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I’m unfortunately in need to get some money together for school because my bank account is now near empty and everything i get back from the school in september needs to go to rent, bills, and food. I’ll have very little leftover for books and supplies :(

So i figured, what better way than to promote my shop with a sale? :)

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So basically the more babies we sell the more babies we can afford to put up! Which we would love to do because we love these little bubs!

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So I’ve decided to start becoming a extreme couponer. I’ve learned that the best way to save money is to act broke which is perfect given the fact that I’m about to start law school. Apart from passing on my classes in hopes of graduating with honors, I’m trying to travel during my time in law school so I really have to budget myself these next three years. Don’t get me wrong, my financial aid package is BEAUTIFUL but that shouldn’t give me a reason to spend it on some bullshit.

If you coupon or have some tips, baby won’t you come my wayyyyyy.
No but really, help me out please lol.

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