden speechless. Everythig about the sight in front of him is stunning, as he steps
closer and wraps his arms low on Robert’s waist. His hands take home on the small of Robert’s back, he can feel the dimples at the bottom of his spine and a memory of the first time he noticed it comes to light. How Aaron traced the outline of them with his finger, which resulted in Robert complaining about how much he hates them. Aaron couldn’t disagree more, puts it high on his list of things that make Robert so uniquely him, but he’d never tell him that.

He finds the courage to ask Robert to stay this time, bites back a smile and shrugs casually as he agrees.

There’s still words on the tip of his tongue that need to be spoken, but for now, he’ll settle for this.


They’ve upgraded to a hotel, although Aaron would sit in a gutter if it meant he got to see Robert, it’s all the same to him.

He’s lounged out on the bed, indulged in the soft white cotton sheets, the faint sound of the water running from the bathroom is the only thing he can hear. Robert’s managed to get away for a whole night, and the thought of waking up next to him has had Aaron smiling none stop since they got here.

They hadn’t even made it to the room before Robert had Aaron pinned against the side of the lift, pulling at the zip of his hoodie and refusing to disconnect their lips even as they stumbled to their room.

They wasted no time, making good use of the furniture around the room. Bent over the table in the corner, straddling over the arm chair against the wall, up against the large floor to ceiling windows over looking the city, a thrill of danger that anybody could see, and finally collapsing onto the bed, surrounded by a sea of sheets as the sweat dried on their tangled limbs.

It’s the first time Aaron had bared his torso to Robert, thankful their was no awkward questioning or disgusted looks. He knew they would come eventually, but for now he was just enjoying the moment while it lasted.

The sun had set hours ago, the room illuminated only by the small lamp next to the bed. Robert appeared from the bathroom, dressed only in tight black briefs that had Aaron’s eyes glued to his rear, a tingling in his groin as he bit back a yawn, knowing his energy levels were too low for a round three.

“Tea?” Robert questioned as he flicked on the kettle, pulling a mug from the tray beside him.

“I’m good thanks.” Aaron replied, a grateful smile on his face.

“I can’t go to bed without one.” Robert admitted, absentmindedly but Aaron appreciated the small detail. An insight to what a world with Robert would be like. Waking up to a empty mug at the side of the bed each morning as his eyes fell onto the blond locks buried into a pillow.

Maybe in a perfect world.

Robert brings the tea over with him, placing it on the bedside table as he climbs under the covers, takes a few small sips before getting in a comfortable position. He’s facing Aaron, cheek pressed agains the fluffy hotel pillow, making him look younger than he is. The talk about nothing and everything before eyelids get heavy and breathing gets deeper, both drifting into slumber.

Aaron wakes in the middle of the night, a slight kick to his leg jolting him. He’s confused for a brief moment, wonders what the weight around his waist is. He turns slightly, finding a sleeping Robert with his arm sprawled out over Aaron’s hip, inaudible mumbles escaping his lips as Aaron marvels at the new knowledge of Robert’s sleep talking. He smiles to himself, wonders what Robert is dreaming of as his eyes scan the faintest of smiles on his lips. He shuffles his body back into a comfortable position when he hears it.


Robert murmurs in his unconscious state, unwillingly letting the other mans name escape his lips.

Aaron feels something jerk inside him as the sound settles in his ears. It’s the most appealing thing he’s ever heard and he wishes he could hear it on repeat for the rest of eternity.

He leans over, presses a gentle kiss to Robert’s forehead, careful not to wake him, before settling back into a sleeping position.

He never mentions it to Robert, keeps it a secret that only he knows, but he remembers it often.


They’re at the scrapyard and Adams not long left for a pickup down south so there’s not any chance they’ll be interrupted. The door is locked and the blinds are down and they both know why they’re here. It’s all they’ve been texting about since they last managed to sneak off together, all that’s been occupying their minds. It’s been almost two weeks since they last managed to find some time alone, and it’s been a fortnight filled of desperate want and knowing looks in passing every time they cross paths in the village. Simply settling for hushed calls in the dead of the night and telling text messages that got both of them hot under the collar, stifling erections uncomfortable between their legs.

They assumed their clothes would be torn off and discarded the second the key turned in the door. Instead Aaron had been tied up on a call, a client he just couldn’t seem to shift, so Robert politely sat himself on the opposite desk, attempting to entertain himself while he waited. He started picking up random objects off the desk, throwing them around from hand to hand, picking up another one and then another one and much to Aaron’s amusement, juggling them around in his hands.

