Light Up Constellation

A bit of the night sky in your own home!

Each canvas depicts a unique starscape, and hidden within each is a light up constellation of your choosing.

Each canvas is 12’ x 16’.

For constellations that are not listed, including fictional ones (Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings, etc.), message me directly.

Sadly I can only ship within the US at this time.




Hi everybody!

Unfortunately our pet rat Papyrus is having some serious health trouble and has gotten more vet bills, so we’re having another sale. This is *not* an emergency, we’ve already paid his vet bill, but he may have more vet bills in the near future, and etsy and a part-time job stocking shelves are our only sources of income right now so things are pretty tight and all etsy sales are super helpful to us and very much appreciated!

Use the coupon code PAPYRUS2 at checkout for 10% off your order, through April 5th.

We have stim jewelry, communication jewelry, pride jewelry, knitwear, and more! We’re a tiny autistic-run business, and everything in the shop is handmade by us.


Need some help

I’ll make a proper sale post later, but now would be a great time to place an order if you’ve had something on your mind. Maybe a niffler, or a merbunny, or a doll of your favorite character that there never seems to be merch for? You see, for the past three years our gas company Eversource has been sending our bill to the wrong address, though we have been repeatedly trying to wrangle it. We finally got a bill for $800 when they showed up yesterday to turn off our gas, even though we’d already made a partial payment. Finances have been pretty much terrible anyway, to the point where I’ve been contemplating shutting down the shop this year, but I managed to reverse the switch off by basically emptying my account, since we can’t get an actual person on the phone to work out any leniency for their error (and not to mention two ex roommates worth of bill, as well)… So I need help. Share a link to the shop on FB! Reblog some favorite designs! Talk about how neat your purchase was and how I’ll make *anything* custom to your little corner of the internet.

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anonymous asked:

I would love to know where to get chokers like Jimin and J-Hope wore in BS&T but I can't find something similar anywhere :((( Do you maybe know some blogs who could help me? pls

The ones BTS wear are usually from luxury brands. One of Taehyung’s Gucci chokers costs 29400$.

However, you can get similar ones: mostly BTS wear black simple chokers or black ones with a simple small jewelry. You can find something similar HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE HERE; You can get 10 % off using mimibtsghost as a code ^^ (shipping is free)

There are many stores but idk your country of residence so … yeah. I hope I helped a bit anyway. I also got interested in chokers after BTS start wearing them lol.

Customer Service

Does receipt deceit help you feel
Repeatedly defeated
by the transactions
you’ve “needed”.
You’ve been greeted,
treated well
as a guest of the store,
given service at the door
and on the floor.
While we acted as if
we adored you,
we awarded you savings,
we fed you all of your cravings,
yet you’re dead set on raving
to us enslaved “Millennials”
and behaving
Entitled as Shit,
cursing and spitting and
Expecting pity because you didn’t get your way,
while we’re waving &
saying, “Have a nice day!”


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