courage is violence

You inspired me to grow stronger.

Your wrath
and laughter
shying away -

they’ve all propelled me forward.

At this point,
you mean nothing but
an old story
stale tears
past hurt
and prior confusion -

a reason to be my
best self
so as to not continue
the cycle of abuse -

so that poems like this
will one day
cease to be

—  31/365 (e.f.a.)

The wild woman wants you to know what she knows about you already: underneath all your confusions, your conditions, your rage and terror, is something divine. She wants you to grow into your holiness, your godliness, your truer more powerful self. 

Men today need the wildish woman more than ever. She can take an earnest seeker by the hand, and show him the cave of his treasure, his inheritance, but there are pre-requisites and they are not simple, there are not dating rules or jewellery. They are tests of character: openness, willingness, honor, compassion, courage, respect, non-violence, earnestness and honesty. You will need these things, or you will be lost in the jungles of her.

—  Alison Nappi
True Peace

‘True peace is always possible. Yet it requires strength and practice, particularly in times of great difficulty. To some, peace and nonviolence are synonymous with passivity and weakness. In truth, practicing peace, to make peace alive in is, is to actively cultivate understanding, love, compassion, even in the fact of misperception and conflict. Practicing peace, especially in times of war, requires courage.’

- Thich Nhat Hanh, Creating True Peace.

I pray for Paris. I pray for Beruit. I pray for Japan. I pray for Kenya. I pray for Syria. I pray for Iraq.

I pray because black lives matter. I pray because trans lives matter. I pray because undocumented lives matter. I pray because refugee lives matter. I pray for the afraid. I pray for the abused, for the oppressed, for the unheard, for the forgotten.

I pray for us. For the people of this beautiful planet. I pray that we continue to choose to feel and that we do not despair. I pray that we do not look away.

I pray that we don’t shy away from feelings of anger and sadness and pain and fear.

I pray that we step into those feelings with courage and creativity and let them drive us to be better to one another.

I pray that we chose empathy, kindness and compassion, when it hurts less to be apathetic.

I pray that we see the hurt of people like us, and that that hurt drives us to make our communities better. I pray that the probe doesn’t stay “over there”, but that it becomes exceptionally personal.

I pray that we may have the courage to be wrong, to be changed, and that we may have the compassion to listen to difference without fear. I pray for the strength to have courageous conversations.

I pray for people causing hurt and terror and pain. I pray that we have the courage to see where we cause damage. I pray that that the causers of hurt and terror and pain may find love, redemption, grace, forgiveness, and hope.

I pray for the courage to see beauty, for the courage to create in the face of conflict, for the audacity to choose light and kindness when fear should win. I pray that we celebrate that, though evil exists, it cannot crush love.

—  Bridgette McCarthy

anonymous asked:

I've seen a lot of people lately saying fascism is inherently violent, so using violence against fascists is always justified and vocally opposing violence toward fascists is counterproductive "neoliberalism" (I am not certain what neoliberalism is, but it pops up a lot in this kind of rhetoric). What do you think of this viewpoint?

I agree that fascism is inherently violent. I actually even agree that it is not necessarily always possible to protect yourself and others against fascism without engaging in violence. 

“violence against fascists is always justified” is horrifying and terrible, especially since in practice it will inevitably shake out to “violence against people who have been labeled fascists is always justified” and the vast majority of people who have been labelled fascists are not in fact fascists (and there are people arguing that if you support free speech for fascists you are a fascist, and there are people arguing that if you support free speech for people who support free speech for fascists you are a fascist…)

Violence is justified only when the other people are committing violence, there isn’t a good nonviolent way to stop them, and violence stands a chance of stopping them. If someone goes around smashing up Muslim stores and businesses or assaulting Muslims, violence is justified to stop them; if someone tries to prevent our democratic process from working, by interfering with the impeachment of our corrupt president or canceling elections or preventing the publication of stories they don’t like or arresting the opposition, violence is justified in response. Even then, the focus should be on the best course of action to stop the evils, not violence because bad people deserve it. 

I think it is never ever acceptable to approach the prospect of violent confrontation with a sense of glee - “those evil fascists will get what is coming to them”. To physically attack people, break bones and cause lasting internal injuries and sometimes end their lives, is a horrible, horrible thing, and if you have glee at the prospect then you should stay the fuck home. When there is violence innocent bystanders will also get killed and if you don’t care about that you should stay the fuck home. Parents will bury their children and children will grow up without parents and stupid young teenagers will be denied, forever, the chance to become someone different. Violence is evil and terrible and anyone who doesn’t think so Stays. The. Fuck. Home. 

It does not take courage to take violence lightly. It takes courage to take it seriously. It does not make the world safer to tap away at a computer screen about how your enemies deserve to die. And on the rare occasions when violence does make the world safer, anyone’s who has been lying to themself about how justified it is and how deserving their enemies are and how much better they are than everyone who fought for peace - 

- well, they’re either going to get a lot of innocent people killed for no reason or they are going to still be sitting at home calling people ‘liberals’ on the internet. I really hope it’s mostly the latter.