It’s how they found themselves here, the call Aaron was on well and truly over as he stood with his mobile in hand, egging Robert on to pick up another object, much bigger than the last.

“No way can you juggle all them.” Aaron laughed, eyes crinkling at the sides.

Robert stood in front of him now, while Aaron sits on the edge of the desk. He’s got a stapler in one hand, a hole puncher and stamp in the other and he’s attempting to pick up the calculator without dropping them all.

“I can and I’ll do it while balancing this on my face.” He replies smugly, picking up a highlighter off the desk.

Aaron’s in hysterics, tears building at the corners of his eyes as he sets his camera to record, waiting to catch Robert’s failed attempts .

Robert grins, that one that he’s perfected, all self worth and chin held high as he balances the highlighter on his top lip and starts to toss the objects between his hands.

Aaron’s watching on, mouth ajar as he presses record, wanting to capture the moment for his own amusement.

Robert sways, unbalanced and looking like a fool. It takes about 6 seconds for him to loose concentration on the juggling and turn it to the balancing pen that is now wobbling off his lip. He misses a catch and the hole puncher drops, hitting Robert’s shin on the way down.

“Fuck.” He hisses as he stumbles back, falling to the floor with a thud, which only encourages more laughter from Aaron as he holds onto his side which has stared to ache from the giggles.

“I think you’ll find, I succeeded.” Robert confirms from his position on the floor, he looks ridiculous and adorable and Aaron’s heart flutters at the sight before him.

He stands from the desk, walking towards where Robert is on the floor and reaches his hand down to help Robert up.

“Wouldn’t exactly call that a success.” Aaron replies as Robert takes his hand and he pulls him from the ground.

He stands and rubs at his jeans even though there’s no dirt on them. Aaron presses play on his phone next to him, and Robert instantly reconigises his own voice, he pulls a disgusted face.

“Do I really sound like that?” He rhetorically asks as he shuffles closer to Aaron to catch a glimpse of the video.

“Like what?” Aaron replies, eyes still glued to his phone as he bites back a laugh.

“So…common.” Robert answered, trying to choose the right word.

Aaron laughs, Robert is anything but common but he humours him, shakes his head at the ridiculousness of the question.

“Jesus, I need to get to the gym.” Robert continues as he watches himself on the small screen, jeans tight around his waist and his stomach soft and poking out slightly over them.

“Shut up.” Aaron responds, poking Robert in the side. He’s far from unfit, and Aaron holds back a eye roll as he continues.

“Seriously, look at that muffin top.” Robert chuckles slightly as he points to the phone screen, watching himself fall to the ground.

“There’s nothing wrong with you.” Aaron’s says. Chooses his words carefully because if he could, he’d tell Robert he’s the most attractive man he knows and he wonders what he’s doing here with him.

Robert smiles back, deciding against voicing anymore of his insecurities, as his shoulder brushes against Aaron’s, the two of them silently watching the video before It finishes.

Aaron tears his eyes away from his phone to look over at Robert, taking in his beauty up close, admiring every inch of him. He has a urge inside him that he can’t resist and he leans over and takes his lips. It’s longing and passionate as they pull at each other’s clothes and Aaron’s hoping to erase the insecurities spiralling through Robert’s mind as he falls to his knees.

He takes a moment to appreciate the sight before him. Soaks Robert in as he stands before him all bare chested and cock hard against his stomach. It’s breathtaking and leaves Aaron wth his mouth hung open and words tickling his tongue that just can’t seem to be relased.

He’s perfect, and if Aaron had the confidence,, he’d tell him exactly that.

But he stays silent, doesn’t let it slip out of his mouth and hopes that he conveys it with his actions as he takes all of Robert right there in the portacabin.


Aaron knows what he has to do.

Knows as he stands there in their barn and the whistling wind does nothing to silence his screaming thoughts.

I love you.

It’s in the pit of his stomach, each syllable beating in time with his heart, its crawling up the back up his throat and it’s burning on the tip of his tongue.

I love you

Robert’s in front of him all of sudden. The sight of him in a suit usually would make butterflies erupt in his stomach but this time it’s different, sickening under the circumstances.

“I can’t do this.” He whispers, it’s full of self loathing and regret and if Aaron had any decency he would leave now and let him take his place at the alter but he can’t. Like a moth drawn to a flame he can’t stay away, keeps coming back for more, but this is it, this is where it ends.

Aaron can sense it, tearing Robert up inside. Wishes he could kiss all the pain away, solve all his problems.

