Everybody listen up!

Between now and Monday, 09 January 2017, all menu priced pizzas for Delivery and Carry Out are 50% off, ONLINE ONLY, at PizzaHut.com. 1- topping Personal pan pizzas are only $2.50, one topping mediums are $4.50, a large is only $5.50. I was able to get a medium half pepperoni and half bell pepper, a 2 litter drink, and 2 dipping sauces for under $10, carryout. Only 2 more days but this is an incredible deal and you can save a lot of money on dinner tonight, especially if you pick it up. If you get delivery, tip your drivers on the original price, not the discounted total. Spread it while you can!

*This is not in any way sponsored or a promotion of pizza hut, I’m just trying to help you all save some money!


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Jewelry and Crafts for Anxiety, Depression, and Focus 

Glitter jars can be a good tool to help combat symptoms of anxiety and help in refocusing during depressive or dissociative episodes. I’ve found they help me, at least, and I’d like to bring well-crafted jars that can be used at home or carried about to anyone who might also benefit from them. 

We’ve also recently expanded to handmade jewelry that is both attractive to look at and provides good weight and texture or sound that make it easy to focus on, giving you something to fiddle with on a bad day.

Costs are mainly to cover materials in order to keep them as affordable as possible!