Yo People with Skin!

Hands down, this is my fave couponing without coupons deal of the week:

Aveeno lotions and sunblocks are on sale at Rite Aid, for the not-usually-so-great BOGO50% (which is buy one at full price, get a second at 50% off, for a net of two bottles at 25% off the full price, otherwise known as not the most impressive discount). They also generate 5 +UPs for every two items you buy. So even though the BOGO50% deals are usually a total rip, it works in your favor very nicely this week.

The 2.50oz. bottles of Aveeno lotion are $3.49 each, and when you buy two, you spend ($3.49 + $1.75) $5.24. Since these small bottles also qualify for the +UPs, you’ll make $5 back after purchase, bringing your total to about $0.25 for 5oz. of dermatologist and celebrity recommended—but not celebrity dermatologist recommended, I noticed—lotion.

I guess the theme for this week is lubrication. Why not embrace it?

Now let me see those body rolls!