He loves him. He knows that now, and he wishes Robert would do the same. Knows that he’s torn between what he thinks is right and wrong, but all Aaron wants is for him to be happy. Wishes he would stop denying himself the privilege of being his true self, stop hiding his sexuality because he thinks that’s what he needs to do.

The seconds tick by and each one is telling him to just say it.

If he lets him know, then maybe.. just maybe

“I love you.”

Aaron’s not sure he’s said it out loud until he watches Robert eyes bulge and his brow furrows.

He let it slip out.

He’s almost certain he can hear Robert’s heart beating in his chest from the deafening silence and he wants to take it back but he can’t. It’s Robert, it all adds up to Robert.

“I…” Robert stutters, not sure where to put his eyes or what to do it’s his hands and Aaron’s debating running.

“I’m in love with you.”

It’s a whisper, almost gets lost in the howling of the wind and Aaron wonders if he imagined it until he feels large soft hands cupping his face and his eyes flutter shut as his lips let Robert’s take control.

He’s glad he let it slip out.

Now we all have a great need for acceptance, but you must trust that your beliefs are unique, your own, even though others may think them odd or unpopular, even though the herd may go, “that’s baaaaad.” Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in the wood and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.
—  John Keating, Dead Poets Society (1989)

Kennedy Homes: Hickory Hill, McLean, Virginia

An elegant 18-room white brick Georgian mansion, Hickory Hill presides over 5.6 acres dotted with massive oak and hickory trees and draped in lush rolling lawns. Visible from the road, the house has 13 bedrooms and 12 fireplaces. The property also houses a pool, children’s pool, pool house, movie theatre, paddocks and tennis court, all additions to the original property.The first Kennedy to own the estate was the late President John F. Kennedy, with his wife, Jacqueline. The couple purchased Hickory Hill on Oct. 15, 1955 for $125,000. At the time, Kennedy was a young senator and traveled quite frequently. While living at Hickory Hill, he authored the Pulitzer-prize winning Profiles in Courage. Robert F. Kennedy and his wife, Ethel, moved into the home in 1957 after Jackie Kennedy suffered a miscarriage and the couple returned to Georgetown to live.

It is better to be a fool than to be dead. It is better to emit a scream in the shape of a theory than to be entirely insensible to the jars and incongruities of life and take everything as it comes in a forlorn stupidity. Some people swallow the universe like a pill; they travel on through the world, like smiling images pushed from behind. For God’s sake give me the young man who has brains enough to make a fool of himself! As for the others, the irony of facts shall take it out of their hands, and make fools of them in downright earnest, ere the farce be over.
—  Robert Louis Stevenson
Celebrities Sun x Moon: Aries Sun

Aries Sun x Aries Moon - Fiery, Energetic, Dramatic, Independent

Celine Dion

Gary Oldman

Aries Sun x Taurus Moon - Stubborn, Secure, Courageous, Aggressive

Robert Downey Jr.

Keira Knightley

Elton John

Pharrell Williams

Diana Ross

Aries Sun x Gemini Moon - Witty, Intelligent, Bold, Fiery

Jennifer Garner

Jackie Chan

Bette Davis

Reba McEntire

Aries Sun x Cancer Moon - Empathetic, Clingy, Impulsive, Dynamic

Heath Ledger

Paris Jackson

Emma Thompson

Aries Sun x Leo Moon - Confident, Bossy, Careless, Courageous

Jessie J

Mandy Moore

Jesse McCartney

Aries Sun x Virgo Moon - Organized, Curious, Daring, Independent

Shay Mitchell

James Franco

Leona Lewis

Marvin Gaye

Aries Sun x Libra Moon - Charming, Fiery, Indecisive, Impulsive

Kristen Stewart


Austin Mahone

Julian Lennon

Brendon Urie

Aries Sun x Scorpio Moon - Mysterious, Energetic,  Spiteful, Aggressive

Lady Gaga

Alyson Michalka

Shannen Doherty

Eddie Murphy

Steven Tyler

Martin Lawrence

Aries Sun x Sagittarius Moon - Restless, Humorous, Impulsive, Courageous

Emma Watson

Chester Bennington


Paul Rudd

Jamie Lynn Spears

Jim Parsons

Aries Sun x Capricorn Moon - Practical, Dynamic, Un-affectionate, Assertive

Drew Van Acker

Kourtney Kardashian

Reese Witherspoon

Sarah Jessica Parker

Aries Sun x Aquarius Moon - Observant, Distant, Daring, Careless

Russell Crowe

Amanda Bynes

Zach Braff

Aries Sun x Pisces Moon - Artistic, Bold, Susceptible, Childish

Sarah Michelle Gellar

Abigail Breslin

Hugh Hefrner