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May the Fourth be with you! Happy Star Wars Day! This is my geek girl, Celara, fixing her hair in honor of the day. :)

Also, there is a coupon code for Etsy today. MAYTHEFOURTH for 35% off though Friday.

This new design is not in my Etsy store yet, but she is up in my society6 along with other Celara designs. There is a 20% plus free shipping today is you use this link:


In celebration of Pride Month this year I’m giving out a code for 25% off your order when you buy two Pride Pins!

Just pop in the code PRIDEMONTH2017 when you check out! Easy peasy, pride an’ squeezy! After your purchase is confirmed you’ll also be emailed a code for a further 20% off any orders you make in the future. :D

Check out my pins and badges HERE!

This discount expires on the 1st of July so use it while you can!


Thank you everyone for making my wish come true.

After many years I finally got the courage to open up a magic shop. Because of this I would love to offer all of my lovely followers a 15% discount. 

Use this link: or simply use the code SAMHAIN during checkout for 15% off everything in my shop.  

The offer lasts till the end of Samhain (the 21st of December).

Added a variation to the Humpback Whale Necklace- a mom and calf version!

Also, I added a code for 17% off orders through April 18, 2017. Use code TAX2017 at checkout in my Etsy shop! Just a little incentive in case you guys have tax refunds burning holes in your pockets. 

This morning, I woke up, hobbled out to the kitchen and realized that… the grocery list is long, and my pockets are empty, and I am hungry all the time. So I made myself some coffee, which is not food, but will do for now.

Then I checked my bank account, and… jeeze.

SO I made a new COUPON CODE for my Etsy shop for a WHOPPING 25% oFF OF ANYTHING which is pretty serious. I am hungry and poor, and I need money for much more than just groceries, like picking up my meds tomorrow, and bills, and shipping things, etc…

So if you go to my Etsy shop and use the code “FEEDME” at checkout, you’ll get 25% off of your order! I’ll even throw in some freebies, stickers, fun stuff, just to say thanks.

There’s also a donate button on my blog’s front page if you wanna do that, but you can get some cool stuffed things too!

I’m also gonna try to blow through my commission queue because I need to get them done too ;w; Thank you so, so much in advance!


                                  Original Painting for sale :)

                    Acryl gouache and Emulsion paint on canvas

                                        Purchase Here

                                         My Etsy Shop

( 10% DISCOUNT on everything till 25th January with the coupon code NEVERBRUSH + free gift with the next 6 orders )

This is a miraculous, exfoliating, odor-removing handmade soap called Stank Be Gone! This soap has coffee and citrus oils, making it very effective at taking odors off hands. I’ve had mechanics, farmers, fishermen, and cooks tell me how glad they were to have this soap.

Available in my Etsy soap shop!

And to sweeten the pot, Here’s a coupon code for 10% off total order good through Halloween!


thanks for helping me decide on a shirt design! i printed it yesterday and it turned out AWESOME. the shirts i picked are really nice, i’m really sick of plain crew neck tshirts so i picked this boxy, flowy semi-crop top that i know will look good on every body! i also finally got these vinyl bat stickers!! so i’m having another weekend sale, 10% off until monday with coupon code “HANDS”. enjoy!!

Quick reminder (and a shameless self promotion): 

If you head over to my Etsy store and use the coupon code ORPHANBRIGADE, you can get 10% off everything in the store.

This includes the Fake AH Crew jewellery sets, the Tower of Pimp jewellery sets, my Harry Potter potions and a Blind Date With A Book. 

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New from our Etsy Shop:
Original Snake PlisskenEscape from New York 11x17 Poster Prints by Dixie Dellamorto!
Buy both and use coupon code: “NUKENOVA” at checkout to receive $5.00 off!
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To celebrate my birthday this year I thought I’d share a bit of joy with you. 

I honestly didn’t believe I’d live to see my 25 birthday, but here I am now reaching my mid-30s.  It’s equal party amazing and frightening.

Help me celebrate it with a 15% discount on purchases of $40 or more.  The coupon code is 34BIRTHDAYS and expires June 9th, 2017.

You can use the coupon code here at my Etsy shop.  I have quilts, home decor, paintings, and jewelry.  

Feel free to reblog and share this.  A great gift would be to see my inventory shrink. 

Thank you!