Since October 2015, Mertina Writing Services (MWS) has helped clients to identify their purpose in applying, select their recommendation letter writers, brainstorm and formulate their statements of purpose, prepare for their interviews, edit their writing samples, and so much more!

And now I’m bringing my knowledge as a graduate student and an application consultant to eGuide form so that it’s accessible to people who never book a one-on-one consulting session through MWS. 

This workbook is 72 pages packed with pragmatic brainstorming activities, helpful tips, and thoughtful personal anecdotes all aimed at getting you on the right track with starting and finishing your graduate school applications.

This workbook is perfect for you if:

  • You want a conversational and easy-to-read workbook that will take you through the application process from start to finish.
  • If you will be applying to graduate school in the future and you want to be ready for the process ahead of time.
  • If you love brainstorming activities that will help you to sort out the different components of your application such as where to apply and how to write your statement of purpose.

Right now, all of this is on sale for just $19.99! 

But, I want to give you even more!

Purchase your copy now and receive a $10 coupon for editing and consulting services through MWS. You’ll find the coupon on the last page of the eGuide.

To read a sample and buy your copy visit our website at

Happy reading and thank you for your continued support as MWS branches out into new and exciting things!

- Danielle 

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