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Trying to Make a Dollar Out of Fifteen Cents

This is a story submitted by Olivier to The mARK Movement. We’ll be posting stories about the acts of kindness we make, witness or experience. We strongly encourage our followers to submit their own stories!

Three weeks ago I thought I’d won the checkout line lottery. I’d found the grocery store line with only one person ahead of me, an elderly woman who had less than 10 items.  For those of us who are chronically late, this is a big deal. I can count on one hand all the times when something has taken less time than I thought it would.  

But I was wrong.  While my mind drifted towards all the things I would do with my time savings, I stopped paying attention to the time it took the elderly woman in front of me to check out.  First she asked for a price check. Next she tried to use expired coupons. Then she asked for a store employee to swap out items for her.

Now at least fifteen minutes had gone by. To pass the time while the older woman paid the bill with the contents of her change purse, a lady behind me started talking to the older woman and the cashier. I was more than happy to tune them out. At that point, I was 20 minutes late to my next meeting and had to start thinking up excuses.

And then the lady behind me, leaned over towards the cashier and asked, “How much does she need?”

“90 cents.” The cashier replied.

“OK,” the lady behind me said, “just add it to my bill. I’ll need someone to do it for me one day.”

And then it clicked. Her words carried a weight that made it impossible to ignore. The price checks. The returned items. The counting of every nickel and dime in the older woman’s possession. They were all part of a story that I was too oblivious to see. All she needed was 90 cents.

Sometimes kindness is just about paying attention.

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Thẻ giảm giá (Coupon) và Thẻ khuyến mại (Voucher)

Thẻ giảm giá (Coupon) và Thẻ khuyến mại (Voucher)

Nhằm thúc đẩy hành vi mua sắm và tăng lòng trung thành của khách hàng, các nhà bán lẻ thường sử dụng thẻ giảm giá (coupon) và thẻ khuyến mại (voucher) để kích thích tiêu dùng.

Thẻ giảm giá (Coupon) là 1 dạng vé/chứng từ được phát hành bởi nhà máy (đối với hàng mà họ sản xuất) và các nhà bán lẻ nhằm thực hiện chương trình khuyến mại, giảm giá.

Việc phát hành Coupon có thể bằng nhiều cách như phát…

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Let’s take a moment to marvel at what I did in this trip to Publix.

Give me a dollar and I’ll make it STRETCH.

Six 14.5 cans of Hunts Tomatoes  for 87 cents AND two 500ML FIJI water for FREE.

Yup. Yup.

I didn’t realize I could get the free water until I checked out the water section. The coupon says I will get 50 cents off any 500mL and larger bottle of Fiji Water.

PERFECT! Publix sells then for $1.00 each at the smallest size. 

Not quite extreme couponing but I am quite proud of this haul.

Edit: The fun does not end there though! I totally forgot about the Snap by Groupon!

There is currently a $0.50 rebate for 3 cans of Hunts. There is a limit of 2 deals. So in this one receipt, I can earn back $1.00.

MONEY MAKER! Okay. If the deal goes through, I got all this for free and I made an extra penny.