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Traits of Mentally Strong People

1. They are able to stay calm, and maintain self-control.

2. They have clear boundaries between themselves and other people.

3. They don’t become defensive, or feel completely crushed, when someone is critical of them or their work.

4. They are flexible, and willing to adapt to other people.

5. They know their limitations, and are happy to be helped.

6. They forgive themselves willingly – and then move on with life.

7. They don’t bear grudges, or play games with people’s feelings.

8. They are responsible, persistent, and committed to their goals.

So I really wanted to have a comic finished today, but I have one in the making that I’m really liking and didn’t wanna rush it, or separate it into parts. So have this Stardust Ruby Rose thing till I get back from vacation, and can upload a cute team STRQ comic!

Sidenote: Anyone think “Dust” in RWBY could be Star Dust? Idk what that would mean, but it sounds cute~!

If you keep at it, it will happen. It will. The only thing that is stopping you from achieving your wildest dreams is the questioning of whether or not you will show your persistence. So show it. Show that infinite strength and courage that you have within you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin